Three Minuets to Heaven

By: nunitak

Apr 10 2010


Category: Music

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Turn on Quadraphonic or SurroundSound if you have it

Here is a smiling zoomie to get you started…

Who says Cat Nora cannot play the piano? ***** see and believe

Nora on improvement track— even cats know practice makes purrfect

Nora’s First Catcerto ******  Mindaugus Piecaitis, Conducting

Any stars at all is quite an accomplishment.

Minuets Three

L. Boccherini

J. S. Bach

L. Beethoven

Moonlights — late spring, early Winter, summer &c

Debussy *******.*******.*******

Beethoven One **********************************

Beethoven Two **********************************

Beethoven Three *******.*******.******* [please turn volume down on this one for quality]

Same by different performer

Beethoven Gould One *******.*******.*******

Nunitak thought this interpretation had a natural-like flow to it.

Wow! The BEST 2d movement was difficult to find, and then I found perfect.

Nunitak is afraid to take a best pick on THREE:


OMG — 10 year old, what would this sound like on best piano!!!

We need some German, Polish and Russian Judges, otherwise Nunitak is making a tie of these last two.

Nunitak is ONLY a LISTENER, zilch for music (but only because it is too late)

So, if you are an EXPERT, please leave a comment.

Otherwise I am giving it to Horowitz by an eyelash at the end.

I am pretty sure about my unbroken stars selections though, for ONE and TWO.

Shall we give this one to Wilhelm Kempff too?

Beethoven THREE — I think if you give him an age handicap of .0001 he may yet be the winner

Beethoven Tempest

Beethoven Pathetique *********************************

— this is perfect, must require fully integrated left and right hemispheres

I think Beethoven’s eyes would roll around in circles and He would SMILE…

More like this: Pathetique 2d Movement   —  about Perfection:  A message from Beethoven

It is about Divine Linkage and faithful continuance and the perseverance which makes true, good and beautiful use of divine energies.


Pathetique 3d Movement — more of Perfect


Japanese Lute — Beethoven’s 6th

Toscanini Memories

The Storm !

How to make a storm — you need a drummer

Third Movement

— something for all orchestra members

God saves all the BEST, think what heaven must be like!

Please forgive any mistakes,

Nunitak does not hear some high frequencies.


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