Mid August Fast Changing News; Avoiding the Accident Insurance Rip Off


Hurricane Bill is Coming ! — current position here, projected path at the link down below (scroll down)

Texting while driving results — video

Latest Russian Ship Arctic Sea News Galore — latest means latest — More

More to sort out — let’s see, we now have 15 crew + 8 ostensible hijackers (failed guards?), some admitted disinformation, some information, the involvement of NATO, a replacement crew coming….
Distinctions between guards, er hijackers [actors?], and crew a bit blurred. Will there be an explanation that satisfies everyone? Lots of work going on here, and more to do, that is for sure. Looks like transportees went to Moscow…

Or do you believe in hijackers who provide no exit strategy and remain aboard awating apprehension for stealing a ship with a load of lumber? British opinion is that this whole affair is rather ‘sniffy.’ Certain others able to work on reasonable hypotheses may go further. Who’s curious enough to trade places with one of the arrestees?

Contradictions cloud the Arctic Sea case — Moscow Times 08-19-09

Some will not be asking further questions — don’t place them in danger. This is where Nunitak leaves this topic too, except to say that some people can learn much more by going over all here carefully, combining it with experience (age) and knowledge, if they can think.

Place for Comments — as in ‘win, place and show’

Nunitak’s Weather Outlook for remainder of 2009 (USA area only)

Probability of heavy rains is up for eastern Canada and New England. Possible river dangers Maine and Pennsylvania, Quebec. Strong mid-Atlantic, coastal states, hurricane likely. Heavy coastal erosion, end of year, California. Heavy snow and cold in many places over winter. Unusually deep snow likely, NW and NE USA and Maine. Unusually deep snow possible in unexpected areas. Aircraft de-icing provision critical again. However, the chance of Indian Summer stretching into Novermber with unusual late season highs is also up. Wetter than usual British Isles, too. Translate that as heavy sudden rain.

Update: Hurricane ! Bill looks apt to damage further North, even Canada. Hurricanes traveling further NORTH fits well with global heating and current trends of climate change. Iceland not invulnerable.

Tornado resistance and tornado prep important for Georgia. Wind vulnerabilities need checking, and big signs are a danger throughout the East Coast, especially mid-Atlantic and GA, NC, FL. Flying trash cans and tornadoes….secure your trash can when bad weather is at hand.

Horrible ships collision off Malaysia

Jetpod developer dies in Malaysia crash of prototype

Details of crash

President Medvedev says “Russia is opposed to a nuclear weapon in Iranian hands.”

Shimon Peres announcement at Sochi Summit

Massive Typhoon Morakot recovery process staggers to footing — revealing photos, story


Previous News on MISSING RUSSIAN SHIP — latest news here added Monday, August 18th, 11:00 AM

Missing cargo ship Arctic Sea and crew found by Russian Navy

— sometime Sunday 08-16-09; report that hijackers threw some arms overboard

Nukes, drugs, pirates: Russian ship lost in sea of rumor and intrigue

Ransom demanded for missing Arctic Sea ship and Russian crew

— Failed guards arrested, or incompetent hijackers? click here — 08-17-09

— However, ransom demands are sometimes 3d-party scams by people uninvolved with whatever has already occurred. Could be an attempt to muddy waters further by perpetrators making off with cargo. Some experts warning of insurance scam for vessel nearing end of useful service. Others suspect this was a plan to divert attentions from elsewhere… The list goes on.

Russia NATO Envoy comments about Arctic Sea ship search

Curious Case of Missing Ship

Confusion surrounds fate of Arctic Sea ship

Beginning of Somewhat Older News on Russian Ship

Missing Russian Ship

BBC on Russian Ship

Very Interesting RT video on missing ship ***

Russian Ship — Arctic Sea WMP video



More ***

Was it hijacked by Russians along with stolen vodka shipment for sale abroad? Twilight Zone music please… Are the London Jewelry Heist proceeds aboard? Speculations and theories multiply geometrically…. Bad boys, bad boys. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you ♪ ♫


Missing Russian Cargo Ship Found Near Cape VerdeMore




Russian Defense Ministry continues “all necessary measures” search


One DSB that did not deliver the drugs — video

Russia-Ukraine Relations — Moscow Times comments on prospects for honey and roses

Hard Times in Russia accompany Progress in Some Directions

Russian Scooter Sales Booming

Ghana Students Reject Enslavement by Teachers

How Wind Turbine comes apart — video

Mystery of what happened to Wind Turbine — video

Did they look about for a meteorite? Or was it struck by a Thunderbird dangling his foot?

No….it was a local Granny who is a member of the Anti-Wind-Turbine League. She told her grandson to throw a rock at it. They were not expecting so much noise, grabbed the fallen blade as a souvenir, and ran like hell. Unless you think the foxes ate the dead Thunderbird…

50,000 Volt Accident — video

Respect for Electricity! — video for doubters

Cat battles home invader at own door — video

Big Problems Woodpecker vs BMW — video

— Nunitak Rx: How about big EAGLE photo inside right front side window? Carefully wash and polish car and then put a sock over the side mirror when parked there, so he does not see that competing male woodpecker in his territory.



What is insurance? It’s a written contract between you and the insurance provider. The written part is called a policy or certificate. But you or the beneficiary are paid only if a CLAIM is filed. When the insurer receives the CLAIM they DO NOT automatically pay.

Quite the contrary, they try to AVOID paying by seeing if ANY of the EXCLUSIONS or LIMITATIONS apply. If it is at all possible, the insurer will use the limitations and exclusions to avoid paying or to legally enable payment of a greatly reduced amount for each and every claim.

Is the insurer your friend? No, they are TRYING TO MAKE MONEY. Ideally, from their point of view, they would like to insure large numbers of policyholders, collect many premiums, and never have to pay out anything at all. The typical ACCIDENT INSURANCE policy is an egregious example of this, one that brings vast sums of money to the insurer. Money that is seldom paid out, and in the rare instances where a payout must occur, it will almost CERTAINLY be GREATLY REDUCED by the written provisions specifying exactly what losses are covered, and the benefit amount applicable.

Currently insurers often resemble criminals in that they would like to insure people for the LEAST LIKELY adverse events. Even better is adding some exclusions and limitations that would apply to the very few people who suffer the adverse event and file a claim.

An insurance CLAIM is proof of loss which you file with the insurer. For example, if your father had life insurance and died, you could file a CLAIM for the proceeds of that life insurance policy. Stating that your father died would not suffice. Remember, a CLAIM must include PROOF OF LOSS. So, you would need to include a Death Certificate Copy. A newspaper obituary and notice of funeral would help. You can generally bet they will check everything CAREFULLY before paying. They will STILL look at at the Exclusions and Limitations — if your father was killed while visiting a war zone and the policy says “no beneift will be paid for death resulting from acts of war” then the insurer will not pay based on that exclusion.

An example of a limitation would be “the benefit will be reduced by one-half if the insured party dies during the first three years of the policy.” Another typical Catch-22 frequently found in Accident Policies says “Death must occur within 90 days of the accident which produces the injuries resulting in death.” Or something like that. So, you could still die and there would be NO BENEFIT payable to your family. Claim denied: Reason — The insured died well after 90 days of hospitalization for said accident.

Exclusions and limitations enable the insurer to avoid paying or to reduce the payout.

Here is part of a typical ACCIDENT POLICY:

Schedule of Benefits

Loss of life………………………………………………………………………………….$10,000
Loss of both hands or both feet……………………………………………………..$10,000
Loss of one hand or one foot…………………………………………………………$ 5,000
Loss of entire sight, both eyes……………………………………………………….$10,000
Loss of entire sight of one eye and the loss of one hand or one foot…..$10,000
Loss of entire sight of one eye……………………………………………………….$ 5,000

‘Loss’ of foot or hand, as used above, means complete severance through or above the wrists or ankle joint, and as applied to an eye means the irrecoverable loss of entire sight thereof.

Indemnity provided hereunder is payable solely for the single greatest loss specified above. Under no circumstances will indemnity be paid for more than one of the specified losses, the greatest, sustained by the insured as the result of any one accident.

Well, how likely are the items specified?

The FIRST thing you need to know is that most people do not die from accident, rather from illness or age. If you consult tables available on the internet for each state or province, called Morbidity Tables or Mortality Tables you will see nearly identical statistics for each state or province. Nine out of ten people or more will NOT die from an accident.

If YOU have a bad accident, how likely are the damages above, assuming you live? Well, Nunitak has done lots of medical work. I can tell you everything will be done to save your eyes, hands, feet, sight. That will greatly preclude all of the following:

— loss of entire sight, one eye or both
— complete severance of hand or foot (as above)

If you can still see the Big E, or distinguish green and red light, do you think your insurer will pay? Take a guess….

If your foot was completely cut off, but skillfully reattached by medical, or if it was terribly mangled, but is still there, albeit with great problems, do you think your insurer will pay? Take a guess….

It turns out your most valuable insurance is Major Medical Coverage, NOT SOME THIEVING ACCIDENT POLICY!

The Accident Policy is good solely for a frequent traveler and he should shop around for the best policy, carefully reading the exclusions, limitations and other details.

The insurance you need the most is the one currently receiving the greatest debate and argument, the one insurers do NOT like to provide, and the one for which premiums have now gone out of sight — Major Medical Coverage!

For most people, an Accident Policy is almost exactly like handing premiums over to the Insurance Firm for NOTHING! Actually, it will most likely go to EXECUTIVE bonuses, hiring of stupid relative, or friend’s daughter, in an extremely well-paid post that involves little work or responsibility, with REAL medical coverage, and so on. Some of the money goes for large mahogany desks and posh carpeting of upper-level offices. A few choice pieces of art that will increase in value…. [you get the picture?]

I was recently solicited by a well known firm which sells merchandise by catalog, and with whom I have a credit account. The telemarketer said “We have a complimentary, free trial, insurance which will pay off your account in case anything happens to you.”

TOTAL LIES!!! The telemarketer was talking about ACCIDENT INSURANCE, $10,000 for $10 per month. Obviously he did not read the exclusions and limitations, nor even describe it as ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

The One Month Free Trial for $1.00 is there to suck you in. Will you ever read that policy when it arrives? And did you know what I have revealed below? [actually the monthly premium was $10.95 but I am not including the 95 cents here to make calculations easier — consider the 95 cents as marketing expense, for telemarketer pay, postage of policy, &c] The firm involved is associated with one of the major banks I view as least trustworthy, and there is aggressive telemarketing to increase money owed on credit accounts there. The accident insurance is only one of the rip offs.

How much can they make doing this? The amount of income they obtain scot free would boggle your mind.

Let us suppose they induce 100,000 people to enroll in this ACCIDENT POLICY at $10/mo.

That means the INSURANCE COMPANY has $ 1 Million coming in per month from those 100,000 people, totalling to $ 12 million each year.

Now, suppose they get THREE CLAIMS per MONTH from every 10,000 policy holders. One claim is denied, nothing is paid out. One claim involves DEATH, an unavoidable payout for an accident that is not otherwise excluded. One claim involves a partial payout, say 50%….

Total expenses to crooked INSURANCE COMPANY: $15,000 per month per 10,000 policy holders. That computes to $150,000 per month for all of their 100,000 policy holders.

So, here is the INSURANCE COMPANY monthly profit:

$ 1,000,000 income per month
$ 150,000 payouts per month

$ 850,000 profits from Accident Policy for $10,000, per month.


By the way, the MARKETING is directed towards those least likely to have accidents too. Elderly like Nunitak who do not travel, over 40 and smart, who walk carefully in construction sites… A good experiment would involve buying policies for 100 wayward teen drivers and see what happens. Actually they would lose more money but still get by, the policy is so tight…. Injuries resulting from criminal offenses like reckless driving usually not covered.

Now, the only question remaining is “Do you want to give them this money?”

Much better to improve your Major Medical coverage than to flush $10 down the commode each month, okay?

Final Note: Did you know that each policy must be approved by your State Insurance Commissioner (or similar) before it may be sold?

Therefore, one more question: Are my State Insurance Commissioner and Attorney General also crooks? What do you think? Have you checked where their campaign contributions originate?

Forty years ago the Accident Insurance policies were not quite this bad, the profits much less. You could buy $250,000 coverage for an airplane trip for about $5 ($10 in today’s money). Now you can see how things have declined with the progressive takeover by the crooks over the intervening years.

Final Question: How far do you think $10,000 will go in covering the costs of such injuries as listed in the Schedule of Benefits?

Always read your policy or you will never know what you are buying, it could be worthless. With an Accident Policy like this you could have a horrible mangling accident with severe injuries and a very long and expensive hospitalization while receiving zero from the policy because you did not die, were not blinded, did not lose both feet, nor one foot and one hand &c.


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