Pretty Pretty — No diggee, no rewardee though

Looking for Better and Other Stuff

Utah muskie habitat — photo

Rethink Happiness — video

Colored rains in India partially revealed

Vancouver perigord nursery strikes gold

Belgian economic theory focuses on USA and China

What is a corporate poison pill?


Cold-foot redneck techniques explained

— Nunitak prefers dry places (Sierra Madre &c), but most gold hunters like water. Bring a yellow lab for good luck.

Lost Treasure Story from down under

The Return of the Lost Labrador

Sniffer dogs good for 1 PPM (parts per million)

Canine Truffle Detectors

Prison cell phones forbidden in MD, VA

Bizarre Creatures — photo gallery

Keeping up to snuff on krill oil pros and cons

Rat Terrier



— Fascinating long history, checkered with many ups and downs, including both simultaneously. Belonged to French, British, Americans. Doubled in population in only 10 years from 1910 to 1920, ending with about 1 million, now less. Great instability throughout arising from faulty religious and public education, a problem which remains today. Often the ‘murder capital’ of the USA, always having a high crime statistic. Bottomed out following a long economic and social downturn recently. Now entering a new phase of possible growth, that will sort out with finding new niches in the main activities of the 21st century, and hopefully, some stability at last. Current public education about 1/4th to 1/2 as effective as most other USA locales. Needs $75 trashing fine urgently, one of the messiest places you will see in the USA. Persistent ethical problems now under assault by some new political leaders.


1960’s in Some Places

Iran 1960

East Germany 1960

Greece 1960

USA 1960’s

Great Lakes Toxic Waste

— The Minnesota part goes down the Mississippi

Canada 1960

China 1960

Russia 1960

U.K. 1960

Chile 1960

France 1960


Primero Cuatro Caballos Prize: Infected Mushroom

Present Interruptions Presents

Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane

about Infected Mushroom, the PsyTrance Masters

Tickle Tickle

World in Cartoons


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