MagicJack Help for Hard-of-hearing, Faxing, PC Headset User

By: nunitak

Jul 29 2009

Category: Computers

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This article contains help for MagicJack faxing, volume control, using PC headset

Can you FAX with a MagicJack?

1. First you need to connect a FAX machine to your MagicJack which already has a telephone connected to it. Therefore you must get one of those connectors that splits ONE phone jack into TWO phone jacks. Available at most dollar stores, pricier at places that sell phone equipment, but not too pricey at Walmart, Target, Sears, Home Depot. Available at Radio Shack if one is close and you are in a hurry.
2. Plug the double phone line connector into your MagicJack.
3. Plug your FAX machine telephone jack cord into one phone connector jack, your telephone into the other.*
4. Remember to reprogram your FAX so that it dials AREA CODE + FAX NUMBER without any preceding “1” for long distance. Calls within the USA are not long distance for your MagicJack, probably the same for Canada.

*for some FAX machines YOUR telephone plugs into the FAX. In that case, no special connector is needed.

Another way of sending a FAX: If you have a LEXMARK printer that sends FAX, you can connect that to your MagicJack similarly to the above. I have one of their least costly printers which does ALL things mentioned here in addition to posh photo and document printing.

If your printer will scan a document or you have another scanner, you can email your FAX as an attachment, provided you have a valid email address for the recipient. This is not the same as faxing, it is an email alternative.

The FAX machine you have may or may not work well with MagicJack, but some do.

For more technical details, scroll through all of this (scroll down for equipment layout illustrations)

Public MagicJack Discussions which include these topics

If you do lots of office phone work, you should obtain a telephone which has a jack for accommodating a ‘hands-free’ headset. STAPLES and similar office stores usually have these at the best prices.

How to Raise the Volume of MagicJack — be sure to leave OTHER STUFF alone

First Thing to Try is Your MagicJack Menu, at the top of MagicJack Display that comes up when you click on MagicJack or pick up your phone, or when it rings.  Go to Volume/Headset Control.  Use the sliders there.  If that is not good enough for solving your volume problem, try the following, below.

This is how I raised the volume coming out of ordinary telephone receiver held to my hard-of-hearing ear — the directions apply to a Vista PC, other PCs may be somewhat different:

1. I clicked on the SPEAKER icon at lower right of my screen, using a Right Click with Mouse
2. Select Playback Devices
3. Highlight Handset (shows picture of telephone receiver)
4. When Handset (USB Internet Phone by TigerJet) is highlighted dark blue, click Properties
5. Click Levels tab, this takes you to a sliding control, you move the pointer with your mouse
6. I set my slider on 75, it was much lower than that originally, far too low for my hearing
7. 100 will be blasting loud, I would not set it there. 75 works fine for my poor hearing….


VERIZON, COMCAST, ATT, SBC or whomever will hate you for using MagicJack. If your DSL is obtained from VERIZON or ATT, you can switch to “Dry Loop” DSL for Broadband Internet only, thus avoiding the monthly phone charges and charges for long distance and for telephone extras (these are all provided by MagicJack at no additional cost).

In order to get back some of the mucho money you are saving, they will charge you the maximum possible for internet only. Complain to your political representatives, state and national, also to your state public services commission.

How to Configure Magic Jack to Use Your Computer’s Headset

Hot Diggety Dog — ♪ ♫ (video)

Final Note: Nunitak has hearing difficulty bordering on severe. Volume and clarity of incoming, especially women, often difficult on normally adjusted phones. Worse with accents, foreigners speaking English. I solved this completely per the above, but if your hearing is even worse, try a good speakerphone.

(provided it is located where there is little ambient noise; otherwise, try an amplified telephone handset — one with a volume control on the receiver).


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