Earth Shelters, Cave Housing, Underground Construction Planning Help

Underground Housing Construction Help Galore

Advice: You will find many key points and valuable hints if you dig into this carefully. Keep Notes as You READ, saving what applies for you or your area; keep prioritized notes together so you don’t forget…

Subterranean and Earth-Covered Homes

Earth-Sheltered Dwellings in Tunisia Page 1

Earth-Sheltered Dwellings in Tunisia Page 2

Coober Pedy Underground Homes

Coober Pedy details *******

Be’er Sheva: Prehistoric Dwelling Sites

Underground Experiences *******

Subsurface Buildings dot com

Experience in a Book — nothing as valuable as using foresight of other’s experience

The Wonders of Living Underground

DOE Evicts Cave Squatter – not on gov’t property

Restored Andalucian Cave

The Cave Houses of Southern Spain*******

Cave Dwellers detailed article — good stuff! Read it ALL…scroll down, excellent writer

Shotcrete Underground Construction — is used extensively for cave homes and wine cellars and for dome homes above ground. DIY knocks 70% off the costs. Caveat — cave home bottoms must have a means of drainage under the flooring! You will understand the first time someone leaves the sink or tub faucet running…

Another Dome Home technique found in USA — semi-prefab, pricier than Shotcrete. Great cyclone resistance!

Places Unsatisfactory and Satisfactory in Earthquakes — photos

Underground Construction

How Stuff Works Help 1

How Stuff Works Help 2

Flood Proof Housing 1

Flood Proof Housing 2

All Out Protection !!! *******



Underground Wiring video

U.S. Storm Shelters

Subterranean video of Lake in Hungary

Bioarchitecture — In Harmony with Earth *******

Terra-Dome Homes

Original Concrete Shelter *******

Solar Tube Lighting

Earth Sheltered House Plan — example of complete plan; you should aim for something approaching this; unforeseen adjustment should be approved only by those with lots of experience in the relevant area, at least the best you can find, always someone older (40+)

Daft Hands — Deft Mind — video


First thing to consider is the future weather and the current fluctuations — climate change. If you build underground and drought changes to flooding, possible if Antarctic ice melt occurs, you’ll be worse off than those in ground level housing.

Best bet is to build above ground and then bury it. A flood proof first story, entrance on second level, is very good for known flood areas. A cave house in a hillside is an option where hills are available.

Your local meteorologist should know all the past history for your area. Find out what the extremes envelope is from that source and then modify your house plans accordingly.

Gas appliances are more dangerous underground and in cave houses. Electric stoves are much safer.

If you live in a desert, and that is all it has ever been, go for underground. Don’t make a mistake or you will be like the tarantulas on the Baja peninsula. It is mostly desert there, but every once in a long while there is a torrential rain. The ground is saturated and the tarantulas have to come out of their burrows AND start jumping up and down to shake the water off to keep from drowning. Thousands of tarantulas across the desert, jumping up and down in the rain! They can return when it is dry, but your house would be ruined.

The mountain canyon next to the pretty river or near the shore of a river island are so very beautiful. Those who are not wealthy, but know what happens when torrential rain arrives will not build their house there. Half way up a flaky mountain is not good. Consider avalanches of snow, too. Perhaps a solid ridge line on a broad shouldered low mountain is best. But you should consider all of these factors. In flat places too close to a river your home should be raised, with a flood proof first story; closer to river or lake pilons are better. The prettiest spot and the wisest spot may be different, and fire is another hazard with lots of close fuel.

You do your best and you take your chances. But underground, wholly or partially, is much safer where there is a constant fire hazard in the summer.

The Other Stuff for February

Muppets PSA blast: – what if everyone in the world lived in one house…video

Death toll in Australian wildfires rises past 180

China drought: No end in sight to dry weather,



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