Signs of Times; 1909; Crazy Eddie; North Pole; Benazir Bhutto

Latest World Earthquakes — more interesting than usual lately

Latest Piracy News — another USA-bound LCC seized

North African Al-Qaeda kidnapping, killing Europeans

A CLOSER LOOK AT SOMALIA – just a peek, nothing in expert category

The Puntland Coast Guard, Somalia — video

22 dead after suicide bomb attack in Somalia — deaths include needed medical graduates

Somalia Local Perspective

Somalia Map — Puntland is the area in the upper right, not all shown

Pretty hot and desolate there. Nunitak did not see signs of electricity, nor a single solar panel in Eyl for example. These are people who have very little. Food and water tough for everyone; God help the prisoners.

Use Google Earth to go to Puntland, Somalia and then Eyl, Somalia. Puntland is north of Mogadishu. Eyl is part of Punltand? Eyl = 7º 57′ 54.36″ N, 49º 50′ 49.42″E — just paste that red part into Google Earth to go there.

Note: You can type Pirates, Somalia into Google Earth and it shows several places with markers. Nunitak does not know if this is a fluke or true. Okay, it’s true, someone has mapped it all out…

Like Afghanistan, this place lacks the domestic tranquility that enables everyone to maintain home and hearth peacefully. The blame for this is assigned chiefly to foreigners by the fundamentalists. In reality, the whole world would resemble Somalia if they had their way.

Many refugees in Kenya and elsewhere. It’s a huge, never-ending, hodge-podge civil war that pits the likes of al-Shabab against any recrudescent central governmental authority, with piracy and all manner of other social evils thrown into the mixture. Much localized rule of the gun, characterized by whichever group is in the ascendancy. Help from neighbors like Ethiopia is doubtful.

The pirates have established one featured modus vivendi which feeds further arms and money into this mixture. An analogy for the USA would see organized crime so strong that in many states it had wholly displaced governance from Washington, something like that. Anything successful gets raided, no one can get ahead except the current armed thugs holding sway. All institutions crumbling. No medical care, desolate hospitals, et cetera. How would you live in such a place, even if you were Islamic?

Fundamentalist Islamics tend to see the solution to everything as involving the death of other peoples and groups. The world’s arms dealers are happy to profit from this. If there were no AK-47s it would be swords and knives, if not that, rocks and arson. Thievery becomes rampant and the fundamentalist Islamic penalty for it too: widespread amputations. Except for the pirates and others holding the power of the gun at the moment in question. You can estimate the casualty statistics but only the angels and higher up know the true figures.

Is a despot who brings peace better than anarchy? Nunitak thinks it a likely stepping stone to true democracy. Indeed, we are witnessing the evolution of governance around the world, and would profit greatly by knowing the stages. Advanced status cannot be forced. All things revert to their natural level when the more advanced depart.

How best to work with a given status of evolution needs more careful consideration. A silk purse is not always possible. True ethics improve any evolutionary situation: the respect for human rights that comes from Christ in the western world. There are some primitive places where life is comfortable.

We are all at a stage, improving things or not. Advancement is gradual and requires unceasing effort at individual levels as well as in groups. In this respect armed groups are not the most powerful. The true greater light prevails — on earth as in the heavenly spheres — thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth as in heaven. No cutting off of heads necessary.

Here is True Advancement, praise God from whom all blessings come — liberty and justice for all.

Advisory: Evil and corrupting means will not remedy such situations because the means are ALWAYS involved in the outcomes achieved. Therefore, only ethical means succeed, whether at home or abroad. Unfortunately, too many national intelligence agencies are operated by crooks posing as ‘realists.’ Yet no one learns from their vast track of failures which contribute to the deaths of our own troops, for example.

Expediency and crookedness waste vast sums of money that could work faster towards remedies if ethically directed. This is a lesson most all earthlings are very, very, very slow to learn. Primarily because mistakes are not analyzed — rather they are concealed.

The FASTEST route to perfection consists in analyzing and rectifying mistakes — and to efficient use of money and resources too.

This accounts for the sloooooowww evolution of humanity.

Russian train disaster Moscow to St. Petersburg — terrorism

Deadly train derailment caused by 7 kilos of TNT— more RT video

Russia train crash caused by bomb — BBC video

Attack on Nevsky Express train kills up to 39

Grim scene unfolds as local villagers are first to wrecked train site

Prime suspect in Philippine massacre surrenders

Fatal shooting of four WA police — overview of coverage

Warning: Dead Asian Carp contain rotenone — not for your cat: rotenone cat effects

Zebra mussels safe for a while longer…

Round Goby cuisine — who needs walleye?

Lucrative uses of jellyfish — you’ll have to check this out carefully, Nunitak cannot do everything; it calls for a few people of persistence and some brain power



Crazy Eddie stuff from a little ways back — very amusing outtakes video, but Uncle Sam was less amused…

More Crazy Eddie’s Commercials

Some Crazy Eddie deep background— short video

Crazy Eddie’s Story — wonderful pdf details, name given by high school girls — he worked very hard, but blew the later stages

Interesting 1909 Stuff Revisited — one CENTURY back there

Admiral Peary and the North Pole

More Questionable Admiral #2

Who reached the North Pole first? — perhaps this question should be “who was first to reach North Pole in the 20th century and return alive.”

Nunitak thinks people know very little about possible earlier visits. If we really knew who was first, it might be none of the above.

Recent Modern Airship Disaster

1909 Ecorse Michigan Serial Murderer

Meanwhile, near where Nunitak lives, in fact very close, there was a murderer of young ladies. He chopped off the arms, head and legs of one and stuffed these and the leftover torso into separate sacks which were weighted with bricks and the torso was thrown into a place known as Ecorse Creek that drains towards the Detroit river.

If you have Google Earth installed and want to see the creek where the bodies were dumped, possibly the remains of the old brickyard, still visible, go to: 42º 14′ 14.54″ N, 83º 09′ 18.44″ W The creek is on the left, lined by trees, and Nunitak’s present home is upcreek towards a street called Southfield Boulevard, near the bridge for Southfield Blvd that passes over Ecorse Creek. {paste the reddish stuff into Google Earth just as it is}

Nunitak thinks it likely there are further undiscovered remains in this area. Further, some remains may be lost forever, having made their way into the Detroit River and Lake Erie. However, some remains could be buried.

This would be an ideal site for police forensic training as well as for their canine assistants.

Mobile Giving — a convenient and safe way to donate


Remembering Benazir Bhutto

21 June 1953 – 27 December 2007

Benazir Bhutto TV Interview post-return to Pakistan

This is when the current situation started — final moments



Cries and Whispers ♪ ♫ — sit back and listen to i’tall, y’hear?

November 21 South Africa meteor — video

Submarine volcano near Tonga video

Amazing diet revealed — perhaps astounding is a better word

Interior Ministry Gulag claims life of lawyer who would not be coerced

Russia: Officials fired in lawyer jail death probe  — 12-11-09 update on preceding

The Bubble Gum Gang

Rondo Alla Turca ♪ ♫

Mitsuko Uchida ♪ ♫ — sorry I left Mitsuko out earlier somehow

Nunitak Switzerland Commentary

I am sure that when cathedrals and bell towers or carillons have been operating safely in Indonesia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia for twenty years, minarets will be permitted for established mosques in Europe and elsewhere.

However, carillon or bell tower and minaret operation may rightly be limited to days, occasions and hours approved by local ordinance.

These should be symbols of freedom of religion, peace and good will amongst the children of God, not occasions for discord or fear.

Nunitak Other Commentary

“The fundamentals of the economy are strong” has become “no arbitrary withdrawal.”

Nunitak’s brain is strained trying to think of non-arbitrary withdrawals I may have made.

I am inclined to think that making everything arbitrary will keep one’s opponents off balance.

No one asks what those fundamentals are (were), nor gets examples of non-arbitrariness. Must be clear to people from Arizona.

I am going to set a date. 02-20-2020. Let’s have everything fixed up by then, if not sooner. Call me arbitrary!


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