Interesting Stuff for Saturday Night & The Real Giants — 10 ft ++

A Mighty Fortress is Our God — ♪ ♫ hymn words appear in lower left


How can a place be both FUNNY and SERIOUS?  Read on…

Crystal Skull Theoryscroll downto next section

Sneezing Panda Baby — video

Shanghai Expo Parade — video

The Day of the Elk — photos

Matt’s Senior Year Tornado Ride — story by notable old timer

Paper Work Masterpieces — amazing photos of these

Tres jinetes cantantes ♪ ♫

Homemade Russian Snowmobiles — wow, front shocks, lots of do with what you have…

Amazing New Backpack Camping Stove — short video

full length details demo

Exemplary American Cuisine — remarkable photos and places

Financial Crisis for Dummies

When the Train gets STUCK — start shoveling (photos)

Weather Phenom: Freezing Rain in Estonia — photos of real freezing rain results

Shutting off the water FAIL — and draining the pipes before leaving house unheated…

Nature vs. Russian Truck Driver — sad photos

More Russia photos !

Most Unusual Pet — photos

Past History Revealed: Wooden Houses vs. Size & Fire Hazard People — video

What is a Sea Hole? — photo

1956 TIME magazine article predicted 2010 accurately

Atmospheric CO2 has climbed by about 25% during Nunitak’s life, 1944 to present. And CO2 is up about 23% since the TIME article.

Purple Snow in Southern Russia — RT video

Russian Leaders, but not Moscow Mayor, say Stalinism is gone — Moscow Times

The Great Library at Alexandria — Wonderful videos take you there!

Grave mysterious deaths at reputed iPhone production contractor

Did work conditions lead to suicides? — video

Is regimented after-work-hours life a condition of employment there? Check it out…

BP Fiasco — videos on routinely fudged Blowout Preventer testing allegations


The Giants of Yore — Crystal Skulls Lore

Alternative You Tube url for same stuff on Crystal Skull skills used against Giants

This touches on the Giants. As for the Crystal Skills, Nunitak neither completely believes, nor completely disbelieves the account presented.

That there were GIANTS there is no doubt. They typically had six fingers on each hand. There are reliable reports they were cannabilistic. One wonders if that had a role in the remnants of cannibalism found amongst non-giants in the Americas and across the Pacific.

This is fantastic, entertaining material for late Saturday night. Nunitak leaves you to draw your own conclusions.

As for defense against such attacking giants, Nunitak would prefer one of those hand held 50 caliber guns.

Giants Across the Pacific Ocean

More about Giants Recent and Old — delve into the pics, click to expand

The Santa Elena Peru Giants — scroll down to skull photos and read native account

Other Giants of Yore around the world

Giants in The Middle East pdf

This was Giants Part 3 — Parts 1 and 2 are located  here  Hint:  Go to March 2010 from past entries in the right hand column. Those who are not diligent miss the rare and interest5ing stuff, but you are different, yes?


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