Nunitak’s Proof regarding Human Time Travelers

Wherein Nunitak offers virtually conclusive proof that EITHER human time travelers DO NOT EXIST OR {ELSE} Human Time Travelers are EXCEEDINGLY FEW AND {OR} ETHICAL.

1.  Not all humans are ethical.  Proof:   Mother didn’t promise you a Rose Garden and similar, plus just take a look about yourself.

2.  If humans in general could travel from any future time,  then all such humans would desire to SAVE money by paying a lower price for all goods transportable via time machine.   Additionally, if they were criminal, they might attempt robberies in previous times for extremely valuable items.  They would escape pursuers and transport such items to their future (both) via their time machines.

2.  Humans from the future could quite easily counterfeit numerous earlier currencies, to say nothing of investing heavily in known booming enterprises and rising stocks.

3.  Example:  If I were one, I could travel back to mid-1960’s and buy a REAL pair of shoes (lasts 3 years) for only $24.95 and then I could sell those same shoes for $100+ easily back in 2009.   Two pairs of shoes or better would earn a decent daily living.

I do not know of anyone who is doing this.   There is so much inflation already that it is readily apparent we have many non-time-traveling criminals in addition to all the economic drivers you learn about in Econ 101 and 102.

Just a few skilled criminal time travelers could destroy entirely the economies of small nations.  Many would easily destroy larger nations by undermining the currency.  Also, all valuable materials, future or present, would slowly be taken out of existence.  They might set up corporations for doing this, perhaps exchanging diamonds or similarly valueless future items.

Market manipulators could hog all wealth, and the PRESENT TIME would be continually catering to vastly wealthy PARASITIC vacationers from the future.

Just consider all of this, add it all up, and you will see that Nunitak’s Proof is CORRECT.

Therefore  either NO humans are time travelers,  OR they are EITHER exceedingly few OR very ethical.   


Corollary: Perceptible changes in gravity would occur.  Present gravity would decline slowly, or perhaps at an increasing rate (but this would lag behind the economic effects).  Gravity in future would increase perceptibly in all places where such conduct by time travelers was condoned.  Other complications along these lines may be imagined, such as good looking women disappearing, even rare animals, seeds, plants…. 

Some of the human transportees would return disillusioned and with fantastic stories.  In the 19th and 20th centuries many of these returnees would be confined in mental institutions.  Probably still true, one could check there to see whether Nunitak might be wrong.


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