Free Online Education for Everyone: Beginners or Advanced

Photo credit: NASA, Apollo 8 Crew — More Earthrise Photos

Academic Earth website has FREE University courses — from Major Universities, many subjects!

— these are video lectures which you can tune up on your pc

Click Academic Earth to see all the subjects available, courses are from UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, Yale [these are considered among the best schools in USA]

You can look up courses taught by a particular INSTRUCTOR you like

Example for Chemistry at MIT

Math Courses

— notice there are other MATH courses on the left

Nunitak recommends starting where you left off last, or starting with Math courses which you are sure you can do.That’s because you need to get back into the groove and have your math brain areas tuned and TONED (much like muscles) before tackling heavier work.

If you try to jump too far ahead you may discourage yourself. Or you may MISS something you will need later, thus setting yourself up for a stumbling block.

Most people will need to find the correct ORDER for the courses and that is often revealed by the numbers assigned.

I have only started looking at some MIT courses which have a weird numbering system. 

Where to discover MIT course numbering scheme

MIT OpenCourseWare Home

About OCWHighlights for High School — stuff for both high school teachers and high school students — click in the upper left: student or teacher?

Everything2 dot com — a place for occasional breaks

If you are getting it free you cannot be too fussy.

There may be important areas left out (free courses do not cover everything, not guaranteed to cover everything important for the subject area).

But the amount available is nothing to scoff at.

TEXTBOOKS would be very helpful, but you must pay for those.

Keep your eye peeled for any course materials that might be free.

Unfortunately there is no credit and no one will believe you have studied these courses carefully, and they are not likely to give you a job, even where the course covers the required expertise.

Nothing was ever done about that during my lifetime.

However, something must be done about it soon because college is more expensive now than ever before, and online learning is the only affordable option for the vast majority of modern students.

Ten Bundles by Subject Area , selected by Academic Earth website editors (playlists)

Some Free or Open Courses are found on You Tube. For example, MIT CHEM lectures are there.

Open University courses started in the 1980’s but the internet was less developed in those days.

Most of the 1980s Open University work was not free and required attendance at evening classes. Very difficult for people with jobs, more so for those with rotating shifts or long work hours.

Nothing beats being able to do your educational work at your home computer.

And doing it for FREE is even better.

Being able to do it ANYTIME, on your own schedule is fantastic! That was never available in the past…

If you can do courses from the above institutions at this website, you are upper crust.

Nunitak says you are more upper crust than most people who do have degrees, if the rest of your life shows similar effort and if you have more than five years of experience at such levels of learning.

Trust me, I’ve been around everywhere and seen what goes on. Senior citizen level of experience.

Until things change you won’t get permission to work this way. That will go to lesser people with degrees before you. However, you will improve your own life and understanding. If you have kids, you will be able to give them a head start, or to share with others as Nunitak does.

Note: It was far more expensive in my day. No internet — and books were very costly for low wage earners. I lost all my books more than once owing to both economic difficulties and theft. That included an Encyclopedia Britannica and a brand new set of Great Books of the Western World — I had not been able to start reading the latter, lost while I was not earning even minimum wage. Could not pay storage fee while struggling in neighboring state.

If you are a real scientist there is one book you should try to get someday: Van Nostrand’s Scientific Encyclopedia. I was never able to get that particular one, not even to this very day. What an unbelievable difference it would have made for early life.

The Open Coursework help pointed out here will make a similar difference for you. No payout necessary. Just make sure your computer is not stolen. A clunky desktop is better than a spiffy laptop that moves around. Every hour nearly 70 laptops are stolen in the USA alone. Mostly spiffy ones.

Be realistic. Some of you will never be able to afford $20k+ per year college tuition and costs. Here’s your opportunity to cut your losses by not getting left behind educationally.

There is a more distant reward if you still manage to improve things on earth; further, strange and unforeseen opportunities occasionally appear, sometimes in the midst of the worst hardship. Justice prevails ultimately, that may be in the heavens or on earth, but it is difficult to say which may be first for you.

You may find something you can do yourself, even though those who have permission to work in your area of expertise do not recognize nor allow you. Take advantage of any chances for converting your learning into actual credentials or certificates.

For employment purposes a certificate or diploma is valued far more highly than a competent person who can actually do the needed work skillfully.


Free Computer Education Stuff from Microsoft — NEW FREE Microsoft Instruction links for USA

Microsoft Elevate America Free Online Program

Microsoft Digital Literacy Curriculum — starting point for beginners

Free computer and software training

More about FREE MIT courses online


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