Book of Enoch — how it applies to the end of the age

Book of Enoch Preface

The Book of Enoch is a fascinating apocalyptic scripture, mentioned in The New Testament.* It was recovered in the early 20th century from Coptic sources and translated into English by a Brit with interests in religion and (experience in) the Middle East. It appears this man was familiar with the high and mighty, including the British empire. Undoubtedly he was sympathetic to the tone and thrust of this book, producing a good rendering in English.

Unfortunately, The Book of Enoch remnant had been polluted and diluted along the way, possibly too by its sojourn in Africa. The rendering here given preserves the essential remnants while omitting the mystical (and possibly offensive) accretions.

These prophecies have many parallels throughout the bible. In the Book of Enoch there is an even more intriguing short passage which has to do with planetary mortal epochs, but it is insufficient to convey any true understanding of our planetary destiny. This part has been omitted. Instead, the reader is referred to THE URANTIA BOOK, which has a comprehensive and valid section on Planetary Mortal Epochs.

There are many people of impaired education and naive spiritual understanding. A common error many such people make is continually predicting the end of the world in some vast catastrophe. While there are many catastrophes, and many ending chapters of history, apocalyptic literature is best interpreted as having to do with ‘the end of an age.’

At the end of an age, there is often a heavenly judgment. The civilization of the planet continues toward the destiny of increasing perfection, light and life.

I have made a considerable effort to popularize my edit of The Book of Enoch in the United States and the English speaking world, starting in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, many commentators have taken up the obscure and mystical parts of The Book of Enoch, and are offering up amazing false interpretations involving the Nephilim and specious early planetary history while overlooking the extremely important prophecies about our present time.

While I am aware there are many who would take issue with my edit, I am obligated to teach truthfully. My vast experience with life, including travels in other nations and a deep understanding of history, our origins and our destinies, has enabled me to present here the important elements of the book.. I have made a later edit to bring the language closer to modern English, but here, in this presentation, the language of the original is mostly preserved.

Astute brothers and sisters, in particular those with spiritual light, are the primary recipients I have in mind. The very few edits I have made are intended to further a valid perspective, one based on a true understanding.

A true understanding is important to people of a scientific bent who are spiritually enlightened. I am primarily a biologist with lifelong interest in body, mind and spirit, and thus in mankind.

I am not interested in preserving delusions, mistakes, and inaccuracies in the interest of historical technique, nor in needlessly opaque faithfulness to the exact language of the original. Nevertheless, my edits are very few.

I very much like The Book of Enoch; as given here, it is 99% faithful to the original. No one knows very much about who wrote it, or how it was handed down. But we do know there were copies going about during the time of Christ’s sojourn here as Jesus.

I strongly recommend THE URANTIA BOOK for its vast, all-encompassing perspective. My edit of The Book of Enoch is not however a part of any effort from other individuals or organizations.  THE URANTIA BOOK is not a part of any institutionalized religion, but is a gift from above to all peoples of the earth.

I do not advocate for any particular institutionalized religious group. In my opinion , The Book of Enoch, as presented here, is good material for all people, especially Christians. The complete remnants are not suited for younger people, but may be perused by those who wish to check my accuracy and those who have sufficient age and education .

*The Book of Enoch is mentioned in JUDE, second from last book in The New Testament. As far as I know, The Book of Enoch constitutes the sole remnants of Enoch’s Testament and Prophecies before he was translated. In future ages more and more men and women will merit translation to their next sphere. Translation is the highest possible honor during initial mortal life, an honor from God. The earthly body is left behind, being reduced to energies by the beings who facilitate this process, probably directed by an archangel. This accounts for stories of a bright flash, chariots of fire, and the like. There are many more details available to the diligent.


Book of Enoch — originally from Nunitak’s Other Blog (sorry, Yahoo closed their blog site July 2011, no longer there…)

Book of Enoch — from Nunitak References (download Wordpad file rtf)


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