Is the Steam Age Finished Yet?

Rowdy May 1869 Crowd at Promontory Point Utah — Source is U.S. Archives

News on C-span Radio — over pc,  BP CEO and late stuff, full hearing video @

video of the interrogation     Apparently accepts responsiblity, but the buck stops somewhere lower

Many Millions of Steam Locomotive Rail Fans Around the World !

While doing this blog entry Nunitak discovered he was NOT a member of a dwindling group. There are MILLIONS of steam locomotive fans around the world and some steam locomotives are still in use. The web has countless photos and videos on the subject. I looked over quite a bit and accidently lost one fabulous url for sounds, but regained the near equivalent. The BEST of what I saw is gathered here, along with links for more quality stuff!

Does A Tornado Sound Like a Freight Train? — video answer

Spectacular Results of Tornado versus Train

Biker versus Train

Pennsylvania RR Steam Engines — for Monopoly people

Cheshire Cat gif — this cat could be a TV weatherman or News anchorman

HaVAHsoo Falls secret place, no trains, no planes, no boats

Steam Locomotive Retrospect

Western Maryland Scenic RR — wonderful video

Last American Steam Monster candidate

Brand New British Steam Engine

British steam engine at work — London to York

Western Steam Locomotives

Steam Locomotive Sounds

Union Pacific Big Boy Steam Engines

The More Typical Baldwin Steam Engine

German steam engine — interesting sounds

UP 844 – power in action, very steamy

Train Net Org— Steam Locomotive Photos and SOUNDS

— LOTS of them from all over the world!

The Two-Spot Story

Was there ever a Three Dollar Bill? — scroll down

History of RR in Flagstaff — attention historians

1780 American Locomotive — photo, scroll down

Train runs over North Dakotan

Do not argue with the train

Police vs Rail Fan

Very typical train sounds that are going, going fast

Excellent videos on Rail Fan website — turn your volume down

Provo Locomotive resurrected for Heber City — photo, article [Utah]

More photos

714th Railway Operating Battalion — absolutely fabulous photos, many!

Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad Equipment— very good color photos

Train story in French for kiddies

City of New Orleans— Arlo Guthrie ♪ ♫

City of New Orleans — Willie Nelson audio ♪ ♫

1989 City of New Orleans Memphis transit — barking dog goodbye video

Last Chance — All Aboard!

Durango and Silverton Narrow Guage Locomotive #478 — video

Advice for Teens — this is where you STOP, always

Japan Train— fences keep sheep and cattle off track

Shinkansen Series 700 — so smooth, welcome aboard

Very fast train— with small wings would fly, smiley engineer

Sad goodbye for car on tracks — police video

Railroad Sounds

Railroad Sound downloads

Railroad Art Montage

Sounds of Steam Locomotive

— Quincy Railroad Company 2 is best, but they will all play

Another German Train — video

Polish Trains— very good video

Steam Train in the Snow

Train Snow Plow Getting Stuck

Heavy Duty Snow Remover

— There is snow coming that will require Ultra Heavy Duty Removers

Personal Private Locomotive

American Steam & Narrow Guage RR

RR Sounds Specialists Place

Midwest USA RR — 2 videos

Scenic Railroads of the USA and Canada — Extra Special !!! Wonderful website *******

Includes photos of sea level to 12,000 ft and down 2,000 ft to Quito in Ecuador

More Wonderful videos — Patagonian Express and others, click & wait for download to complete

— click on Video Clips at bottom left, appears to include other places, so must be Argentine Patagonia. New Zealand there too. Stoney Creek Bridge is in Canada!

Steam Locomotive Stuff Galore — for those who cannot get enough: Wonderful Stuff Here, okay?

WAV Steam Train Sounds for download only — Right Click to download very good audios


BP Press Releases

BP Dispersant

The Compressed Air Guy

I found the foregoing while doing the preceding steam locomotive blog. I have not been able to evaluate the contents as I am not sufficiently mechanical engineer and the explanations seem rather crippled to a writer. But you may be interested.

I would like to go through all details of this with a fine-toothed comb in relation to what I know for sure, but I am 66 and have great demands and limited energies plus they never gave me the privilege of college in science, the only thing I really wanted when young.  I try to educate people with crystal clear explanations without excluding the less privileged.  You only need to understand — truly understand — and then to teach (communicate the true understanding).  Writing well and being orderly w/o lieaving things out is a plus.


One comment on “Is the Steam Age Finished Yet?”

  1. Those Baldwins were pretty busy, locomotives, pianos, … Needs an investigative journalist.

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