Rocky Road of Evolution for Iran. Middle East, Pakistan

By: nunitak

Jun 20 2009

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Rocky Road of Evolution  for Iran. Middle East, Pakistan 06/18/09

Fears for detainees held in Iran — location of Iranian gulag not known, purges reminiscent of Stalin, 1930’s Soviet Union, but Revolutionary Guards are not averse to killing and imprisoning Iranian women in this new scenario

Imprisonment and torture techniques revealed — sadism rampant, children raped in order to avoid proscription against executing virgins, details


It appears to Nunitak that the Iranians want some kind of evolutionary (not revolutionary) reforms — whatever those are — and honest vote counting. This is based on listening to Iranians commenting over the media. This seems to matter more than who actually becomes President. Only the Iranians can sort this out, it will be interesting to see how. Some key political figures arrested, main candidates invited to ‘extra-ordinary session of Guardian Council’ on Saturday.

One thing is clear: the Iranians do not want a dictator, that is what the revolution of 1979 was about, so any pathway that does not address the foregoing is likely foment serious turmoil and bloodshed in the near future. I would guess they want less police involvement in personal life, possibly a readjustment of guns vs butter sorting, but these are only my guesses. Perhaps this falls under more ‘freedom.’

On another subject it appears Al Qaeda are trying to gain control over Yemen and Somalia with their usual methods. The Taliban have learned Al Qaeda methods and are using them in Pakistan.

Somalia is in dire need of food aid, but the pirates are interfering with deliveries and distribution. Al Shabab, an Al Qaeda branch consisting of armed youths, are in control of much of the south and the capital. Offshore fish stocks have been plundered by foreigners according to Somalis. Fighting against that was how the pirates started, who are now going for ransoms rather than fish.


Dissident Yemeni terrorists kill hostage medical workers,  children — Tribal leader says Al Qaeda is responsible; are they now going for the most vulnerable targets?

Ahmadinejad converts Revolutionary Guards into Noriega-style Dignity Squads

Has Iran become a true dictatorship or will truly free elections return? Will this nation go downhill in the manner of Zimbabwe? These questions are open while hired thugs beat and injure peacefully protesting civilians in the streets and cart some off to prisons as Iran governing regime appears to convert to Dictatorship of the Shiite Proletariat. Last question is “Will Ahmadinejad become a permanent fixture?”

Iran supreme leader orders probe of election fraud — 06/15/09 Monday

North Korea so proud of unusual plutonium — like kid with matches, “Look Mom…” Got to let everyone know. How many died getting there, and at what cost and effort taken from more needed things. But can they do anything for their own people and nation?

Big Questions: Is this an “If you don’t do as WE say, we’ll use an atomic bomb on you” attitude? Will Japan and South Korea be forced to adopt M-A-D program or similar? MAD only works if lives are valued on all sides.

One thing that can be done: Provide info on consequences of nuclear war, but has less effect where life is not valued.

Point to Ponder: What if all the Religion Police from Middle East to NW Pakistan unite someday into the Biggest Brother of All?

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Latest news on Flight 447, naval effort to locate black boxes — French sub arrives

Biggest off-planet gathering of earthlings in modern history

Gathering delayed

Brits guilty of killing French students


Highly interesting information for electronics troubleshooters, weathermen, investigators: about ‘satellite’ phones on some airliners

… falls under potential lightning, turbulence, fault, tampering, heavy usage vulnerabilities, in that order, with particular attentions to satcom port in severe weather (including large hail, and any possible damage effects on cabin pressure should be ruled out).

Did you know category: Turbulence increases the dangers posed by loose and dropped screws, tools, dropped watches, jewelry, broken metal pieces, allen wrenches and other spurious metallic items, dropped batteries. Electrical connections may spark. Computer integrity in aircraft is vastly different from your home pc — these should undergo a prolonged rattle test. Reflect on all of that….calls for complete insulation and secured terminal board covers for one…

BTW, a loose allen wrench was once discovered floating about the shuttle bay. Best Rule — If you drop it, you must retrieve it. If you cannot retrieve it, you must report it and get help. Otherwise, you are responsible for whatever happens.
Airspeed Sensors Background — stuff for pilots

More 06/09/09

Kangaroo Court Irritation DPRK-style: Preset inscrutable outcomes

Medicinal History Revealed: Myrrh — Extremely valuable ancient antiseptic, et cetera
Gold digger finds egg-sized nugget — video

Nevada trucker escapes death on a cliff — video

Helping the Pakistani PoliceBBC World Service interview, seven stars from Nunitak

–this is an audio podcast you can play on your pc


 La Cumbre volcano, Galapagos, opens up — spectacular photos from April

Calling Inspector Clouseau: Huge Paris Jewelry Heist attributed to Pink Panthers Gang, now one more strike — BBC video

EU to send mission to Moscow and Kiev over gas dispute

Cars dot com critiques Smart-For-Two car — video

Nunitak predicts a full transition to military dictatorship in DPRK similar to Myanmar, though ‘younger son’ may be maintained as some type of figurehead, probably a gerontocracy of high-caste military, the ones with the most medals spanning uniform fronts. They will continue to focus on armaments, seeking to establish a lively export business in that sector. Not much change from current conditions, just less pretense, and the probable emergence of a Stalinesque power figure along with brutal imprisonments and executions, including from the military. The former Chilean Dictator will pale in comparison. The sole role of younger son will be as a temporary puppet mainly for DPRK consumption. All of this is mainly a problem for Russia and China, so long as DPRK does not attack Seoul. It is ‘guns vs. butter’ and the people will continue as slaves to the former. Prospects are dim for other scenarios.


Nunitak foresees a dire situation in NW Pakistan from which Al-Qaeda will not escape. This will include an extremely powerful earthquake. My impressions on this are over the next few years, somewhere less than fingers on one hand. It is very bad, but I do not have further details, not knowing much more than anyone else about this.

Flashes of light seen along mountainsides during previous quake — earthquake info about this area

Addressing Muslim World, Obama Pushes Mideast Peace (Nunitak approves)

Full video of President Obama’s Cairo Message — why not listen first, then judge?

The prophets have said: “It is unwise to judge a matter without hearing the evidence.”

‘Spiderman’ arrested for scaling Sydney skyscraper

Federal Trade Commission shuts down rogue ISP

Flying behind doomed jet, a Spanish aircraft skirted the threatening weather

Text messaging remains far more important to many than surrounding life


More HDTV Antenna Help


Take Me Home Country Roads ♪ ♫

What’s a Taku Wind?


宇宙背書 所有的自由和正義: Orderly transition to democracy everywhere, not just Egypt, China, DPRK and Myanmar. This should be completed by August 2015, per timetables.

Pilgrim’s Path — each pilgrim is unique, each pathway is unique*

God gave us the power to advance our individual evolutionary levels which takes effort and linkage to heavenly powers, and most importantly to pass on what we have learned to the next generation. That starts each new generation from a place several rungs higher, ensuring growing perfection. This is God’s plan, for us to be perfect, even as our Father in heaven. There will be great milestones of celebration for both planets and individuals, even including honored and distinguished visitors from higher up. Therefore we have a daily task and the responsibility for some daily effort with hearts of good will towards others, and with the spirit of dedication in the service of God’s will and of our own destinies in eternity.

This is a simple task: “My yoke is easy, My burden is light.” There are countless daily opportunities to help available to seeing eyes and hearing ears for all who are truly on the Pilgrim’s Path towards the Father of All.

Then our planet will be our home and all here will be as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, and all such will be welcome here and in the heavens above when their tasks have been completed, or when they satisfy God sufficiently for a heavenly summons of the spiritually advanced to higher duties and higher spheres…

Everyone who is willing to carry this plan to completion shall see God at the finishing point of this great journey. If God is helpful to us, we should be helpful to others.

*God desires unity, not uniformity, therefore take your unique place in the cosmic whole as God has appointed for you. And allow others to do the same. A symphony requires diverse instruments, is that not so? How barren life would be if the garden were limited to one flower. But that is not so, because God is Great. Think on this as you gaze into the heavens at night, and then make peace with your neighbor, and with all others on your home sphere, even as it is on the heavenly spheres you will visit between here and God. Are not the heavens at peace?

Let a friendly word replace the former conflicts. Now, you will have to finish this, for it is not one man’s work. Where there is conflict and hate there is no heaven. Better to sow the seeds of peace and harmony, thus qualifying for the reward of a good and faithful servant.



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