08-26-09: Respect for The Weather Lessons

Watch out for unexpected high waves day or night, some were already swept away last time…

Here comes TS Danny — may morph up in intensity off the Carolinas

 More for Rhode Island

Florida surfers video
— not a good idea to swim where crowded with surfers (teeth loss, nose broken &c)


Remembering Ike (Cuba, Texas) video

Hurricane Ike Galveston Surf Progression ******* video

Cars vs Tornado  video

Kite Surfer vs Hurricane Fay (not for the squeamish, but a good lesson on proper planning) video


Lowered arms, flashing lights at RR crossing means stop — consequences heavy for driving around


Free Water Sounds of All Types — better for putting you to sleep too

Is there really a beer called Moose Drool?

Moose Drool Muffins

Vodka story

Toomuchto drink video

Drunk Badger tries to sleep it off in road

Monkey steals 4-pack of beer — RealPlayer video

Strange Beer Names

Pub Ale explained
 — It’s a traditonal night cap.

MIT Mystery

Pernod partially explained — hang in there, no diggee, no rewardee,  physical chem head helpful
— What happened to it? Did a student drink it or did it go into the Charles River? Why was Picasso cut out? Mysteries galore…

Nickel & Dime Tips for Keeping Winter Outside
— and your utilities bills down (most rates are up…)

Looking for Unusual Background Music?  video

Macarena Happy Feet for kids  ♪ ♫ video

Where’s the other interesting stuff?  Bears have 0 to 4 beers, summers only, depending on how hot it is on the worst days.


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