Christmas Star; Lightning Lore and 99 Years Ago

Such a wonderful star is hard to believe, but it came up naturally on my Windows Media Player screensaver (caught a snapshot of it just in time)

There’s something here for you. Scroll down if you’re not into lightning…

Emily Bear the 6 y.o. Chicago composer

— check out the videos, they will cycle by themselves if you leave it on!

Lightning ignition efficiency

Current low lightning ignition efficiency

Lightning for the curious — positive strokes &c

How lightning works — seven stars, don’t leave this one out

Gamma rays from thunderstorms

Yikes, it’s raining lady bugs

— altho that can happen, this is actually about a struggling lady bug

The Manchester Tornado

Acid Rain USA distribution 1992

Sheep vs lightning

Man vs lightning

Lightning vs VW at Siemens HV Lab

Why you should not ride a horse during lightning storm

— lightning goes for the tallest horse in a group (a rider with spurs & buckle helps)

Horses and Oak Trees vs lightning

Looking back: Results of Marine investigation

Marine throwing puppy video

Residents flee as Philippines volcano threatens to erupt

Were there ever any skunk fur coats?

The skunk fur coat story — amusing true story

How to Get Skunk Smell out of Pet Fur

1941 Skunk Fur Coat

— $395 was a LOT of money back then, kinda like $4 grand now

1900 Fashionable Skunk Fur Coat

Are they still sold?


Prices go up to $4000 range; questionable gift w/o very careful checking

But are they disease resistant?

Booming Detroit business in info theft

Pizza delivery hazards

Boeing Dreamline 787 Landing video

— scroll down to video

Missing in Lake Erie — 5 awful days in lifeboat during frigid December too long


Cars of 100 Years Ago  — click below, then scroll down to the photo

1909 Renault AX

1905 Ford Model F

1910 Sears Roadster

1908 Panhard Levassor Belvallette

1907 Cartercar D

1910 Hudson Touring Model 20

1911 Cadillac Touring Model 30

1912 Maxwell Special

1960 City Car for comparison — only 1/2 way back

$100 Abraham Lincoln Federal Reserve Notes

— good for a 1920 dime in managed federal housing complex


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