03-30-09: Canadians Discover World-wide Cyber Espionage: The Trojan Threat — Shocking Revelations


The Conficker Worm is Trying to GET YOUR PC and IDENTITY — 60 MINUTES video

China’s global cyber-espionage network GhostNet penetrates 103 countries

30% of Computers Infected? — video

How to Tell if Your PC is Infected! Stop Your Money Going to Hackers Abroad!

Use a Free Online Virus Scan such as this one — for checking your computer.

This is a REALLY FREE virus scan. Note that it takes a long time, you tell it to scan Computer. All other programs must be closed BEFORE going to this site. Engage your browser as Administrator.

Good time to check out your computer, lots of stuff going around, making WORLD HEADLINES!

Remember, this will only determine if your computer is infected. For removing the infections, you need to use Spybot and a major anti-virus software, permanently installed, on your pc AND YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW TO USE THESE. Get help if you need it!

Review all past articles here dealing with spyware and computer security. Start potecting your computer. Stop clicking on junk email, especially impossibly attractive offers. Avoid responding to all emails that do not contain your actual email address at the top. There is no free lunch, do not click on that. Delete known SPAM emails without opening them. NEVER OPEN AN ATTACHMENT on such an email. Best to stick to the foregoing until foreign nations involved start prosecuting and jailing the miscreants.

Saab facing downsized future — BBC video

Lion Poisoning in Africa

Report that Russian Coast Guard Sank Chinese Sailors’ Cargo Vessel

Filipino militants set time for hostage beheading

London Protest Against Banker Greed

World’s First Amphibious Bus Operating in Malta

All-Women Police Patrol Takes Up Duties in Zhengzhou, China

Medvedev, Safely Elected, Does Military Hardware Photo Ops

–includes flight in Sukhoi 34

Minnesota Turkey-Power Plant supplies electricity to 50,000 Homes — (HowStuffWorks video)

Canadians find Trojan Horses — One on TV, and One For Real in World Computers

Political Trojan Horse — TV fiction involves USA and many others

Real Chinese Trojan Horse — video

Earlier Chinese Trojan



General Motors CEO will resign: White House

Canadian research uncovers cyber espionage network — notice the related videos

–This is a HOT NEWS ITEM folks, do not pass it up! World-wide infections…

Solar Cooking for Everyone

Solar Pressure Cooker

60-40 Solar Oven video

Nature Powered Cooking

Engineers without borders

Air Conditioner Reviews


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