Haiti Update

By: nunitak

Jan 19 2010


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Weather and ClimateCalifornia flooding and mudslides — Fox video

Current El Niño Graphics


Haiti News

New 6.0 Shock WSW Port au Prince Haiti — 20 January 2010

The Magnitude of a Disaster — NYTimes Graphic reveals the major extreme damage site

Haiti amputations at record level — urgent need for CONTINUING medical supplies, crutches, antibiotics (check with MSF, other Medical Aid)

DONATIONS — please refer to previous two blog entries.

Recent News

Patients die because medical supplies delayed

CBC Haiti reports

Léogâne — injured receive aid

Haiti Shipping Port — video, port recovery begins

Great Excavations — photos show discovery, 1000 years ago…

Solar Impulse Airplane photos — carries two

This airplane intended for round-the-world flight (detailed flexible flight planning, very iffy)

Chilling British juvenile sadism case

UN says 8,392 nuclear weapons are ready-for-use

Xinjiang hit by worst snowstorm in 60 years

Rescuers tear as Haiti’s miracle survivors are freed

Okinotorishima — Japan’s smallest island

China says ‘no’ but what is their claim?

— some say they want locale for their subs; otherwise they are just being very aggressive like Russians in Arctic Ocean

Gunman Christopher Speight kills eight, on loose near historic Virginia Civil War site: authorities


Haitians flee in fear as big aftershock hits

22 Haiti Rescue photos — use arrows at upper right to shift photos

Haiti Government Struggles to Exhume Itself

BBC Haiti video

BBC Haiti Questions Answered

Woman officer digs out 5 survivors by hand — Lan Tian (China Daily)

Russian rescuers free 11 yr old Haitian girl — Moscow Times

Russia helps deliver aid from other countries to Haiti — Xinhua

Relief Groups Seek Alternative Routes to Get Aid Moving

S.Koreans join hands in supporting Haiti — Xinhua

Hunger and hope, thirst and frenzy grip Haiti

Haiti Quake videos

Rubble extraction stories — from NYTimes

Many bodies remain as patience grows thin — NYTimes videos

AP Haiti Quake video


News from Last Week

Afghanistan kidnappings

Extremely harsh winter in Xinjiang

China organizes world’s third independent satellite navigation system

— rocket booster failure, problems to solve, many will recall our USA difficulties


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