Nunitak’s A-Bike and Garden, Summer News & Recipes!

Michigan Vacation Home  — Camelot weather, so far most of this summer

Nunitak has decided that an Intershelter Dome would make a better vacation home.  Information in this blog.  See if you agree.  Scroll down…

Nunitak Evaluates The Sinclair A-Bike

This is a nifty concept, an eminently foldable bike. One that you carry with you, into a building where you arrive. Then it will be SAFE from thieves (hopefully).

I tested the version with eight inch diameter wheels (includes the tire). There was an earlier version with six inch wheels. DO NOT BUY that version at any price — you will be GREATLY disappointed!

In fact, the eight inch wheels are still too small. Riding it one finds that small wheels have tremendously greater rolling resistance. And this is aggravated by sidewalk cracks, ruts, and ANY kind of surface roughness. You will say, DANG (!) every time you encounter cobblestones, get off and walk it.

The bike is totally unsuited for sand, gravel or dirt roads. It is strictly an urban vehicle intended for predominantly smooth city surfaces, college campuses and the like.

It is well built for rider + backpack not exceeding 187 lbs, provided one does not drop off curbs or ride into potholes! I would say the extra effort required compared to a more ordinary bike goes UP very significantly for heavier and older riders. In their case this will be STRICTLY a ‘workout’ bike, never one for long trips.

It is IDEAL for a fit college student on campus, and fairly good for age 16 to 36 who are not fat, the more under 180 lbs the better. The tires say 32 lbs on side, but the instructions call for 90 psi (6.2 bar) and you will need every bit of that because the rolling resistance is virtually unmanageable for underinflated tires. I filled mine to 90 psi and they did not burst!

I give the Sinclair A-Bike **** four stars for concept and two poohs for completion of development based on testing. It will be strictly a workout bike for me, quite useless for any long trip.

However, with bigger tires in the 12 to 16 inch range and with front and back shocks which could easily fit on this bike, it would be a REAL WINNER for virtually ONE and ALL, albeit still a city bike, not at all the mountain bike category. Maybe good enough for long trips…

I may add shocks to mine or, more likely, sell it to someone less weighty if I have funds for a folding bike with 20 inch wheels sometime in the near future.

With 14 to 16 inch wheels and shocks this bike would definitely be worth $200. With eight inch wheels and as it is, I am very happy that mine cost only $100 including shipping. Nunitak never pays full price, always shops around. 12 inch wheels and shocks would be good for all medium distance trips in the city, a big seller on campus. As it is, you notice every sidewalk crack passed over, big time.

Don’t pay more than $129. The links here show an English price of 199 pounds, too much by far. I think that is close to US $400. That would be too much for me even with the improvements suggested above.

Remember: If you are fat and dislike exercise this is not the bike for you. I think extremely heavy people would break it, or it might collapse while being ridden, a dangerous situation. Don’t let others ride your bike because the small rear tire will wear out faster. Replacement parts likely to be pricey. “Not for use by children under 14” it says. I agree.

After riding one of these you realize that the more normally sized bike tires have been absorbing much of the smaller shocks, even w/o shock absorbers. Eight inch wheels will not do that…

My A-Bike was very well made ****** in CHINA. Step #2 of the FOLDING instructions says “Rotate the handlebars. 180 dearees [sic] counterclockwise viewed from above.”

For The Garden
Artichoke seeds — scroll down to bottom row, site includes very good instructions
Turnips — Leaves for Greens, Root for Soups and Stews! (see Kohl Rabi too at this site)

They store well and are very nourishing. Mmmmmm, I like thin slices in my soups, they add body well to some Knorr soups. Cut in small cubes too for homemade soups, a bit larger chunks for stews. Potatoes are good for potato salad, especially new (red) potatoes. But turnips are much the better in soups!

FLOWERS — Perennials are best because you only buy seeds or small plants once. However, some native annuals do well and may be grown repeatedly each year from last year’s seeds. I have one such that makes a wonderful spindly leaf green plant that grows well during summer — starting in July for Michigan, earlier further south. Wonderful flowers are white, pink, crimson, purple. Pink shown in photo (left lower center)at top of this blog article. Flowers from each seed are the same color, one of the mentioned colors per plant. I do not know the name of this plant, but it is VERY attractive to butterflies, including large, spectacular ones. Plant not recommended for houses with cats. They may destroy the plants while going for the butterflies. If you email first for permission (owing to limited quantity of seeds on hand) I will give you my address. You can send a SASE (stamped envelope) and I will mail you one or two seed heads* for free near August ending and beginning of September, ready for next year: They survive outside in snowy frozen ground, but do not grow until temperatures are in 80 degree F range for highs. — ki_te_moana [at] yahoo [dot] com *many very small seeds per head

Very informative Seed Site

If you have an apartment, learn about flower boxes for balcony, window ledges inside. I have grown geraniums in sunny windows all winter. But because I have allergies, this cannot be my bedroom! A few colorful, humble blooms turn a plain cottage or humble place into a small heaven!

Hanging baskets are wonderful for patios. Potted greens do well inside inside, the type you see in offices and malls.

It is okay to put some manure into your garden ground during fall, after harvest. Use a shovel and mix it well into the soil. But DO NOT put manure around your growing tomato plants! That was a bad mistake I made only once, like cutting onions with a long and very sharp cake knife. Use a SHORT knife for cutting onions!

Slugs will drown in a half-bowl of beer around their favorite target… Deer do not like Irish Spring soap with some aluminum foil around the top to inhibit washing away too fast. Suspend it from lower hanging tree branch, each bar serves a wide area because they do not like the aroma.

Persistent cats with a favorite spot are deterred by lemon slices, remains of squeezed lemons cut and scattered there.

Woodchucks are rather bodacious and probably will not back down until you use direct hits with a hard stream of water from garden hose nozzle. Too many squirrels will ruin your sunflowers, but a few squirrels do not cause that much damage. Problem is they like the big spectacular sunflower, the best looking one in the sunny corner (same as you).

If bugs are a problem, DO NOT grow the same plants the following year! Zucchini and squash are very easy and prolific crops for novices. If you have a big area to garden, you should try some income earning crops like tomatoes, artichokes, rhubarb. Also valuable are cheaper items that store well like turnips. There are many others. Some crops will be more successful than others. My tomatoes must be in pots, they are not fond of the soil here, but the sunflowers love it. The Rhubarb is fussy, only does well in some spots. A good broccoli crop can be ruined fast by tiny insects that get inside the broccoli florets head by the zillions, impossible to wash out. If you plan on growing some luscious veggie like broccoli or cauliflower, you had better check with your county agriculural agent first. In Colorado my broccoli grew wonderfully, but was USELESS owing to the zillions of tiny insects embedded in the heads.

Typhoon Morakot drops TWO METERS of RAIN in Taiwan — heavy damages and casualties

Massive Typhoon Morakot recovery process staggers to footing — revealing photos

Nissan Leaf vs Chevy Volt Debate

Speedboat Stopping System (SSS) — video

Unusually solid building in Turkey foils expected demolition scenario
— video!
–dang, why did they demolish this! Who was the structural engineer? He should receive an Excellence Award.

World’s Largest Commercial Satellite Launched to Space

World’s Largest Model RC Plane – four engines, yikes move outta the way!

Is that because this B-52 crashed?

Intertropical Convergence Zone versus another Airliner

— ITCZ turbulence joins Polar Ice Melt as an increasingly significant phenomenon

Colgan Flight 3407 Co-Pilot salary only $15,800 previous year

Musk Ox Steak or Scallops? — interesting audio

Best Tech for Repelling Sharks  — will you remember this info when it is needed?

New method keeps milk fresh longer, increases refrigerator space

Extremely Unusual Splices

Big discussion on Economics of Health Care Reform
(in USA) — NPR Fresh Air w/Terry Gross

Nunitak thinks the U. S. Congress and Senate are too chicken, incompetent and schizoid to fix anything in this area as many smaller nations have done well.  The whole effort will collapse at the hands of the Republican dupes and the special interests, from the Inurance sector primarily.  The funny part is that the Republicans think this guarantees them The White House and new majorities.   Then they will be able to do Iran in addition to Iraq and Afghanistan.  This will produce the terminal awful mess for the USA.   The Iranians will bleed all over us, and the world will hold us responsible for fixing up THREE places instead of TWO.   Not only Medical Care will go down the tubes, but many other things.   Nothing corrects incompetence except putting people in there who are not beholden to special interests.  Until then, enjoy the Crazed Chickens Show.

Intershelter Domes — remember this if you need FAST permanent shelter

Construction Process (click upper photo, then click NEXT 1″ below upper right for entire sequence)

Intershelter Construction video

Help for U.S. citizens with Medicare or HHS Help Requests

Senator Levin’s Medicare Help Website

HHS Medical Help Information

HHS Agencies Contact Info — this is info only, to actually contact you must be extremely diligent to overcome talking computers, placing on hold, keeping you out of contact and at arm’s length

Use the toll-free numbers to preclude running up a humongous phone bill while attempting to find someone live who can address your inquiry. A letter is cheaper and will get marginally better response if your first efforts by phone do not pan out

13 Astronauts were in Space

Menendez, Pickens, Hatch push natural-gas cars to stem oil import costs

PG&E signs solar deal to light 530,000 homes

Nine hour fuel cell UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) — scroll down

Which is more accurate? Mother or The Baby Cry Analyzer?

–could help inept or new mothers who actually care about their baby so long as other noises do not interfere

Rafsanjani speaks on Iran Crisis and Loss of Public Trust

Iranian Tupolev Crashes Killing 168
Will RTSB help or will Iranian government execute mechanics instead of finding causes…

Gasoline Tanker Explodes Near Detroit

Natalya Estemirova, Human Rights Activist, Abducted and Killed

Lawyers at work: Tylenol liver damage recovery lawyers

Sentencing set for Detroit man in cross-border carjacking

Children who do this are more likely to become serial killers


More (very unusual, highly interesting)

Will the Solar Impulse Plane, wingspan 68 yards 9 inches, circle the globe successfully?
–first trials start at end of this year

Yahoo to reduce carbon footprint 40% by 2014

Yemenia Airbus flight recorder signal located

Photos of Iranian Navy Released

Wheels malfunction leads to Iranian airliner decapitation

Past History Revealed: Unit 731
More (stuff much more recent)

Rampant horrific tortures reveal predominance of sadism in Iranian government enforcment sector — although tear gas and batons replace hatchets in recent demo suppression…

Detroit hockey star allegedly swindled out of $43 million by money manager

Country Calling Codes Help

Mass Grave in Mexico Drug War — Mexico Portal

Big Bro’ is now ‘stepping on’ many USA products & services, food too.

Stagflation symptom — a computer for customer service (7-9 n/a) is as close as you`ll get…

The list of things no longer working expands from month to month. Medicare fraud….fraudulent mortgages, fraudulent money, fraudulent graves, fraudulent drugs, fraudulent bonds, fraudulent stocks , fraudulent statements, fraudulent passports. fraudulent mileage, other fraudulent and counterfeit items

Bribes alleged in France

and Detroit

Food Help and Economics
Stop paying $2.79 and up! — Make your own Rye Bread


Handwriting on wall: Bread has risen about 9.7% in cost each year since 1980, but has increased by 30% during the last 6 months. A cheap loaf is likely to be well over $2 by the end of the year. Decent bread like rye or sourdough will cost $3 to $4 per loaf next year.

Boxed cereals prices have risen steeply since 1997
Stagflation I from late 70’s

Stagflation II looks to be more serious: Product quality and amount is decreasing while the price is climbing like never before. This will mean that soon you will need a whole lot of money for buying close to nothing.

It’s reminiscent of Zimbabwe’s recent dilemma spreading out to encompass the entire world.

On the plus side, whoever maintains quality and amount provided for a given price will do a booming business. But that will require no London School of Economics personnel in management and director posts.

If the foreign takeovers of U.S. products and services continue, Asia will become completely dominant in world economic affairs. Unfortunately it appears that trend is irreversible and will be a fait accompli quite soon.

When those little one-serving cereal boxes cost $1 each it will be the time spoken of in biblical prophecy:
Bible prophecy as found in Revelation Chapter 6

Nunitak’s Selected ‘Where’s The Beef’ Recipes for July

Deviled Ham-Eggs Recipe

Virginia Ham & Egg Salad

West Midlands Ham, Egg and Potato Salad

Ham, Egg, and Pea Shoot Salad

Turkey Ham Quesadillas
— both halal and kosher turkey ham and turkey bacon are avaiable, usually at higher price

Turkey Burger Stuffed w/ Crispy Bacon & Caraway Havarti

— scroll down at the foregoing for Tangy Sauteed Red Cabbage

Truffle Oil for USA
Things to do with Truffle Oil

Roasted Tomato Soup — scroll down, don’t forget cheeses bread to go with it!

Quinoa Waldorf Salad — scroll down


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