Emergency Heating Help


 Kerosene Heaters Help <— useful during power outages, as Kentucky had last third of January 2009 

There is very good kerosene heater help at this website.  Your situation need not be so dire nor unlikely as the scenario presented.  Kerosene heaters are useful for lesser emergencies such as Winter Power Outages, or when your furnace stops working, or when you must move to an unheated country lodging.
….. More <— using them at night


Note: A Carbon Monoxide Detector is MANDATORY. I recently bought one for $21, shop around.

If your carbon monoxide (CO) detector goes off while people are in the house, you should open several windows fully, also the door and air out the entire house immediately. Pay close attention to pets and babies, take them outside if necessary. You will need to do whatever is needed to avoid generating carbon monoxide and think seriously about a second CO detector. If you have a baby, put the second CO detector in that room. Read all instructions supplied with your CO detector.
Heaters left on at night should be on LOW and you should check CAREFULLY TWICE to see that no flammable items are within 5 feet, nor have any chance of falling near or onto the heater. Never place ANY heater near draperies or bedding, nor within distance of falling or tossed bedding of fidgety sleeper. Violation of last rule has claimed many lives already.


If you have careless children you must check again, at every opportunity. In addition to the Carbon Monoxide Detector, a SMOKE ALARM in the same room as the heater is MANDATORY. If a fire starts, how will you put it out? Not easily without plans and fire extinguishers, designated bucket brigade – with buckets, whatever else. 
MANDATORY means NO EXCEPTIONS, whether or not children are present. Not following MANDATORY rule costs hundreds of lives every year. Do not leave gas oven or burners running at night or at any time while you are away even briefly.

Bear in mind that heaters are always dangerous around toddlers. They can tip them over and will get burned until they learn. They do not know precautions automatically, same as for walking on thin ice. 

A big Space Heater with a fan is okay for a Mechanics Garage, but it is a very bad idea for a home. Fools lose their entire home the first time they leave home with one of these running. Carbon monoxide danger is enhanced by a huge factor. 

If you MUST leave a small emergency heater on to keep pipes from freezing, it should be in the basement on cleared cement floor, no flammable items within eight feet, operating on low setting. No cat or dog left there. If carbon monoxide detector goes off, you will need to KEEP a window open slightly. You do not need to heat basement very much to keep pipes from freezing. You will need a CO detector unless you are using a small electric heater. 600 Watts should do: in cleared area, no flammables around it. More care necessary for kerosene heater: CO detector and inspection every four hours. Heater must be OFF and COOL before refueling. 

Additional Power and Heating Options <— read before getting propane radiant heater but remember that Natural Gas is far less expensive than propane in most places. Some heaters will use either one. 

eHow on Troubleshooting the typical propane heater

— propane heaters considered safer than kerosene, but all fire hazard precautions still apply


More than 470,000 still without power in Midwest — as of Feb 2, 2009 


Ten deaths from Carbon Monoxide and nine from hypothermia in Kentucky Ice Storm 

— as of Feb 2, 2009 

GFCI Outlet Tutorial — video (yes, valuable life saver in kitchen & bathroom) 


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