About Your Transmission and Other Green Musings


Yes, hello world!  I am a WordPress neophyte.  I have been doing Nunitak’s Weather Blog on Yahoo 360, but that venue is being phased out and immediate prospects are uncertain.  So I am morphing to WordPress.

This entry is just a starter, things will become more interesting as I get my foot in the groove here.  Cautionary Note:  This is a place for Nunitak’s Musings — you may not always agree.

Nunitak plainly states that a car with a standard, manual transmission is more green than having an automatic.  Why can’t people do this simple work that diminishes global heating gases and pollution?  When you are stuck in some kind of small muddy ditch you have some chance of getting the car out.  You are always in control of things! Easier to push too. Less complex stuff to wear out…

So, color yourself green if you do your own shifting!  Give yourself another star if you have a garden.  Nunitak is growing rhubarb and a few other edibles this year in addition to the usual flowers.  Photos of these garden beauties will enlighten my blog from time to time.

You have to get up to seven stars for true greeness.  Here are the questions:

Are you using CFLs or LED lights?   Yes or No?

Is your Air Conditioner rated 9.8 or above for energy efficiency?

Do you have an Energy Star refrigerator?

Have you done any DIY work that falls into the insulation upgrade variety?

Do you have solar water heating or a photovoltaic array?

Do you know the rating of your Attic or Wall insulation?

Give yourself  one star for a stick shift, and one additional star for a garden and for each question having a YES answer.

6 or 7 stars gets you Nunitak’s Green Rating

4 or 5 stars makes you light green

3 stars makes you pale green

Zero to 2 stars shows you are not making any effort.

Yes, I did not mention windows.  This topic is big enough for a separate blog entry later.

Other things you can do:  Keep you tires properly inflated,  clean out or change your dirty air filter, and go easier on the accelerator pedal.  In your hoome, use a programmable thermostat and keep your heating or air conditioning set to minimal when you are not there.  That is 58 degrees F in the winter and 84 degrees F during the summer. 

Following these hints will save a ton of money each year!

Everything you do adds up!   For more simple help on all of this, check out Nunitak’s Weather Blog, on Yahoo Profiles.


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