Approximately: The Unrecognized Servant of Truth, Bus 1170, Flight 253

If you had a magnifying glass you would see that Nunitak was listening to New Testament music here

The UNMANIFEST – Parts One and Two — may be found here, consecutively (relocated)

Does Certainty require Order?

Which would you prefer? Pro, Con, or Devil’s Advocate?

Who was the well-dressed man from India? Do the Netherlands Police know who paid him?

Reconsidering the Underpants Bomber [ yeah, these are mostly videos ]


Further consideration of the matter a la Manchurian Candidate *******

Looking further backwards


More Looking Backwards

Further more looking backwards

ProCon or Pro & Con

Reconstructing past minds and perceptions — with firsthand evidence

Operation Monarch


Where is 60 Minutes and 20-20 et cetera?

Also, did you see the President Clinton apology video?

The Use of Children

Dixie Chicks former embarrassment

Street people are wide awake here

— what if you averaged their opinions on yes or no questions?

British effects of drugs and education?

What’s going on here?

Taking Care of Business

Looking backwards Wrap-Up? <<<——- this is it

Three More Videos

Impressions from Infected Mushroom ♪ ♫

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ approximately

Psycho — Infected Mushroom ♪ ♫

Deeply Disturbed — Infected Mushroom ♪ ♫  *****

Music video for younger friends everywhere

BBC Apologizes to Major Non-Reptiles?

— Nunitak is 85.4 to 14.321 this is a fake by a cooperative Brit

Whatever is left over is for what you think…

Monitoring Yemeni Chatter

— that underpants bommber doesn’t look Yemeni again, and the bomb looks like a British version of a much smaller Japanese terrorist version

Can we all be fooled? Someone said only some of the time.

That still leave some of the people all the time.

Nunitak may have been fooled by Toast-to-toastAM recently, depending on whether the story is not true or not.

I thought I had heard this on April 2d. Am I overly logical?

But I am injured on the logical side, some stuff wiped out.

Here’s a question for you:

Can two cats get their tails out of a Chinese finger puzzle?

Is there some other purpose for tails than the following?

Storage, balance, shooing flies, signalling

Why does Saturn have a hexagon at North pole?

Is the Great Pyramid a clue for us about something?

The solar system
The atom
Both of the above
No, it is the earth (in between)
No it is about the entire cosmos
No it is about God
No it is about things we can/could do

No, the Aliens are making bets on how long it takes for us to unravel the mystery (they have a huge inter-planetary pool going)

Yes, all of the above

Could it be an Oracle?

— Isn’t there some story about Alexander the Great on that?

Is there any ADVANTAGE to whomever finds out first?

Are we going about it all the wrong way?

Do we need to have psychics from all over the world join hands around the perimeter?

What would happen if the Egyptians joined hands in a tangent circle and moved CW and CCW for one revolution each, then said AUM?

Does lightning ever strike the Pyramid?

Is the missing top necessary for solving the puzzle?

What do we know about the top?

*Thutmose III or someone like that said The Sphinx was an oracle (at least for him)

Did you make a list of all that came to mind while going through the foregoing?

How many other electronics techs have wondered about cat tail as reception antenna?

Infected Mushroom – Merlin – Gamma Goblins ♪ ♫

What does Good-bye mean — and where did it come from?

God be with you til we meet again — ♪ ♫ organ


2 comments on “Approximately: The Unrecognized Servant of Truth, Bus 1170, Flight 253”

  1. Reconsiderations Of Matrix Ahnenerde hauptsitze f.b.

  2. No, I do not know if he was referring to fish aliens or whatever. But I think all of this should be played backwards at varying speeds. How many times should we be fooled? Twice = shame on us, but why so difficult? If we took this video back to 1955 would they think it was real or fake? I am for a moratorium on zombie testing.

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