The Unmanifest, Part One


“But by far the greatest hindrance and aberration of the human understanding proceeds from the dullness, incompetency, and deceptions of the senses; in that things which strike the sense outweigh things which do not immediately strike it, though they be more important. Hence it is that speculation commonly ceases where sight ceases; insomuch that of things invisible there is little or no observation.”

“But men must know that in this theater of man’s life it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers on.”

Francis Bacon


This writing is dedicated to all who have reached down from above, and to all our ancestors born on this sphere who have worked for the betterment of all. It is dedicated to all now present who do the same. These are the shoulders we all stand upon, not only for our understanding, but for the lights, powers, and cures in our daily lives. In particular, this writing is dedicated to the Seventh Master Spirit, to Christ, to our Divine Minister, and to all angels ministering here under their direction. Finally, it is dedicated to Lao-tse and to Francis Bacon.

Were it not for them we all would be of little more value than cave men, and would likely be unable to write. In this respect Nunitak has had many teachers, as well as the two of whom Confucius spoke. It is good to have many teachers, and that is now a privilege of our computer and internet era, albeit I started in the time of the books.

Part One

We are acquainted with matter and energy, time and space. Time is the order of existence of things possible successively, space is the order of existence of things possible simultaneously, said Leibniz. Perhaps not the best definition, but worthy enough for our purposes. We have learned how to utilize natural processes involving all of these, even to the point of reducing the same to applied mathematics and science which we use daily.

We are at the stage of beginning to comprehend things less substantial, or less evident — mind and spirit.

We can speak about a table or a person, a qualified existence, and these have been joined by protons, neutrons, electrons, photons and more.

Did you ever wonder what was before the universes we see?

“Behold, God is great, and we know him not, neither can the number of his years be searched out.” Job 36:26 Old Testament

What was ‘before’ matter, ‘before’ time, before space, before personal, before impersonal, before energy, before mind and spirit?

Some of you know lots about Christ, fewer know about the Ancients of Days. What was before them, before all the universes we see, even ‘before’ Paradise itself?

That SOURCE and POWER would have to EXIST outside of time and space. Outside of time is the same as before befores, to our time and space limited minds. It is unqualified, it cannot be described. How do you imagine no space?

Existing ‘before’ ANY personalities, that POWER and SOURCE would not be PERSONAL.

Existing ‘before’ matter it would not be impersonal.

Philosophers have variously designated this the Ein Sof and the I AM. Perhaps there are other terms. It is an error to consider THE GREAT SOURCE, a term I coin here, as a person. Persons and personality are a derivative of THE GREAT SOURCE, as are TIME and SPACE, MATTER and ENERGIES, and all the universes of space.

Truly, anything existing OUTSIDE of TIME and SPACE is more than ETERNAL — if endless time is eternal — because it is above TIME or greater than time. If it is greater than personality, greater than persons, matter, space, time, energies and all else, because it is the SOURCE of the FIRST and of ALL of these, then it is the Greatest of All.

How could WE even begin to comprehend the I AM?

We understand other persons well here on this sphere, we can even communicate at a distance using the channels of science — matter and energy. Could we be transported above matter and energy, to ‘before’ personal and impersonal, how would we communicate? Would we even SEE anything? The answer is NO, and it is doubtful we could remain as a person, let alone such a person as we now are.

Fortunately, it is apparent the I AM did not rest in that situation.

The term absolute here means infinite, unrestricted, fundamental, supreme, transcendental and ultimate as to being, authority, knowledge, powers and control. All realities as well as all time, space and eternity, spirit, mind, matter and all potentials of the I AM are controlled by the Seven Absolutes of Infinity. This includes any and all higher realities we may not know about.

Through vast cycles nothing of value is ever lost. The result is increasing perfection on all levels. Everything that exists or may sometime exist is under the overcontrol of The Seven Absolutes of Infinity. Time and space universes are evolutionary — imperfection transforms into perfection over time. The powers that enable steady progress towards absolute perfection are here. Absolute perfection is inevitable, because these powers are absolute and infinite.

The Seven Absolutes of Infinity

The I AM apportioned or distributed ITSELF into (as) The Seven Absolutes of Infinity.

There is a story about The Seven Absolutes of Infinity here on earth. You can look it up in THE URANTIA BOOK , I am not likely to do better, the story is from those much closer to THE GREAT SOURCE from our point of view.

The Seven Absolutes of Infinity are HOW the I AM ‘now’ exists. Cross out ‘now’ and read it again.

1.The Universal Father — God the Father, a Personal Being, further, the Source of All Personality. Personality is what enables us to identify someone over the long haul, no matter how much form or manifestation changes. I believe, but do not know, that the Father maintains a more direct relationship with those Absolutes of Infinity which are not Trinity. God fragments can travel from any point within All Reality to any other point instantaneously, no matter the distance.

2.The Eternal Son — entrusted with the Absolute Fullness of Spiritual Power and Authority [though I caution, my understanding here is less than for The Universal Father, I suggest you seek further yourselves] I do not know, but suspect, The Eternal Son is Chief Source of Planning and Master Architects. The latter are Transcendental Beings about whom little is known. It appears most of this knowledge is restricted from us at this time.

3.The Infinite Holy Spirit — Custodian of the Impersonal Powers and Energies of All Actualized Realities, Foremost Minister of Mind and Director of All Ministering Spirits as well as All Angels, High and low. Chief Executive for Father and Son.

The TRINITY are Absolute, Real Persons who TOGETHER have AUTHORITY over All Actualized Realities. They each have countless individual functions as well. They may function as one, two, or three. Nothing is hidden from them. They can bestow infinite powers in some circumstances. This is analogous to a subset of infinite infinites for the Bestowee from my point of view. They do this for Creator Sons, who are fully equal to God as concerns the Divine Concept which they embody.

4.Paradise itself is a derivative of the I AM and is the abode of The Trinity. There are provisions in Paradise for the pilgrims of all worlds throughout eternity. The current cosmic age involves seven trillion evolutionary spheres like our own, but each unique, albeit groups and similarities do exist. However, subsequent cosmic ages involve uncounted trillions more spheres. The numbers are so high it is probably a fruitless speculation for virtually all humans at this time, even though some details are available. The energies of the cosmos originate there.

Note: The Eternal Central Heaven, one billion perfect spheres, surrounds Paradise. It came into existence with The Infinite Spirit. So from our time viewpoint it always existed, just as the Trinity has always existed. Each sphere there is administered by an Eternal of Days. Think of it as a perfect, pattern universe. But it is not an Absolute of Infinity as Paradise is.

There are THREE more Absolutes of Infinity which I will sum up here as having to do with the balance and evolution of ALL ACTUALS and ALL POTENTIALS, and which contain or manage all ‘future’ powers of the I AM, the source of all energies and realities not yet present or manifest. These are:

5.The Deity Absolute — I view this Absolute as The Overseer of Ultimate and Absolute Destiny, but you must consider proportions here, this is only an estimate. A periodic SOURCE too, on higher levels and over the vastness of the eternal future. Something to do with Divine Goals, an undoubted future for all beings high and low (my idea, based on what I have learned).

6.The Universal Absolute — The Harmonizer and Balancer of Actuals and Potentials

7.The Unqualified Absolute — The most mysterious to us, a reservoir of ALL POWERS of the I AM not otherwise delegated or bestowed. Perhaps it might be better to say ‘not otherwise bestowed.’ .

Paradise exists OUTSIDE of TIME and SPACE. But time and space originate there. You can find out more, depends on your diligence.

Eternity started with the appearance of the Central Heaven and The Infinite Spirit. All beings hailing originally from Paradise or from the Central Heavens, perfect worlds surrounding Paradise, are existentially PERFECT, and they are ETERNAL.

Eventually, the first universes of time and space were planned. For beings who will evolve to perfection.

Since all things ‘perfect’ started in The Eternal Past, from our point of view they do not have a time of origin.

The Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Holy Spirit are also called The First, Second, and Third Sources and Centers, respectively. Nunitak has called the I AM ‘The Great Source and Center’ here. It is One and the same as The Seven Absolutes of Infinity, which may be described in different order elsewhere. What anyone writes is only a stepping stone, yes?

The Ancients of Days

The FIRST BEINGS having a RECORD of EXISTENCE in TIME are called Ancients of Days. They are Administrators of The Seven Superuniverses, much as The Eternals of Days each manage one of the one billion perfect spheres of the Central Heaven. They are equal in rank to Eternals of Days. The latter may visit them occasionally, I think. But not vice versa, cannot explain all here.

So, if you are beginning to understand the picture here, you can see that we are very, very new. Even 400 billion years is ‘new.’

Even though our superuniverse is old, our local universe is relatively new as well. But older than most scientists conjecture.

Those who make it to Paradise in the distant future will be stepping outside of time and space — a little bit like God, yes? Even a little bit like the I AM, except that a place has been provided for you, and you will do this as a perfected spirit. Perfect and perfected are two different categories of perfection.

The Central Heaven and Paradise are perfect BECAUSE only perfect or perfected spiritual beings may enter there.
So, you see this idea of imperfect beings earning Paradise immediately after life on this sphere is a FABLE, pure and simple. Least of all, after some horrific act directed against others.

All of us are imperfect until we have evolved through time and through many ascendant spheres to the attainment of the attributes of finite perfection. “In my house are many mansions…”

Although it will be a LONG JOURNEY, we already know that every long journey begins with a step. And step by step one goes a long way, yes?
The Infinite Spirit is the origin of The Seven Master Spirits — one of the Master Spirtis is charged with overseeing each of The Seven Superuniverses.

For all practical purposes, this makes The Seventh Master Spirit, who oversees our superuniverse, Our Greatest Teacher. We will always bear his stamp, analogous to genetics, DNA, here.

Local Universes

As there are 100,000 local universes within each superuniverse, one may well ask, how these were started.

Much of that has to do with Creator Sons, whose origins are from The Universal Father and The Eternal Son.

Christ is such a Creator Son and he is the Father of all life and beings taking origin here.

Christ has a Divine Minister as Associate and Co-Regent, the Holy Spirit that ministers directly to us, a daughter of The Seventh Master Spirit, and thus a daughter of The Infinite Holy Spirit. She is linked to all things above and below…

This is the origin of all life on this sphere. Science describes its evolution with relatively little error.


How Lao-tse discerned the Divine Minister, even the I AM and the Trinity, so early in our history here and so many other things as well, is remarkable. But it is true that he did so, not only that, but much more.

 Check it out :

“The Tao of Heaven is eternal,
and the earth is long enduring.
Why are they long enduring?
They do not live for themselves;
thus they are present for all beings.

The Master puts herself last;
And finds herself in the place of authority.
She detaches herself from all things;
Therefore she is united with all things.

The masters of old attained unity with the Tao.
Heaven attained unity and became pure.
The earth attained unity and found peace.
The spirits attained unity so they could minister.
The valleys attained unity that they might be full.
Humanity attained unity that they might flourish.
Their leaders attained unity that they might set the example.
This is the power of unity.

Without unity, the sky becomes filthy.
Without unity, the earth becomes unstable.
Without unity, the spirits become unresponsive and disappear.
Without unity, the valleys become dry as a desert.
Without unity, human kind can’t reproduce and becomes extinct.
Without unity, our leaders become corrupt and fall.
She gives no thought to self.
She is perfectly fulfilled.”

God seeks UNITY, not uniformity

Did not Christ also teach “I am the way, the truth, and the life..?”

Unity requires LINKAGE. Linkages will give you staying power, even in The Judgment.

Call it God, call it the Tao, but seek that linkage. Seek all linkages high and low.

It is the way, the truth and the life.

A fragment of the I AM is with each person. That is how you will progress from mortal to eternal, by merging into harmony with and synchronizing with that fragment of the I AM which is with you.

Nothing else about us is eternal except for God’s plan and the very spirit which He shares with us. Remember that a fragment of the I AM is more than eternal. Oneness with that fragment of the I AM makes perfection and eternity available to us. Your soul grows or not during this life. It is not the same as the I AM. But if your soul ascends it will merge with the God fragment. In fact, that sometimes happens here. It is the highest honor, bar none. Enoch was first to achieve this.

This is the end of Part One, The Benefits of The Unified Plan and Help from Above, where it all comes from…

If you want to read more before the next installment, go here for more about The Seven Absolutes of Infinity.

Note that we all were born totally ignorant. More proof that we must evolve to perfection. Everywhere you go, on all spheres you will find grades. We have to start with the things we can understand. So, if the ‘go here’ is a bit too heavy for you, do not be dismayed. We are all first graders relative to that topic. The book is NOT one which everyone should start at the beginning. It starts with ‘higher level’ teachers talking about high levels — difficult when Nunitak was young. But the teachers draw closer and closer to our level as the book goes on and the last parts are about our planet, all easy to understand. So, it is best to start with whatever interests you the most, and that will likely be the easiest to understand, especially if it is Part III of the book or later. Extremely interesting stuff you will find nowhere else, Nunitak guarantees! So, go here instead and pick the topic that interests you. If you start there and begin working, one day you will know it all.
So, the Unmanifest is partially manifest to us, albeit insubstantially, by revelation, and by mind augmented through spiritual ministry.


Melchizedeks*** are high plenipotentiaries within Christ’s universe

Machiventa Melchizedek once visited here and taught Abraham amongst others. But he materialized as a fully grown man of the realm. The King James version of the Christian Bible, has it correctly in Hebrews Chapter 7. Verse 3 — Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually.

Obviously because he was not born here of an earthly father and mother — very different from the later bestowal of Christ himself.

We have not been abandoned by God, nor by Christ, nor by The Holy Spirit, nor by the angels.

Think about that this Christmas Day. If God’s powers disappeared you would go out of existence in less than the blink of an eye. You are already using the powers which God has bestowed upon you every day.

We only need give better consideration to HOW we use these powers, for truly, we are like gods, and when the perfect day arrives for each of us, we shall be gods and Paradise will be our highest home whenever we are not otherwise assigned, for we will have many responsibilities in times to come.

If you are linked, you will GROW — only God is unchanging, the Father of Lights, in whom is no variableness, neither shadow of changing.

Because God is already infinitely PERFECT, but we are only imperfect humans, empty vessels as Lao-tse would say. One has to be EMPTY before one can receive, this is the message from olden times.

Therefore, make yourself empty and ask to be filled, in all humility.

You will adjust all of this according to your own light, even though receptive, for we are all unique. No two personalities are exactly the same, even amongst trillions of worlds. That is what you are supposed to do!

Neither is God the Father of One Flower.

Remember: Unity, not uniformity. Like a symphony orchestra, exactly like that. Diverse talents are required.

This is just a peek, but an abundance of detail is the reward of effort.

Advancement is the result of persistent effort.

Sometimes there are brief failures or disappointments, time limited. Rest, recover, and begin anew.

There are many helpful teachers all the way.

Every difficulty is merely a transient challenge that brings attainment and leads to the next challenge.

In a following era the perfect and the perfected will work together on the challenges involved with transcendental perfection.

Christ faced the challenges of life here just as we must. He is familiar with the challenges of all beings in his universe, a requirement of God the Father.

Having fulfilled all such requirements he has attained full sovereignty as a Master Creator Son.

His headquarters sphere is the point of our departure for all higher realms in our journey to Paradise.

That is why Christ could say, “No one comes to the Father except by me.”
That is how the remark should be construed. Not as exclusionary according some earthly doctrine.

All who will make the pilgrimage to perfection are welcomed.

One like another, without regard or favoritism as to sex, race or other circumstance.

God is fair and just. His closest representatative is acquainted in all respects with our challenges.

Mercy is never exhausted for those who are making progress.

But when mercy is exhausted, justice can prevail. That is another subject, one where few earthlings are in ignorance…

A difference between our justice and God’s justice: the latter is flawless.

There are very careful records, flawless records, even living and personal records.

The local universe angels who keep most of these and have many other duties, have a very similar career, but start a little bit higher.

When we depart the local universe we will be fledgling spirits.

When we arrive in Paradise we will be perfected spirits, and that is why we will be able to meet the Infinite Spirit, the Eternal Son, and the Universal Father there.

As for this planet, there is no end to the progress possible here.

This is all older than the Grand Canyon, nothing new about the plan.

More people are aware of it nowadays though.

The plan does not belong to any particular religious group, as you can now see.

Even our entire planet is a tiny dot in a vast cosmos.

But it is not forgotten.

And we are responsible for our own future.

It will be a unique future, even amongst countless planets.

No two planets are exactly the same, just as the nations here are rather unique.

There will be some homogeneity by agreement here as time rolls on though.

We are more linked than ever before.

We now have some common challenges.

I hope this has been a good stepping stone for you.

***Melchizedeks are virtually flawless. Not a one has ever strayed into error. On rare occasions some have received counseling from Christ for fine-tuning their judgment. A Melchizedek wrote the linked reference on the Seven Absolutes of Infinity. Some say they are about half way between us and God, I think. They are extremely versatile and function everywhere, even at all local universe levels. Some may be here now…

Local universe beings are more prone to error in the lower levels. However, most of the error is probably at our own level, and tapers off greatly and fast with movement upwards.



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  1. As you begin ever so slowly and grow in the pathway the days arrive when you begin to see The Unmanifest EVERYWHERE. Then you will no longer be lost. When you have seen Part Two, consider the Rainbow….

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