The Unmanifest, Part Two

By: nunitak

Apr 04 2010


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The Unmanifest

Part Two

All creatures in the universe

return to the point where they began.*

Returning to the source is tranquility

because we submit to Heaven’s mandate.

We work with the substantial but we use

the insubstantial…

* if they want to

You will only understand this if you have read Part One — The Unmanifest — very carefully. Just as The Seven Absolutes of Infinity have their being from the I AM, so also do we each have our ‘finite being’ from the I AM. The I AM came to us, becomes ONE with us, and we return to THE SOURCE.

We have our being in God, especially if God is in us. Just like Christ says I am in the Father, and the Father is in me.

Christ, visiting here as Jesus, instructed us to worship the heavenly Father of all. To some extent this has been distorted mostly into worship of Christ himself. You can ask Christ to correct your prayers, for he is aware of them. But he has instructed us to worship the Father. He humbly prayed to God the Father, even though he was Christ, a Creator Son.

Similarly, all Spirits and Angels, high and low, decline worship. One angel told the apostle John, not to bow before him: “And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.”

“Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God.” Rev. 22:8–9*

Having a quality of God’s infinity, Christ is more like the Father than we are, and is the Creator of our universe as well as the nearest representative of God the Father. He will return here as King of kings and Lord of lords and all shall kneel before him. As Jesus, Christ once said, “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God.” Mark 10:18

There is humility for you. The foremost example. Like some of us: “Give God the Glory.”

*may have been Enoch or Elijah, not actually an angel, or may have been an angel of Christ the Lord sent unto prophets. The latter seems to be indicated further on. Nunitak cannot yet pin this down, but is inclined to think Enoch or Elijah is most likely, and that the term angel was misapplied, for Enoch and Elijah are both among the 24 Elders spoken of in Revelation. Color me about 70% sure. A superangel may be sent to prophets who represents Christ. Not necessarily Gabriel, but certainly from that level. The actual words spoken here also indicate more likely someone from the 24 Elders who are on a sphere lower than the headquarters of Christ and Gabriel, a sphere much more directly associated with our planet and its sister worlds. However, the 24 Elders work under the direction of Christ. His representatives visit them and are assigned there periodically. To most earthlings, any being from higher up is an angel. Elders who were prophets here prior to Jesus’ birth are able to visit here for sure, but ordinarily we cannot see them, nor can we see other higher beings, unless it is intended that they reveal themselves. There are means for doing that.

Quotes are from the King James Bible which Nunitak likes, but see your own version if you prefer different English words more in the modern vernacular.

The Bright and Morning Star

Christ’s chief executive is Gabriel, often called an angel, but Gabriel is not actually an angel, he is the highest ranking here after Christ and the Holy Spirit. He was the first being created here by Christ and the Holy Spirit. His parentage is from them. Most local universe angels are daughters of the Holy Spirit. But some beings termed Superangels, Brilliant Evening Stars, Archangels have parentage from Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Nunitak thinks Gabriel has some functions analogous to County Sheriffs in the USA. Except that the county for Gabriel is a universe. Mostly he is a chief executive though. You can find out more about that yourself, if desired.

Starting On The Pilgrims Path

We cannot give anything to God except a broken heart and a contrite spirit, about the same as Lao-tse saying make yourself into an empty vessel. This requires an attitude of humility, just as Christ himself demonstrated here.

Once On The Path

We can only offer God our joy and thanksgiving, again in the attitude of humble worship. A prayer of thanksgiving could be an offering. Humans tend to make many prayers into requests. I have asked for certain things — knowledge, not money. All my requests so far have been granted, but that does not often happen immediately for me. When it does come I remember the request. More mysterious, sometimes my footsteps appear to have been guided. I do not know how the angels do that, but I have heard also they can bring certain groups together. Sometimes from nations, not just those within a city or region. Ministering spirits can do that. I have no clear details as to how, but some things get rehearsed in sleep. The God fragment is involved too. None of this happens against our will. What does happen is all in accord with our own wills.

One thing I am very curious about is finding out how angels work as ministering spirits. Probably has to wait until I move higher up. Many questions, to say the least.

The joy of God, He loves to share ♪ ♫

The Seven Master Spirits

Each superuniverse falls under the influence of a Master Spirit. There are Seven.

Master Spirit One is a portrayal of God the Father as understood by The Infinite Spirit

Master Spirit Two portrays The Eternal Son likewise

Master Spirit Three portrays The Infinite Spirit

Master Spirit Four portrays the Father and Son

Master Spirit Five portrays the Father and Spirit

Master Spirit Six portrays the Son and Spirit

Master Spirit Seven portrays the Father, Son and Spirit

Four through Seven are in equal measures. Notice something about this!

These are all actual ways in which God can act too.

As far as I know, Master Spirit One speaks first and Master Spirit Seven speaks last when the Master Spirits collaborate. I will not cover this topic further at this time because I want to switch to us, the Pilgrims of Time and Space.

I believe Master Spirit Seven is Presiding Head of The Master Spirits, you can check.

Graduate Status

When we have completed our pilgrimage we are associated with similar pilgrims from the other six superuniverses.

Often there is some work for us that requires an all-encompassing divine perspective, you might call it a 360 degree opinion. No one pilgrim can do that, not even perfected finites, as we shall be.

However, a Group of Seven — one ascendant from each superuniverse — can be assembled.

Just like the Master Spirits, the member from Superuniverse One speaks first. The viewpoint of one who is very familiar with The Heavenly Father

Then the members from Superuniverses 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 speak — in that order. Yes, I would guess that several rounds are required for a difficult matter.

Here is the task — all listen carefully while any one is speaking. That is especially true of any member of the group of seven who is a pilgrim from our superuniverse.

That means listening six times more than speaking!

Why? Because the member from our superuniverse speaks last, and has to produce a meaning of the whole, each time, based on what the others have said.

So, we could have the last word sometimes, but must learn to listen carefully first.

As far as I know, the Seventh Master Spirit has some special standing above too. All Master Spirits operate on levels transcendental to the finite levels of time and space.

Won’t go into details. But we will resemble the Seventh Master Spirit, because we are from Superuniverse Seven.

On earth we have etiquette and protocols and accepted procedures for many things. That continues above, but we are carefully trained for each succeeding level.

This is just a little peak at only one of the methods of perfection, one involving a 360 degree view.

Groups can ALWAYS accomplish more than one person can.

Unity and working together are enhanced more and more higher up, much as that first paper about The Unmanifest implied.

Seven Bears Stuff for You

Bear One: Absolute, total, infinite truth exists

Bear Two: God shares it.

Bear Three: Absolute truth is integrated in God.

Bear Four: True religion is actually like science in that true religion grows because truth grows within us.

Bear Five: Otherwise we are an unhappy collection of ministers with little connection to truth.

Bear Six: It requires teaching and sharing.

Now if Six Bears said that. As Bear Seven you would have to bring it all together.

This last bit is just a hypothetical about Seven Bears. But Nunitak thinks it is a good one.

Doing things is thought provoking.

I would say that “Everything is working towards perfection, even though this is not always manifest to us.”

You can decide whether or not I would make a good Seventh Bear.

Keep that in mind when particular things fizzle. As we have to advance there will always be some degree of disequilibrium, a necessary part of incompleteness, at least for us.

But change and advancement are always possible, more so if we work together.

All we have to do is FIND the ways.

That is something we must do ourselves. But as you can see there is ministry from above to help.

So, it is not completely ‘sink or swim.’

It seems to be more a system calculated carefully to teach by doing.

Work and effort are involved in progress.

Not a biggie for wisdom but confirmed from the big picture. Anything which does not grow and improve is at a dead end — a temporary one at best. It is a dynamic cosmos, changing continually.

But I hope this makes you feel more secure in God’s providence.

Isn’t there a city named Providence? Do they know about this?

You are The Seventh Bear, you tell me.

I am very sure that every Seventh Bear is wanted and needed


2 comments on “The Unmanifest, Part Two”

  1. Heaven shares with those who share. If you are not linked Above you will be out of sorts. If you are not linked below you will be worthless.

  2. You are The Seventh Bear. Remember what Nunitak has said here.

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