Keeping Things Balanced; Some Ancient Egyptians, Eternity & The Great Pyramid

Two Levels of Change or Keeping Your Cool…

You will have to participate in change on many levels, so keep your cool.

For the present, focus primarily on this level. Nurture the fortuitous and seek to remove your own impediments. There will be less heat by not impeding others. It does not have to be a zero sum, win or lose football game. Many flowers coexist peacefully. Try something constructive instead of emailing banking trojans, okay?

You could work on cool energy for hot laptops. Or you could block the firebugs from your pc. You could think that life goes on, including yours. You could stop doubting the future, seeing that you are here now — how can the future possibly be in doubt?

If you are knocked down 1788 times, just stand up 1789 times.

This is a thinking blog about keeping your cool. Something to relax and give confidence before The Weather Blog goes up.

Happy Early Spring ! ♪ ♫

Is Your Cell Phone Conversation Private?

Cell Phone Towers in the USA Map — scroll down to map please

My cell phone conversations are about the same as my blog, nothing to hide… Actually, I talk on phone only 3 to 4 times a month! Nunitak does not like talking on phone!

Huge Chile Earthquake

— Notice there is a place there for donations

Nissan Leaf videos on the EV battery subject

How to Download a Banking Trojan — one that will MT/EFT your account

Evolution of Security — video

— your iPhone and your Computer are a window to your bank account

Zen Master says you must not be too tense nor too relaxed. If the preceding has disturbed you, please take a tour of the Zen Garden

Zen Garden video

— what we all need is balance, yes? Balanced cosmic equilibrium…

Vision without action is a daydream, action without vision is a nightmare.

Seven Stars Egyptian Meditation video — be sure to go full screen for maximum effect


7 of 9   There is an Ancient Egyptian personage illustrated herein whom Nunitak knows nothing about as yet.  However, Nunitak considers this personage as a figurative illustration of levels of Reality. We occupy a rather circumscribed reality here. Many here do conceptualize higher realities. Nunitak actually conceptualizes many — mostly a result of experience. All Realities are present and we are linked with all, but those linkages require discovery and development. Higher can equally mean deeper and inner. There is a pure essence with us, a fragment of the I AM, even the reservoir of our potentials in time and eternity.

This Ancient Egyptian personage I have in mind from this video is the one with a head like a many-level pagoda, to me representative of multiple levels of Reality. There are personages familiar to advanced Christians who may be vaguely analogous, the so-called Supreme Trinity Personalities, amongst whom are the Ancients of Days — of direct Trinity parentage. There are many levels of Actualized Realities and there are Potential Realities. We who are more or less linked (described earlier here) are actually participating in the evolution of a Supreme Cosmic Reality, and we will do that on many levels during this Cosmic Age. But this does not completely circumscribe our destinies, nor the Destiny of All Realities, to say the least.

When I find out more about this figure from Ancient Egypt, I will add more to this blog entry.*   As for the winged spheres, they definitely represent fragments of the I AM, the pure essences of God associated with us — unqualified, prepersonal, already transcending time. On the road to perfection we end our days of probation at the point of achieving a synchrony of Oneness with the associated God fragment… But that is more of a second — very glorious — beginning than an end. Oneness occurs at an early stage of our career. It is not an ultimate achievement, but it enables us to have a true point of embarkation towards unlimited destinies of increasing glories, towards the transcendental and the ultimate and the absolute.

*March 6, 2010:
Edit: Okay, I have found more. Somewhere back there the Egyptians understood something. It may have been much jumbled after Khufu, more ? than it already was. Wonderful and worth a long look:

Yes, something to do with Egyptian understanding of eternity

Yes, the same structure was built into the Great Pyramid. Had something to do with Egyptian concept of eternity, of ascending to higher realities, towards the Northern stars. Interesting comments about China parallels at that website too.

More on Egyptian concept of eternity (meeting the Gods)

Nunitak is too old and worn to explore this further, but others have made a great start at the foregoing links. So, you see? Two completely separated approaches leading towards the same conclusions. I have no ancient language nor hieroglyphics expertise! This is a good place for younger scholar to start…

Apparently the Egyptians did not have the concept of the I AM down. But they did see the Ka somewhat as a God fragment, and the Ba is analogous to Soul. They imagined too many gods, but Osiris may have referenced The Eternal God originally. Apparently they received only parts of a better teaching, circa 3000 B.C.E. Ikhnaton tried to repair this devolution unsuccessfully.

Indian Bamboo Flute Raga

Nature Scenes video — hang in there, do not miss the fulness here

This article will balance out the next one, which could make some people tense. Let it not be said that Nunitak does not balance disturbance with tranquility.

I make a regular effort to keep my pc virus free and I do not click on specious emails nor on specious links within doubtful emails. My door is strong and has axe back up, and maybe some other back up as well. This all varies as the need arises. I call that being flexible.

Some others call it natural adaptation.

There are fewer surprises for the prepared, but you cannot avoid all surprises.

So, do not get all upset about the next article. Just look at the glass as half full instead of empty, because you will get the warning ahead of time about your flat roof, or home location in the drainage channel, or whatever, okay?

The adaptable are neither shaken nor surprised most of the time.

Note:  In the USA where I live the vast majority of the peoples are opposed to anyone “Coming forth by Light” in the style of Ancient Egypt. Even the whole world is in similar darkness, placing much the greater emphasis on death instead of rebirth into eternity. So they do not for a moment credit Nunitak as eternal — “Osiris Nunitak.” The Egyptian writings are not called The Great Awakening, rather “The Egyptian Book of the Dead.” They have misunderstood everything, the consequences are all about us. And higher education is reserved solely for the privileged. The Egyptians of yore would consider it a world of darkness. We all see the consequences. Nevertheless I tell you my foot is in All Realities, now.

Even if you cannot adapt, it is nice knowing what to expect. And much less disturbing.


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