October Fun Music Tour; Nunitak’s Browser Help

By: nunitak

Oct 14 2009

Category: Music

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Image Credit Free Clipart or Photos: www.ace-clipart.com


Note: Midi files will play if Windows Media Player is your browser add on and has all its defaults.

If Real Player is associated with your browser, as for my Internet Explorer 8, midi files will not play. Real Player does not play midi files. The reason I use Real Player is that it downloads videos which I want.

But I have a Safari browser that plays these. Therefore I just use my Safari browser for midi urls.

My Flock browser also plays them, no problem. Three browsers help me to see more, the increased awareness factor. And hear midi files too.

Stars and Stripes Forever — piano midi

Stars and Stripes Music and Interesting Visual Graphic of Music — YouTube video

For the Musically Adept

Perfessor Bill 1 — howsabout that!
http://perfessorbill.com/covers/strstrps.htm— a wonderful midi file, let it play out!

Perfessor Bill 2

Perfessor Bill 3

Karajan – Beethoven Symphony 7 — good seasonal ♪ ♫ video

Where you might find an interesting free online movie
Possible movie for you

— Nunitak recommends 5000 kbps (5 Mbps) internet connection speed for this. However, I did have some luck with 1 Mbps before my current ISP, Cavalier, which actually provides about 5.5 Mbps on Speed Test.

Ask the Russians about this?
Maybe it happens there too

Wonderful China website

NUNITAK  HELP  for those who do not like Internet Explorer 8

How to Remove Internet Explorer 8 and Reinstall Internet Explorer 7

If you do not like IE8, you can remove IE8 and reinstall IE7 following the instructions here:

Uninstalling Internet Explorer 8

Nunitak has Vista Home Premium 32-bit. I had to use the alternative method listed there which involved copying a command instruction and pasting it at the Command Prompt, opened as Administrator. I waited until HD light showed intermittent activity, closed Command Prompt window and restarted my PC. Reinstallation of IE7 worked perfectly, no problem at all.

Those few who end up with some problem (most likely from not following instructions or allowing pc time to work) can use the following for checking their PC:

Windows Live OneCare PC Scan for FREE

My page closes if you click on one of the last two links above. That is for encouraging you to CONCENTRATE on what you are doing, as you should for such activities as these.

When Windows notifies you of UPDATES:

To prevent Windows Update from reinstalling IE8, merely uncheck it, then Right Click to bring up the Hide Update box.  Left click on Hide Update.

Otherwise you may end up with IE8 reinstalled.

If IE8 text size is too small you can now enlarge it by using the Page drop-down list and trying a larger Text Size.


Laser Beam Aircraft Attacks Increasing— BBC video


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