Piracy, Leaking Oil, Wall Street, Paid Toothless Regulators, Irregular Agendas

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Eternal Father — ♪ ♫ hymn


PIRACY IN MODERN TIMES — likely to be of any ethnicity, but the large scale ones are from so-called ‘first world’ nations


September 11, 2001 unrevealed details

— when you consider how many people would have to be paid off for silence, consider where that money may have come from. All of these people who were paid, would have required billions of dollars (yes?), where did those billions originate?

William Rodriguez recounts the events of the day — do not miss this one

Eleven Remarkable Truths

The SEC occupied WTC 7. Why so important for all of their records to destruct and for WTC 7 to come down?

Former and current WTC owner — video, he recounts his own experience of 9/11 in part of this video

FYI, Nunitak had only dial-up connection (no videos longer than 3 min, those 3-minute ones downloaded) until 2008. Then I acquired the ability to review any and all long videos of 9/11. At that time I 100% confirmed my suspicion that WTC 7 was a demolition. Since then I revised my thoughts on WTC Towers 1 and 2, because I found a concatenation of about 1,111 suspicious facts and evidences which, taken as a whole, are IMPOSSIBLE unless the buildings were all destroyed by planning, done well ahead of 9/11, with painstaking contrivance for mislaid blame and ostensible culprits.

There were all types of willing participants from many origins. The only common denominator is that they were all willing to do ANYTHING in exchange for sufficient money, irrespective of nationality or supposed religious affiliation or ethnic origin.

Questions arise about how the occupants were prepared — unwittingly — for coming events. Did all the knowing people there escape?

Isn’t it interesting who was in charge of security (not talking about the brand new former FBI agent)?

How much that goes on in NYC remains to be trusted? Consider the economic fallouts more recently in addition to the 9/11 and other financial malfeasance.

Consider the lives lost and ruined. Consider the jobs and homes lost nationwide.

Consider coming and recent events too. Any relation? Who else benefitted from all the turmoil and consequences? Who was really in charge of that Gulf oil well operation that went wrong so thoroughly? Who, exactly, was responsible for the Blowout Preventer? Notice the 11 more associated deaths.

Deaths and destruction accompany all of these scenarios. Some corporations are severely injured and disappear, usually folding into others.

The U. S. government appears toothless and powerless to investigate. Doubtful findings are issued for just about everything. Consider how many whitewash commissions we’ve had since 1950 — and all of that pay they have received for nothing.

Unless there is a real change with the oil platform investigation…

And there is a consistent dearth of major media coverage which unearths real facts. Whose side are they on?

Will there be man’s justice on earth with indictments for treason, fraud and acts of war and terror?

Or are we wholly dependent on God’s justice?

The greatest fallout of all is what this has all done for our TRUST and CONFIDENCE in so many of our leaders and institutions, national, regional and local.

And the least trusted entities are continually seeking the greater powers.

Notice that all incontrovertible truth about this is arising from private and non-governmental sources.

I suspect the next seven years from July 2010 to July 2017 will be critical.

More about NYC events subsequently

Are the Pirates still out of control?

Let’s see: We have old style Somali pirates with modern light arms

But the most spectacular ones use derivatives, credit default swaps and other strange instruments. They cover their trail with explosive destruction of records and toothless commissions. They leave many deaths and mortgage foreclosures in their wake. As for locating their booty, there is no effort because of their regulator membership.

Most everyone is too busy with their own lives to monitor the pirates, except for a very few bus riders, custodians, so-called fringe scientists and engineers, and a very few military people (the ones who can think).

Did you like bailing out The Pirates?  Are you enjoying the economic ruin?

How long and hard must you work to regain another decent home, fortune and employment?


Breaktime from Gilbert and Sullivan and Cornwall

HMS Pinafore — video ♪ ♫

Current evolution of Pirates of Penzance locale — Click about & see what is going on in Cornwall!

Major General from 140–110 years ago — actual video

Current version — something to do with defeat of the Canadian Moose?

Captain from 200–220 years ago


For the USA it is Wall Street

How many Wall Street figures work for the current administration and the federal government or Federal Reserve? What do you think? Could they even be in the Department of Defense?

No Quarter Radio with Larry Doyle

Which party plays Games of the Greatest Size?

Which party has the Most Hangers On?

Which party has the greater Conspiracy of Silence?

Western USA Politics of Recent Past

Behind the white wash 100 years ago

Past History Revealed

Department of the Interior vs Oil Interests 88 years ago

Who will be the new head of the Department of the Interior? Where do these people work before and afterwards?

Gulf Oil Spill Stuff

Oil Spill Links for Gulfcoast Claims &c— right column links and leak video

One More Troubled Louisiana Oil Rig

Obama’s Katrina or Salazar’s BP? — related post

Salazar not resigning, will oversee Colorado changes

Deepwater Horizon vis-à-vis Colorado

[MMS is collocated there]

Australia oil leak of late 2009 contained in 72 days — $5.3 billion spent


Un-Cool laptops complaint

Winds vs Russian Bridge — video

Who does 788 miles per day for nine days, no stops?

— that is 32.8 mph average speed for more than 7000 miles

Expert Is Confident About Sealing Oil Well

Top Kill Diagram

Singapore closes popular beaches after oil spill

Ohio Squirrel’s Breaktime  — how many digits does he have on each paw?  (answer is the same as the picture number)


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