What, the Chinese Year of the Tiger? Yes, starts February 14th…

Image Credit: Dragon is from Dragon Clipart — http://www.polenth.com/clipart/east/

Chinese New Year 活长和繁荣 恭喜發財

Red Dragon dances with style!

— watch out for the lion

— watch out for the fireworks!

Shandong First Lion Champion video

Chinatown Fireworks Video

— Why you MUST watch out !!! for the fireworks

Dragon Dance video

— something about firecrackers run off Chinese Grendel’s Mother?

World Champion Chinese Lion Dance

A Green Dragon Dance — here in daytime!

Red and Gold — what is the meaning?

— scroll down for RECIPES !

Lion Dance How-To video

Three Lion Fight — whose Vietnamese lions?

Hong Kong Dragons video

Tiger Year starts on Valentine’s Day

— will this be good for USA as well as China?

The Lion Dance video

Dragon Boat video

United States Dragon Boat Federation

— shouldn’t dragon boats be made of rubber?

Dragon Sand Sculpture — magnificent

Finalist 9 Lion Dance

Dragon Pictures and Wallpapers



Wen Jiabao visits drought-hit southwest China

2010 黑 暗 海 洋 呕 吐 自 由 许 多 的人 民



Golden Eagle vs Fox

— many people do not know that Golden Eagles can catch prey much bigger than they are by causing them to fall off cliff or steep mountain slope

The Search Dog Finds You!

Where to find Nunitak Answers on religion, psychology, computers, science, food, medical, whatever…

Nunitak Stuff

Nunitak answers the question “Why doesn’t everyone think the same?”

There are no two beings in the evolutionary mortal category who are exactly alike, even amongst trillions of worlds.

God wants diversity. May actually be better for working together.

I have observed that there is not just one flower either.

Different instruments combine in a symphony orchestra, yet there is one conductor.

They work together in harmony.

Imagine the horror here if all were plumbers, or all were nurses or bakers.

Sameness does not work, they would get on each others nerves, big time.

So it is much more interesting this way.

And that harmonious symphony is truly beautiful!

Same for the pictures in the art gallery.

Choice of cars, choice of partners, lots of choice and free will, you see?

Less boredom and more continual learning for finite creatures.

Present Moment

For Nunitak the Present Moment is more about doing the things which you know need to be done. That involves prioritizing. And it is much less a process of sitting cross-legged and contemplating one’s thoughts overly much.

The best policy for curing one’s mind is to ask God for help on that each night before sleep. And then be open to allowing the help of the ministering spirits and the angels.

This is a subject they know more about than you do.

So, for me, the Present Moment is a “Do-it-now Moment.” The only time when we have power.

It DOES affect the future.

Although the future is a dream in the present moment and the past is a nightmare or pale ghost, you will gain powers over the future during your constructive use of The Present Moment.

This is the best pathway to dreams coming true.

Allow it for others who put forth similar efforts.

So, the Future is the sum of ALL the Present-Moment Increments of the Past.

And the Present Moment stands on the Threshold of the Future, where everyone’s efforts sort out for bad, good or better.

So it will help if you are working on something true, good and beautiful, something which helps everyone.


Police Stuff

Consecutive date robberies at same bank leave double clues to same home address

Davenport Police wrap up bank robbery cases

Kalashnikov bank robber video — this also happens in Greece

Kalashnikovs vs police pistols

Major bank robber vs police battle

Stupid robber picks wrong store

Idiot of year has perfect technique

Boston police don’t have tasers?

Nine police plus 1 dog vs fugitive in red car

Helicopter stalks Texas motorcyclist

Jeep driver shoots at police, speeds off with nine cruisers in pursuit


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