Nunitak’s Fun Stuff for Mid-February plus funny videos & easy Japanese lesson

Screenshot of Labpixies TV streaming recent Sky News

The Dogon Legend about Sirius B — the book titled THE SIRIUS MYSTERY will get you 4% further down the road, much farther than 1 in 10,000 will go, and after that, who knows?

Every free candy mountain has a price

Skill and Folly through history — podcast discussion for you; click on 24/01/2010 at BBC

Another hot Live TV streaming source!

Install and open iGoogle then go to for adding LabPixies TV there.  Yes, it will expand to full screen in many instances.

Tootsie Roll Clouds Formation over Australia

Patagonia Time Lapse Panorama

— Argentines are seizing British stuff again, so check carefully if applicable

Russians at work

Hot Nunitak Woolly Ears Tip:

Frequences Relaxation under Radio category Ambient in iTunes is good for rejuvenation and healing, meditation, contemplation

Private Island for Sale — make sure you get all mineral rights in your title

Will the Canadian military intervene if your title is disputed? A plus if you run off foreign shrimpers over quota. Ideal for rich retired Coast Guard person.

You could be restocked via visiting aircraft carriers and submarines. Polar bears a possibility. Tourist rentals for base camp to die-hard arctic and polar trekkers. Ideal helicopter access. Amusing Northern Lights. Local night life is the pits, but there is a chance to spot UFOs skirting Canada proper, maybe even Russian submarines.

photos of surrounding neighborhood during winter

Google Earth for Hans Island:

Or will this become another Cyprus? If so, the Danes will occupy the high ground.

Amazing Hans Island Controversy

Hans Island Chronology

Dispute video from BBC

Biggest place for comments on Hans Dispute

Nunitak thinks it is a perfect fixed aircraft carrier. This ought to be settled before the Russians leave a vodka bottle and placard there.


Hobbit House in Britain


 World in Cartoons

Kids amazed by dinosaur toad — photo

Nunitak helps you with Japanese!

What is Real Japan Ramen all about?

Yakibuta Ramen demo

— if you think making topnotch Ramen is easy, watch this

How to describe the Ramen for those who speak English only  — video

— make sure you swallow the Ramen first, but if you like it much, say  非常に楽しい見、味がするため。!!!

Hijouni tanoshi i ken, aji gasurutame. I liked it all.

– or –
Watashi ga ajiwa ttaarukotoga besuto. Part of it was very good and the rest was okay.
Be sure to stand up and bow politely from the waist.


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