Unusual Stuff and Interesting Places; Uninstalling What You Don’t Want; Carefulness

Help for daughters drifting or seeking — this is an unusual course for women

Nunitak thinks everyone finds their own best answers and their own greatest wisdom. It is necessary to start somewhere. Where the journey leads depends on one’s own effort and choices. Although I am not a woman, I have met some. Based on that, Nunitak thinks this is a very good place to start, for some women.  It’s only a starting point; you will find the best forks in the path for yourself, yes?

Delta-UFO Robot Force attacks Montevideo — local Air Forces respond *

— Montevideo central destroyed in the battle, refugees and destruction everywhere

Highly Unusual Stuff — starts with burning sink hole video

— How about a layer of nitrogen shotcrete combined with tiny ice pellets just before spraying. Start at the bottom and work up, then apply another layer twice. Follow with several shotcrete-only layers. Then fill the entire hole up with clay. Probably must be prepared to complete it all fast once started.

The big question is “Who is going to pay for this?” Should be a 1% tax on all gas production until it has been fixed. Bangladesh and Nauru will be grateful.

Operation Chokehold

— Time for legal beavers to analyze boycott vs chokehold legalities (passive vs active harm)

iPhone provider alternatives galore

Using iPhone with PC details galore

Chihuahua assists with burglar apprehension


Lethal chemistry accident at home

Bobcat attack

Highway Passing Through A Building — 6 images

Gate Tower is a 16-story office building in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan

Population Measures in China — a lecture of interest to women  and men everywhere

Dogs and Cats in China — the commercial aspect revealed

* if you stay with Nunitak’s blog, you’ll begin to see how likely or unlikely an alien scenario this is, depending on your intelligence

Nunitak’s Tip for Uninstalling Software from PC

This is not a tip about merely uninstalling. It is a tip on the BEST method of uninstalling, one that will yield fewer problems, hangups, unwanted remnants…

1. Use the UNINSTALL feature located in your XYZ software folder accessible from the START menu for programs (NOT the Control Panel).

2. If and only if you do NOT find an UNINSTALL feature there, THEN go to Control Panel, Uninstall Programs, to remove the XYZ (whatever) software.*******

3. Occasionally some fragment may be left behind. The XYZ software vendor may have a REMOVAL TOOL for you.

4. Often, when a software is NOT WORKING and you wish to keep it, it will be necessary to REINSTALL it. Generally it is best to UNINSTALL the corrupted, non-working version first, and then to REINSTALL the software.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE about using the Control Panel Uninstall Feature

1. Make sure you check the list carefully. Some softwares may have more than one installation there. For example, the XYZ software may have the initial installation and then two further UPDATES, thus THREE items in the Control Panel list, all together like this:

XYZ Update 1.2
XYZ Update 1.2.3 <– uninstall this one first

2. If there is only one item listed, highlight it and click UNINSTALL. Do not be in a hurry, make sure you got the right one, you do not want to uninstall something else you need by mistake.

3. If there are MULTIPLE XYZ items, XYZ being the software you wish to uninstall, then you UNINSTALL THE LAST ITEM FIRST, and continue that process until all XYZ items have been removed.

Good computer rule: Whenever you are UNSURE, do NOT do it, UNLESS you have some way of putting it back IF you might be making a mistake. Nunitak had few teachers or help. This last rule retrieved my errors many a time.

We all make mistakes, yes?


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