10-21-09: Partial Long Look Backward — Very Interesting

By: nunitak

Oct 21 2009

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Partial Long Look Backward

All of this is very interesting, much better than TV or Movies!

9/11 Revisited: An Alternative View — video is worth seeing

Revisiting 9/11
— same as foregoing if that one does not work with your player

World Trade Center 7 dot net
— Nunitak thinks the CBS video is best

Importance of Removing 9/11 Events HQ and Staging Evidence

BBC WTC7 9/11 video

CNN Reporting WTC7 status prior to collapse — important that this building and all planning papers are destroyed, probably assisted by predispositioned oxygen generator incendiaries. How about WTC7 Phone Company records? — just a thought

Computer Wipe

Computer forensics aid — some good police info here, especially for Oklahoma detectives who forget about the pc and similar. Time to learn how pc works, get up to snuff…

Nunitak recommends that suspect computers be secured, with witnesses.  They should NOT be turned on nor logged on except by expert professionals, again with witnesses, to safeguard against inadvertent or pre-programmed data destruction.  This will usually require special methods of boot up…  However, other tools exist for reconstructing erased data and some are extremely sensitive.   Specialized expertise is best.

Example of Files Destruction Planning Today — Who has investigated WTC7 staffing and post 9/11 incomes and dispositions? BTW, a list of tenants is available online, how inclusive not known here

Murky Able Danger Stuff

Able Danger Wikipedia Burial

Murkier Able Danger Movie Trailer

BBC Story discounts Al Shehri involvement

More in this category to sort out — needs persistent dot connectors who can sort facts

— none of this will be helped by those who do not stick to the facts, even if they already have an opinion

Does Saudi Arabia know anything about this? — lots more to sort out, silent key figures (probably including some here?)

Exploring Saudi-U.S.A. Relations

Tom Friedman says fix both Banks and Schools
— who could object?

London Bus Bombing Witness — videos for those who can investigate more, very interesting!

More murkiness and recasts, backup of Tavistock Bus

Nunitak thinks the man in bandages is on drugs, probably is a drug addict, and from elsewhere than U.K. Who notices if a person like this disappears? Does anyone in Colorado recognize this man? A person who would do anything for money, or drugs?

The Big Q: Are all these things done for fun or money and how does it relate to the Financial Crisis? Has there ever been a Dictator from the Banking Sector? What is going on? Isn’t there some kind of prophecy about Banking Dictator? Just a few questions to keep everyone on their toes.


Blog will continue with the more usual Nunitak stuff.   Nunitak does not have resources to help more on the previous.


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