We The People; This and That Chronicle

Constitution photo is from U. S. Archives

The Constitution is Of the People, By the People, and For the People. Not of the money, by the money and for the money.

Anyone who says otherwise is a criminal and a traitor. Seeing that the Supreme Court has erred, we must safeguard our Constitution and our inalienable rights by passing a new Amendment in all the State Legislatures. This will further prove that THE PEOPLE make their LAWS, NOT The Supreme Court.

It is particularly galling that those who err have often called themselves ‘strict constructionists.’

Further, we will be able to IDENTIFY those who are FOR and those who are AGAINST the Constitution and THE PEOPLE, and vote them OUT OF OFFICE at both STATE and FEDERAL levels.

MONEY is NOT SPEECH. The U.S. Constitution was written for PEOPLE and CITIZENS, not for CORPORATIONS and MONEY. If this is not changed, Nunitak GUARANTEES we are DOOMED. However, God may intervene soon to save the worthy and the oppressed.

Nunitak says: Money has no voting rights, only people do.

Graham says terrorists are not criminals, just enemy combatants — baloney!

These people are CRIMINALS and need a Conspicuous Trial and Penalty. However, owing to imperfections involved in identifying and apprehending true culprits of any type, and at all times during peace or war, it is absolutely necessary to maintain due process. Due process is in accord with our own Constitution as well as International Law.

The rest of the world wants to see that we are not punishing the innocent. In fact, some of us are like that too, yes? 

The day we start making exceptions for some is the day we start walking the road towards eliminating our own Constitution, with later milestones alienating more and more true citizens. This can only lead to a time where SOME have rights and MOST don’t. And in the worst case scenario it leads to where no one has any rights. Thus it will be the DEATH of human rights and a reversal of all human progress. Then the terrorists will have truly won, for we will have become like them, tools of the devil, in great wrath, portending our own destruction.

But why are they being tried in New York City?  That definitely sounds hare-brained.  A public trial in a secure rural facility somewhere would do.

Soros calls for global banking rules

Biggest Crater in the Solar System Found on Mars


Offhand, Nunitak prefers a much smaller asteroid moving with equivalent force. Could this have blown Mars atmosphere and water away? Or somehow started the process? Needs work by physicists, no help from Nunitak. Do we know that this would have been a direct hit and not a glancing blow? Circumpolar remnants analyses? Post-volcanic phase evolution? I am inclined to think anything Moon size would have left some telltale ring remnants, even moving slowly towards impact. Are Mars moons involved?

Earthquakes vs. eclipses stuff

Of course, earthquakes must be ready to happen before they can be triggered, so this is more like a ‘fuse’ or ‘detonator’ scenario.

Strange Norway Spiral Photos

The government is not telling us all that is going on. Perhaps they are seeking some exotic, cheap way to alter climate and weather, as well as other things, using HAARP.

Nunitak cautions that our planet has many features other than the OZONE layer, most not yet known to science. If we disturb these through IGNORANCE, we could be in real trouble, not knowing the ramifications.

Contrary to popular belief, we know only a little science. There are a thousand questions for every little bit of science which we know. This enables further progress, and many, many new things await discovery. That is how one day we will be able to preserve the moon intact. There will be many people there as well as on Mars and elsewhere.

If we are going to make drastic experiments, I think some Brit scientist thought of a much less dangerous scheme. Hey, does anyone have a link for that?

Wasn’t there something about aerosol water (ocean water?) spraying? The scale was entirely feasible too. I like water, it is not harmful! We know lots about it, much more reliably.

More about Norway Light phenomenon — video

Amur Tiger Trouble

Florida wildlife perishes from cold snap

200,000 Bees that could not find proper home

Yawning Wolf  !


Air Supply directly to Haitian Orphanage

Israelis rescure trapped Haitian

University of Miami Haiti Field Hospital

Big Bad Lightning Stroke

Dolphins ‘see’ their unborn babies and ours, as with ultrasound

Dolphin hearing is somewhat like our eyes, very useful in water habitat; many human mothers are familiar with ultrasound process.

Nunitak’s Cheap Free Movies Netpicks

Nagara-mata ** Two Stars

Free good C-minus Mothra-Kong-like movie for average 8–10 year olds: 1 hr 30 min

How-not-to on exploration. May have been produced or written or directed by a sharp, wealthy nine-year old Japanese-American cinema buff stranded on Catalina Island.

Avant-garde beliefs of the bungled and botched 0.5 Stars

Nunitak is not deterring speculation, but some of it does not pan out.

— a revelation for the wise about the beliefs of those lost in ignorance and darkness

You will notice how much more a lock of hair or piece of wood of specious or doubtful origin is valued than the testable, eternal words of truth to so many people.

All places are holy where the people have their heads screwed on properly, and have linkages above…(already said back there a bit)

Spybot and CCleaner Stuff — scroll down to Important Stuff Appendix for PC Help

Baked Red Cabbage with Apples — something good for you.

Good Weather Stuff — featured previous blog entry

If the foregoing link does not work, please copy and paste this url:  http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GBBL6MAFANNY76YETX3YLEKEWY/blog/articles/169836


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