Prisoner Outsourcing Examined

By: nunitak

Jul 05 2009

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Complex Issue - Prisoner Outsourcing




The Prison Problem is Festering

California is looking for places to put their prisoners. Michigan is letting their prisoners out. Is the correctional system fair, rational or equally effective as between states?


1. Why does California have so many prisoners?

2. If “correction” is failing why are prisons called “Correctional Facilites” and why are staff paid so much?

3. What category of prisoners will be outsourced?

4. Is not this an evasion of local responsibility?

5. Do prisoners have choice of outsource locale?

6. Will there be a telepresence visitor program?

7. How will equal due process be preserved?

8. If there is a riot in an outsource state or another calamity that requires expensive interventions, which state’s taxpayers will be responsible?

9. Does not outsourcing represent both a social failure and an evasion of responsibility?

Having asked these important questions, if I were a prisoner I would pick a cold place because I do not like hot places, next I would choose place with highest correctional officer IQ and the least corruption.

This is all fraught with difficulties for both outsourcing state and for prisoners.

Final questions: What about lifers and maximum security prisoners? Will there be a world maximum security prison soon?

Will outsourcing become a deterrent to crime? I doubt it. Every new prisoner represents some kind of failure. Educational, social, personal — one must review each case to assign percentages.

Do we even know how to sort incorrigible from reformable prisoners? If there are zero ‘correctional’ programs, why are prisons called correctional facilities instead of penitentiaries?

Should unnecessary hardships be a part of prison life?

Which state has the greatest success in reforming prisoners?

Delve into it here, some diligent people must do the work and sort this out —

USA — most prisoners per capita


USA Prison Population Rate by State

Crime in the USA by category

Per Capita State Spending

— I think this is for everything, not just prisoners, check it out. Nunitak is just getting the discussion started, cannot complete the analysis and recommendations owing to age and health. But I have given you a very good start here. Good information for voters, prisoners, all citizens.

Incarceration in the United States

Curious fact: I saw one statistic which said Russia has twice as many judges and magistrates as the USA (even though they have less prisoners, do not remember whether ‘per capita’ applied, sorry I lost the source url).


Nunitak’s Warning about ALL Problems

All problems need to be worked on — continually. Problems should be prioritized and the worst problems dealt with first, while resources should be used as efficiently as possible. Sometimes the solution to a serious problem may require only minimal resources.

Everyone neeeds to do this. It is the fastest way to increasing perfection and less troubles, making life better for everyone.

Societies which fail to address problems in a fair, just and efficient manner will become increasingly fraught with further difficulties.

Challenges must be addressed by careful thought and planning.

The biggest mistake I have seen during my life is allowing only those who are privileged with degreers to work on this. All persons of knowledge and experience are valuable and must be utilized, and the best person should be in the chief position regardless of educational background. It is a person’s diligence, experience and skill that is important, not his or her degrees.

Utilizing human resources properly is something that needs great work. Perhaps it is the greatest work of all, one that will produce a far more ‘utopian’ society.

Science is making some valuable strides in this area which will continue during this century and there will be beneficial fallout for education, personnel management, efficiency, and the well being of all.

Yes. remember ‘all things are possible’ and ‘it can be done’ — ‘yes we can.’

But do not forget that work and careful thinking are involved and the ethic of fairness and justice should apply, the reason of rightness and the rule of fairness.

I have tried to offer the best wisdom here for overall guidance; it took an extreme amount of work finding this overall guidance, the correctness of which I am absolutely sure.

There will always be new problems to solve. Not working on them means they will pile up…

Ethics, water, shelter, education, efficiency, energy, whatever. Fairness falls under ethics for me. Maximizing the benefits and rewards for each person. Those left out can be a source of discord, but not always. Many good people suffer unfairnesses quietly while working for the benefit of all. Even God provides rain for the just and the unjust. But some of the plan of evolution has been revealed here, and doubt not that God’s will shall prevail. Take the long view!

Get your ethics and long range vision involved here more than the traditional politics!

I apologize for not being able to help more. I would like to see less wheeling and dealing, more doing the best with what you have. Something every citizen should support, seeing that resources are limited. However, resources expand with competence. We are free to operate only within our realm of knowledge and expertise, individually and collectively. The desiny of perfection beckons…


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