Free Birth Chart

[Nunitak Birth Chart]

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FREE ASTROLOGY BIRTH CHART — click on the BOLD link below

You can get one online for free. You will need to know the latitude and longitude of the place where you were born in degrees and minutes. For USA cities you can get that here okay?

You will need to know the time you were born, usually found on a birth certificate, a document that enables proving you are here legally, identifiably human. Hmmmmmm…

You will have to click the bold link below to get to the website where you enter your information.

Notice the boxes for entering your data. Enter the data in the same format.

If you live in the Western Hemisphere, that is GMT minus (not plus). I think I was supposed to enter a minus 8 for California there. If you were born on east coast it would be minus five, but I am only fairly sure.

Make sure you have your birthdate right as an error there would really throw things off.

The GMT plus and minus means that you do not need to enter A.M. or P.M.

When you have all your data in, press Go.

You do all of this right over Nietsche’s Chart, his stuff will disappear. He was 180 degrees from Nunitak.

As to what your chart means, here it is: It shows the position of the sun, moon and planets relative to your birth time and place.

It remains to be seen whether there is any significance to this from my point of view.

But, you have your own actual birth chart now, so print a copy and save it with your birth certificate, further proof.

I once knew a place online where you could find your Aztec birth name, but I lost it.*

As for Nunitak, I was born in the Year of The Green Wood Monkey from the Chinese viewpoint. That may be true, I like green energy and woodworking, but I am a serious monkey.

Where to find your Chinese Year Symbol — pay attention to the dates.

Chinese Year Symbol — scroll down to find your year

Free Birth Chart

If you are a serious Astrology Buff you will have to find an interpretation for your birth chart.

Nunitak does not have a clue, so just see someone who professes competence there.

I have no idea how auspicious my chart may be, but if you see something there, let me know.

Nunitak is centered on the logical side and finds things otherwise difficult. So, even though I am religion and science both, both of these are equally logical and integrated.

I have great difficulty understanding why there is such a controversy between religion and science in others. But I do recognize many others have different talents, some of which I do not understand.

*you might find this using a search engine


M.D. links drug to Columbine massacre


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  1. There was another sinkhole in Guatemala City one month later. After everything sank it was about 150 feet deep. Followed the first Tropical Storm for 2010.

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