Christmas Help

By: nunitak

Dec 09 2009


Category: Christian, Hymns, Music

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If you are all alone somewhere at Christmas, or if times are rough, if there is not much to eat: Yes, it is difficult, especially when you are young; but you have Nunitak’s Blog. Nunitak has been through such times, including when young.

I will tell you a secret: If you want, you can have the angels for company and receive strength and peace from above. Just reach for it. Nothing equals the greatest powers available.

I remember one Christmas when buttered noodles were the sole item at hand. So try to share with someone (might become buttered noodles and a brownie). If enough people share it will improve even more. Keep that in mind if you have more this time around…

NuniTaK’s AppRoVaLs

Nice bridge that excludes cars and trucks

we need one like this for the Detroit River

— yes, Nunitak agrees toll for cars should be 1 million x bicycle toll

In Detroit most of the car drivers do not care whether a bicyclist lives or dies. Additionally, drunks in SUVs create — with impunity — a chain record of incidents with terrible damages and death.

I would add another feature to Michigan law that restricts — for life — DWI/DUI people to driving vehicles under 2000 lb, after their third conviction. That will reduce drunk driving deaths by a large fraction while marginally upping the chance these DUI/DWI people will finish themselves, thus saving others from grief.

Avoiding elderly and broken eggs

Tip: Does your refrigerator have an egg shelf? Store your eggs fat end down there, starting from the hinge side. Take eggs from door-handle side first. Move old eggs to handle side before adding new eggs. This will mean less breakage when your teen slams the door, while cycling older eggs first, FIFO.

Chocolate-Orange Muffins

— note: finely grate the orange peel; try 1/3 wheat bran in place of flour and similar healthy variations; better for you than those expensive chocolate candies that divide into segments like an orange, especially if you ride your bike often

Tuesday Night Short French Movie for ya

The Peculiar Santa Claus Nightmare — French video 16 minutes

Christmas Cats ♪ ♫ — short video

More Christmas cats

Kiddie video ♪ ♫

Seeing an outstanding Light Show is better than owning one. In fact, the best light show I ever saw was a natural one by thousands of lightning bugs on a willow tree near a footbridge over a creek on a foggy night. It has never been equalled so far.

Christmas Lights Gone Wild 1 — Amazing Grace

Christmas Lights Gone Wild 2 — Wizards in Winter, by Trans-Siberian Orchestra

— be sure to go to full screen for these!

Christmas Carol Sing Along — videos

Hark the herald, angels sing ♪ ♫

O Holy Night ♪ ♫

Silent Night ♪ ♫

Be Still My Soul ♪ ♫

Hot Apple Cider — how to make, good for winter caroling and fun

More Christmas music — scroll down there!

Starting point for my other blog — might be helpful, if firmly explored

Tips for lowering cell phone costs — might be helpful, if firmly explored


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