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Sep 26 2010


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Credit: butterflies

OK Go — a video to get you rolling

The Amazing Fruit Blog — did you know ripe banana peel contains a mycobacteria antibiotic?
— useful fresh greeny stuff
Fantastic Obsidian Hippopotamus — someone with great talent did this!

Deliverance of Sara — excepts from the book by R. C. James

Clydesdale vs Shetland
Big Jake the Current Record Holder
Kickapoo Joy Juice Review
Is Spring Water Safe to Drink Raw?
Nunitak says play it safe by filtering with a Brita filter or some similar reliable method.  In the Eastern densely populated areas industry has often ruined the aquifer, and in the Western areas the Oil and Gas firms have ruined the water.  To be extra sure, have your water tested for toxic substances and bacteria.  Coliformes are a frequent contaminant in Midwest areas.

Tripped Planning Galore


Temperatures well below zero or above 120º F (49º C) for 30 minutes will kill bugs and eggs.
Bed Bugs Remedy approved by Nunitak
Bed Bugs at the United Nations
Bed Bugs at Newton Place
Minneapolis Beg Bugs
Bed Bugs Invade Australia, USA, Europe

BBC Bed Bugs video

NYC Bed Bugs Rise said to have begun in 1995
Landmark NYC Case: Landlord is responsible
Bed Bugs in the Subway
Preventing bed bugs from hitchhiking to your home
Bed Bugs in Toronto
Bed Bugs in New Hampshire
National Geographic Bed Bug Video *******

— they came from Bat Caves?

eHow Help for Mattress

Are they in Indiana?  India?  Pakistan?  Rental Alpartments?  Yes, yes, yes and yes!
Bed Bugs at Missouri State University
New Mexico Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs Are All Over California
Astounding Report of Utah Bed Bug Infestation
University of Manitoba Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Numbers Explode Across Alaska — no place is sacrosanct
British Columbian Bed Bugs video

Bed bugs at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
Bed Bugs at The Movies

Bed Bug Kiwicare
— A World Plague
What Are Bed Bugs?
Earliest Trace I Found — 14th Century Egypt
Information for Nevada
En Español

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Things to do in North Dakota


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