Further Secrets of The Great Pyramid and The Changing Earth Peoples in History

The Giza Plateau of Khufu’s time was much more, but not completely, like Ancient Mexico’s Tenochtitlan.  Both Mexico and Egypt have dried up greatly.

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However, I have decided to FINISH the previous article about Great Pyramid Secrets properly — this Saturday, March 13th, so here it is!

The True Secrets of The Great Pyramid

It did have water all about, revealed most completely at link below about Water and Sound. The original constructors had teachings passed on by the Sumerians circa 15,000 BC. As to whether hydrogen gas was generated there and burned in some plume at the golden top or elsewhere, Nunitak does not yet know. But the involvement of water and sonic pulses is for absolute sure. The whole structure may be related to chakras and have some great analogy with human bodies and vital health. Nunitak cannot likely do as much as has been done in the following links, but you should at least consult the starred links. I have only just begun to investigate Tao concepts of vital energies. However, I have explored Yogic breathing sufficiently to know that Yogic teachings about BREATH and breathing are also intimately connected with vital energies. A short practice with Yogi Ramacharaka’s small book* will enable you to convince yourself of this, something which Nunitak did many years ago. But life did not allow me to pursue this pathway beyond the beginning.

*early 20th century, USA

There are many more STUPENDOUS ANCIENT SECRETS still awaiting REVELATION. More and more people need to get involved with this. Water was involved at Tiahuanaco also. And in Nunitak’s Weather Blog, the Yahoo one, I have a previous article about Tenochtitlan area — based on Prescott’s book — where similar great ancient knowledge slowly devolved, as was the case in Egypt. But marvelous structures also remained.

Where it all came from

Those great Andite Teachers from Sumeria were not dummies. They were geniuses, especially with stonework and with water management. That is for ABSOLUTE SURE. These teachers were coveted and desired by all peoples from China to Egypt. They ventured far, not only to Egypt, even Japan, but eventually to South America via the Pacific Islands, where some few established the Root of the Ancient Traditions there. Note the similarity of the standing figure in Tiahuacan to the Moai of Easter Island. It is highly probable there were many more Pacific Islands before the end of the last Ice Age, and somewhere around the end, the Mediterranean flooded and filled suddenly too (from the Atlantic via Gibraltar). So we have a sign of the havoc caused by rising ocean levels.

As to what they knew about HEALTH and MEDICINE we can only guess. But Nunitak is a former medical worker as well as science techie in other areas like physics, electricity and information science. The caduceus medical symbol has origins which go back into Ancient Egypt and into Sumeria. There are many unrevealed secrets in Iraq, and in Saudi Arabia too as far as human origins go. I am talking about the pre-Adamic races here. And more especially about the original human race, their greatest modern relations being the Eskimos.

Turkmenistan is a more recent source for human genetics, origins of fruits and the like. Turkmenistan would be after Sumeria. Iran and Persia likewise. Turkmenistan is the great Indo-European wellspring.  Andites of yore– largely of Adamic heritage — ventured to Uighur areas of China where their remains are found and talked about today, the graves of fair-skinned European-like peoples. But they were Indo-Europeans from Turkmenistan, having Andite Sumerian heredity. They were not Europeans. The Europeans of that time were considerably more primitive, but were increasingly invigorated by migrations from the Sumeria, Persia and Turkmenistan locales. This is where Europe received its Andite heritage — the same heritage as the bearded types mentioned in legends of Bolivia, Peru and Mexico. See the Tihuanaco link for example.

The Second Garden of Eden

The Second Garden of Eden preceded Sumeria and was home to the violet Adamic race progeny. The first Eden was located on land now submerged into the Mediterranean sea, formerly a peninsula of Lebanon. Adam and Eve and some of their progeny relocated to what is now called the Iraq area, but the reasons for their flight are only given allegorically in Genesis. Once again, I remind you that the full story is contained in THE URANTIA BOOK. The term ‘Caucasoid’ is not far off as describing the ‘white’ race. Note that Adam and Eve were violet, but their progeny mating with the native peoples, especially radiating north and west of Iraq (Sumeria, the Second Eden) produced the antecedents of the Caucasians.

Caucasians link

Many early skills and traditions trace back to this area, named also for the Caucasas mountains. This includes beekeeping, and bagpipes too, though the latter remained more popular further west. Bagpipes are still found in Persia (Iran), but are not a biggie there.

Teotihuacán link  — see also Nunitak’s previous article about Tenochtitlan  area and the Aztecs.

Tiahuanaco — near Lake Titicaca

Note the similarity of the standing figure in Tiahuacan to the Moai of Easter Island — Rapa Nui. It is highly probable there were many more Pacific Islands before the end of the last Ice Age, and somewhere around the end, the Mediterranean flooded and filled suddenly too (from the Atlantic via Gibraltar). So we have a sign of the havoc caused by rising ocean levels.

Water and Sound at The Great Pyramid *******

The Great Pyramid and WaterSeven Stars for John Cadman, plus Nunitak’s Double Accolade for Science AND Archaeology, the First Award of this type yet given.

— Nunitak thinks John Cadman has hit this nail right on the head! This part qualifies as the Secret with The Secret of the Pyramids, so far.  

 Rudolf Gantenbrink’s Stuff

Nunitak Reminds You

There is MUCH MORE to be revealed here. So YOU still have a chance to contribute, if you are the diligent, exploring or thoughtful type.

The term Andites, as used by Nunitak, refers to people from Sumeria, and North then slightly East and West. It does not refer to the Peruvian Andes, although some Andites ventured that far. The origin of this name is given in my previous blog entry about the Aztecs, referenced in the text above.

Egyptian Meditation Music  video ♪ ♫

— many people have roots that lead back to here but virtually everyone in the world has some relationship to this entire article or parts of it

More ♪ ♫

More ♪ ♫

Nunitak knows that legends develop about Ancient History and Sciences unknown  to the reporters thereof, ancient or modern.  This is a fact I often use myself.  I have decided to add some info from a source that reports correctly the legends and psychic stuff related to this article.  Unfortunately Nunitak is old and first got sidetracked with something additional (unrevealed here) and of extreme interest Sunday.  Also Nunitak was ill Sunday, March 14th 2010, and remains ill on Monday.  It seems the World Weather Report is having a difficult time, not because I cannot do one — I have only to put it onto my websites.  But ‘the forces’ are apparently arrayed against my doing that just now.   Somehow, all things have been delayed for me during the last 5 weeks, especially the last two.

There are lots of B.S. websites about the legends.  As you who are diligent know, Nunitak does not like to put B.S. into my blog articles.  I am in fact mostly a scientist, technologist.  However, I am well aware of the legends.  I cannot discount everything in the following link.  And I do think there is some truth there.  Further, I am another person who is CERTAIN the pyramids were constructed using Special Knowledge, a small amount  revealed above.  So, I offer you a link here:  

The Legends and Psychic Information about the Pyramids

Additionally you should listen to Boris Said Interviews from September 22, 1997 on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell.  Audio recordings available here:

Boris Said Interviews download — continue through the whole, Nunitak guarantees some parts are of extreme interest.

You will have to scroll down to September 22, 1997 — do not get sidetracked.  Nunitak is old and works about 1/10th your speed even though I have accumulated most likely far more knowledge in my younger days.  So for further progress there is a good chance for the diligent to surpass Nunitak…. ( !!!!!!! )

There is a period of Earth History which Nunitak knows some about — very, very ancient, not taught in colleges, goes back to 500,000 B.C.E.  But about 150,000 years of it remains a Great Mystery still, even to Nunitak.  In other words, even Nunitak does not know all about those years, nor even the significant facts.  A lot can happen during 150,000 years.  Just consider that last 2010 years….  150,000 is about 75 times more than 2000 years.  The deficit of my knowledge has been of CONSUMING interest for me since about 1980.  None of you are likely to know what I am talking about unless you are the diligent type who have clicked every single url in my blogs and pursued the leads.  In addition to that you must be the thinking and analytical type.  I have included this information because I like to pass things on, and my remaining days are likely to be short.  Most of the stuff to which I am referring is in my other blog.  Important not to skip anything.  You must really dig, but I have made it very easy — for the diligent — because I can only write so much.  What you will learn from my Yahoo blog, is all the stuff that took me more than 30 years to accumulate.  If you use my Yahoo blog, from the beginning, you can do that same amount in 3 or 4 years.  If you get through that blog in two weeks, you will have missed totally everything I am saying here.  You will miss ALL of the Great Secrets if you are not careful, thorough, and diligent.  Good knowledge requires some WORK and diligence.   I have enabled the average people to obtain my same knowledge in 1/10th the time.  But some of you are far above average.  It also depends on the circumstance of your lives.  Some will have more time and/or diligence to devote to this project than others.  Some of you have greater intellectual gifts — Nunitak is only somewhat above average.  Most geniuses exceed Nunitak easily, except for the ones who lack humility — these achieve dead ends.  If you are a somewhat higher being and help others, there are Higher Beings who will help you.  That is an absolute fact.

So Nunitak suggests remaining humble and sharing with others as a best policy.  And you MUST pursue the leads while continuing with the source of the leads.


Telemann – Concerto in D major for trumpet ♪ ♫ video

Video of Chilean Tsunami


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