Airship Project Management 101 for the Non-Paranoid and The Career Interested

USS Macon Photo from

Hey, everything here is very good. Shame on you if you do not delve into it.

More about the USS Macon

— Would you believe it was an airborne aircraft carrier?

The Airplanes Carried by Macon used Skyhooks rather than Tailhooks



Canadian Airship StartUp Firm and Recent Airship Articles from International Media

Photo Tour of Munich — snapshots taken from Zeppelin

Blimp Personnel, Equipment, Logistics

— good website for career planning

Blimp Controls Photo — much simpler than 747

Nunitak Tips

Firefox Cookie Zapping Technique Made Easy (Can you left click your mouse?)

— Tools, Options, Privacy, Show Cookies, Remove All Cookies

Shanghai World Expo starts May 1st and remains open 6 months — will there be a Chinese blimp?

Flugzeug Stuff


Paranoid Humanoid Stuff

Atomic bombs that were buried for tests but would not detonate

— Nunitak looked but could not find any instances

Paranoid Humanoid Cell Phone video — you gotta watch this, okay?

Must be the longest station-to-station link on London Virtual Tube Line

— if you think this is bad, wait for the gamma ray link (something to blame for everything: is this where all the stupid criminals are getting their inspiration, or are they just naturally screwed up?)

How come Nunitak is not messed up like this? Or is he?   Come to think of it, how many birds do you see on cell phone towers?

No n-Hexane MSDS in Shanghai China Touch Screen Facility leads to toxic injuries

— this one is for real, Nunitak has seen places like this in the USA (really true, even with MSDS, I can take you on a tour)

* MSDS means Material Safety Data Sheet, something all non-fool employees have a RIGHT to read. If they fire you for reading it, go to Boardwalk and Collect $250,000



Gantt Recruitment Process

— they forgot to keep cost of process less than 15% of recruits first year wages

Gantt Chart in Excel

Open Office Gantt Chart Template

Project Management and PERT

— a software like SmartDraw or MS Office Visio will help to make charts that you see here

Thermal Depolymerization Fuel for Diesels — video

— OK, now you can construct a chart for building and opening a new organic recycling plant like this

eHow on Airships — something for the diligent

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