Elevator Tales plus the usual Nunitak stuff

By: nunitak

May 20 2010


Category: Weather

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Nunitak’s Q

How about if we stop electing people who are running for themselves…?

Siberian Governor’s Boat — y’all check out this boat

Horrible World War II story

— Be sure to click on the Atlantis link in the article that comes up.

The Usual Weather and Science Stuff

Very good hailstorm on patio video

Large, increasingly ferocious hail on Oklahoma patio and pool — video

Tesla’s Fuelless Generator

Bladeless Wind Turbine makes use of Tesla tech

Elevator Nightmares Galore

YouTube time-lapse video of Elevator Entrapment — yikes, nearly two whole days; nobody watching video, eh?

Trapped in New York elevator for 41 hours

Lawsuit won

Bad outcome for Nicholas White nonetheless

Bad Hospital Elevators — I know of other, fatal, events, but the media coverage has disappeared…

Elevator stuck between floors during power outage

— Nunitak has escaped from high-rise elevator in similar circumstances as teen. But it is dangerous: Elevator could resume movement when you are only partly out. Longest Nunitak has been trapped in an elevator is 2.5 hours, on a weekend, but at an occupied and carefully monitored complex. The time consumed was used for finding and contacting an elevator service person on a Saturday, plus his travel to the city where this occurred.

Apprentice Electrician fatal electrocution during elevator work

Do not board the Elevator with the Robot

— Be careful around all heavy motorized robots and avoid the ones which can defend themselves altogether.

Facts and Musings

Interesting Elevator FACTS

— Celebrate your freedom when exiting from mechanical containers, long or short journey. Do not become overly paranoid. With elevators the journey is short, you need not worry about other drivers (just the passengers), and there is a dedicated track, solely for your container. This eliminates crashing into other elevator cabs, under the current system.

The most IMPRESSIVE offices are those which you enter directly from the elevator — where the doors open and you are THERE, the receptionist’s desk directly in front of you. She must be steeling herself each time the door opens — never knowing what is coming out. Too late to straighten your hair and tie, no blessings of the corridor for dilly dallying or for further prep and rehearsal.

Even in a smaller building the corridor-less office outranks those offices in posh and greater buildings where one has a corridor. Therefore it is a plus if the reception area is a bit welcoming and creates the proper mood for the business at hand. Feng shui or balance is much more necessary in such places. A crocodile moat only works for some few businesses.

Whatever, you are already off-guard, like Diane Sawyer, who was told by Admiral Rickover “Actually I am not that smart, it is just that you are stupid” or something like that. I have heard that he liked to place his visitors in a chair with short legs too…

Makes you wonder what the real aliens will be like when they have offices here. The Japanese system is probably best, where there are protocols to follow.


Suspension bridge vs medium earthquake video

Poisonous mushrooms growing video

Michigan State Police powerless in Detroit Police HQ

Stuff Small Town Fire Dept should discuss

Beaverton Alberta inaccessible and safe, but has typical big Alberta construction project


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