Haiti Quake – Total Destruction; Fair Bear’s Broadside

Credit: NASA photo of Aurora from ISS — This is view north over Canada; that ring feature is Manicouagan Impact Crater. More SPECTACULAR videos et cetera on this.

January 12th just before 10PM GMT: Mag 7 Earthquake HAITImany 5+ after shocks, total destruction, complete building collapses widespread. Major buildings destroyed. Many, many casualties and deaths. Earthquakes website . Donate to Aid Organizations, whatever you can, even $2 donations needed. Something from everyone. Earthquake Main Shock 4:53 PM EST 01/12/10

MSF Donations — keep the doctors and medical help where needed; reliable, dedicated, no worry about donation getting put to maximum beneficial use.


Please click on USA for details; White House approved URL


Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund — central point for information about donating for Haiti now and  during 2010

Haiti Relief Donation Sites for Canadians— CBC.ca website

Haiti population = 9.78 million — Quake Epicenter on Capital City W. boundary; direct hit on most densely populated area; damages extending E and W; Dominican Republic minimal to no damage.
For area indicated, damage extremely severe, tapers through severe, moderate, light towards D.R.

Haiti Earthquake details

Haiti Earthquake video

Big needs for clean water, medical supplies, tents, food, mosquito netting, helicopters, solar lanterns, pick-axes, pry bars, shovels, construction vehicles with winches, cranes of various sorts.

Survivors struggle while awaiting aid  — at least 3 million severely affected; 150,000+ dead

Need for Water, Food, Medical Supplies reaches desperation levels — 01/16/10


Nunitak’s News and Weather Outlook

Nearer My God to Thee

Love Divine All Loves Excelling — Congregation Singing

Love Divine All Loves Excelling ♪ ♫ Pennsylvania Pipe Organist Cody is 16


More about Hatshepsut’s Ships

Yes, I think they used flax fibers in beeswax between the planks before hammering them together. Perhaps they put fresh water inside their ship for some period before launching into the Red Sea.

More on flax here  — this is very, very interesting

Wonderful PUNT info here  — likewise

There is a place in the Horn of Africa still called PUNT (Somalia) and it is possible the entire area there was called PUNT by the Ancient Egyptians. PUNT may have been the location of traders in Ethiopian wares and products, such as leopard skins.

One question not answered in the PBS feature on Hatshepsut’s Ships is WHAT they traded. Perhaps it was Egyptian linen, perhaps some type of medicines. Much more likely to have been a variety of items desired by the Africans. Cosmetics? Someone needs to work that out.

The January News

Southern Discomfort — video

Wife says CIA bomber hated U.S. — CIA Discomfort, Sting details video

CIA killer talks on tape — more video

Would You Believe Category

Giuliani says “We had no domestic attacks under [ George W. ] Bush.”

— does he remember WTC or does he have Alzheimers? What about the shoe bomber?

Hummus, hummus, hummus, 4.+ tons

Nunitak comments on ‘God copying us.’ — see the comments

— in the picture shown, God looks somewhat like I do. Why should that be? Are they fighting something that does not exist, their own erroneous concept of God? Nunitak demolished their findings in a few sentences, yes?

Newly hybrid, sexy old mice have improved hearing

— even though they came from those with diminished hearing

Argentine Ants Complete California Takeover with Peaceful Coexistence

Elephant tramples mother and baby — lone elephant danger

A Page for You to Tune Up ♪ ♫ ******+ .5*

Commentary — Wonderful talent and video. But it’s a curse only if you are embedded amongst idiots, if you are not allowed to use it, or if you are allowed to use it, but have such an attitude of superiority that you do not allow lessers to think and learn. Something like that, someone needs to do the full article.

Nunitak’s Long Range Climate Forecast

Northern hemisphere Ice Age ratchets up — precipitated by polar ice melt

— look for increasingly deep snows, deeper from year to year

At this stage Nunitak thinks Eastern Canada, Norway and British Isles are most at risk, in that order. From flooding, ice and snow, all three. Sweden would be fourth. It will be interesting to see what happens in Greenland.

The increased snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere will lead to plummeting winter temperatures that reach into Spain, Texas, France. Houses will be buried in snow along the southern fringe of the Midwest Cold southerly excursion.

All of these fallouts need to analyzed more carefully as to the problems likely to arise and how we will cope. Nunitak is NOT talking about predicting the weather here, but rather talking about how we will cope with the climatological weather fallouts I have mentioned.

On the plus side, a bitterly cold northerly wind can generate lots of electricity for heating, already good for Alberta. Only problem, winter maintenance calls for tough dudes.

Nunitak is very, very, very sure the snows will become increasingly deep.

What The Idiots Will Do

The idiots will leap on all of this as proof that global warming is a farce. but the Real Truth is that global warming and the melting of arctic ice cap along with ocean heating are precisely what have produced these changes.

The completed melting of the polar ice caps will produce the Maximum Severity of an Ice Age. What happens in the Southern Hemisphere will be interesting. But what happens in the Northern Hemisphere will be an Unprecedented Tragedy for many nations. The British Isles will become uninhabitable. A wall of ice will divide Asia into two, same for the USA, but it will move south through Canada first. The Scandinavians will relocate en masse to increasingly southerly locations. Nations further south will benefit from this climate change, but are not likely to be welcoming those from further north with open arms. China is already experiencing unprecedented snow, cold and flooding.

Now you already know whom to thank for all the dilly dallying on Green Energy, 30 years possible head start wasted.

Embedded Comment

About Ice Age — this scenario is the natural fallout barring interventions of various sorts. It will not happen rapidly, but with unrelenting gradualness. If we alone change our ways for the better we will yet have some very deep snows coming. However, certain other interventions are possible too. I will leave that to your imagination.


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