Heating Help; Earthquakes & Tsunami; Giant Hornet Control in Japan

By: nunitak

Oct 02 2009

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MSF Donations — keep the doctors and medical help where needed

— disasters galore in Asia; they are asking for help please

Heating Help for Hard Times <– click for help

Dear Friends,

The economically afflicted, poor people who most need this heating help are NOT LIKELY to have a PC like you. Therefore, your good deed would be to find someone who needs the information and to print it out for them. They are less able to consider safety, so those with some thoughtful science background will need to point out dangers and how to avoid them. Wise help is even better than handing out info.

Many impoverished families will suffer from fire tragedies this winter. Any way that ANYONE public or private can assist in mitigating winter heating problems for the low income group will be appreciated. It is doubtful that Nunitak has covered all that is possible. Others need to consider the matter.

Church groups should have someone PREPARE CAREFULLY and then conduct a class that is well publicized. Merchants and donors who can assist in some way, even if only ‘at cost’ should be encouraged. This will help to minimize the dangers and the deaths.

A carbon monoxide detector is highly recommended for those who must use a kerosene heater (which should be chosen carefully). Space heaters are greatly discouraged for home and trailer use. Nunitak says NO NO to space heaters. Leave them for garage mechanics and the Air Force bases in Canada and Alaska! When you leave home no space heater should be on. Other heating should be turned down low. Flammable items MUST be kept away from heaters. Before leaving or retiring for the night, you should check carefully about any kerosene or electric heaters to save children. Adults must be present and knowledgeable where any make-do heating is involved.

If you are very poor it is better to turn heaters way down and use more blankets. Heaters can be turrned up during waking hours when people are there to watch them. Do not forget smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. A little care receives even less credit, but it prevents BIG DAMAGES.

It is possible to survive the winter: Less than 100 years ago many people had only wood burning stoves, fire places maybe, and no hot running water. They were careful and diligent. Most of them managed to survive!

Bravery, expertise or foolishness? Nunitak would not dare:

Amazing Japan Giant Hornet Exterminators — article and videos

–wiping out GIANT hornets without protective gear, using adhesives and spray

Giant Hornet Vacuum Method — video

–the vacuum cleaner method (Nunitak prefers this method, no inhaling of spray)

Japan Beekeeper vs. Giant Japan Hornets — video: how to protect your bee hives

Samoa earthquake and tsunami

Indonesia earthquake too — both quakes around Magnitude 8

Samoa tsunami aftermath — video


Life on The Fault Line — CNN video on recent seismic events

500 carat diamond found

Nickel and Dime Insulating Help

Help for Improving Your Insulation — good for any size budget including a very small budget


What is a solar panel? — video

Plastic frame for solar panel — Nunitak recommends minimizing wood and metal. Plywood backing will rapidly deteriorate in weather. Any wood used MUST be treated with preservative. Metals attract lightning. The lifespan of untreated plywood outdoors is LESS THAN ONE YEAR! Painting wood is NOT a substitute for preservative such as Thompson’s Water Seal. However, treated wood which has dried can be painted with a good exterior grade enamel. I would use oil-based enamel. But again, wood should be minimized in favor of plastic or acrylic backings, if possible. Light colored paint reflects heat and lasts longer.

Your walls and windows may soon generate electricity

Zero Point Energy is coming — energy derived from the potency of space*

*the widest perspective on zero point energy is found in THE URANTIA BOOK:*** God uses energies for creating the material universes which you observe, and for maintaining them. These energies permeate space and matter. Some energies are more fundamental than others, we have only scratched the surface…

***Guage your IQ by clicks and pauses — Countless clicks and long pauses plus use of the NEXT button = Upper Crust. A few clicks for Nunitak’s blog = John or Jane Average. But you have found a good beginning road if you have found Nunitak’s Blog. You do well to help others as we all need help from time to time. Do not stand still. Always be clicking something off! Avoid helping those who do not want to be helped — the un-seeking and the un-asking. But if your help is good there will always be some grateful recipients. Step by step one goes a long way.

A STIFF PV Panel is vulnerable to wind damage from flexing, which breaks internal wiring and connections

— therefore a stiff panel needs protective backing and must be mounted such that it does not flex in strong winds. A panel that is somewhat more flexible is better, but it could still be destroyed by strong winds if not protected against flapping and rippling in strong winds, so both types must be mounted correctly to withstand the onslaught of rains and winds.

Your own experience teaches you that everything battered, hammered and flexed comes apart. For electrical apparatus this would destroy the internal connections.

A Solar Panel is composed of many solar cells connected to one another

Serial and Parallel Connection of Batteries or Solar Panels — don’t worry, Nunitak will cover serial and parallel connections relative to volts and amps more thoroughly later this month…

Video on Serial and Parallel connection of PV Panels

Intrinsic Value of Financial Transactions and the Dangers of Parasitic Commissions in the Private and Public Sectors

–if the entire economic system becomes a casino of exploitation everyone will perish financially, including, ultimately, the casino beneficiaries themselves. Many of the parasitic arrangements are illegal. All transactions should have maximum intrinsic value with no one getting a huge part of tax or private dollars for virtually no work at all. When ethics fail broadly you need inspectors. These inspectors are now necessary for both the public and private sectors, unfortunately for everyone.

Elephants fear Masai and recognize themselves in mirrors

India will be gone in 30 million years, making it the fastest disappearing continent

The BEST HDTV costs well under $100 — if you already have a $400 PC from 2003 or later

— along with the TV you get a video recorder and the money saved can help pay your heating bill

— the best part: No cable, no sat dish, no monthly fee, no converter box, no DSL or digital phone line necessary

Yes, Nunitak did this for $41 paid ONCE and it is better than $2500 dollar TV sets at the electronics stores — and that is FAR BETTER folks!

Additional help is found in an article following that one that discusses antenna connections.


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