Pakistan flooding exceeds previous disasters

It is well ♪ ♫

The China – Japan Islands Dispute

Latest News on Trapped Chilean Miners  33 trapped since August 5th

— the miners must escape 1 x 1 in basket pulled through std 26″ bicycle tire size opening 688 meters deep, about 0.423 mile, when the drilling is completed

SOS – no food, no shelter, no clean water, time to help is now:  babies and children at risk,  even simple items like water purification tablets, emergency rations, any small donation

UNHCR donations for Pakistan Catastrophe

You can FIND the Help Organization you trust here

Save the Children Pakistan donations

U.S. Govt Approved $10 Cell Phone donation — simply text “SWAT” to 50555

Other Ways to Text Help using Cell Phone — pick your organization

Pakistan Flood videos

UN calls for more aid to help Pakistan flood victims

UN: Pakistan flood misery exceeds tsunami, Haiti

Pakistan Floods Draw Marines, UN Warns More Dams Could Burst

Fund Drive To Help Flood Victims

U.N. Chief Urges Donations to Pakistan


Weather and Other Phenomena — videos

Giant Guatemala Sink Hole

Russians battle forest fires all over in stifling heat and smoke

More on Russia fires, terrific winds
— close call! but they made it, yikes….

Sinkhole at China School — watch out for those kids!

Sinkhole-Salt Mine Disaster History Revealed

— the Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster!

— oil company at work again, would you believe it

Could Detroit or Chicago, or parts thereof, disappear into a salt mine sinkhole?

Another hole to stay away from

Russian Flying Car

Amerikanski Flying Car — Terrafugia Transition I think, Terraflugzeug?

Amazing Truck Stuff — how does this happen?


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