Thanksgiving Helps

Thanksgiving Friday — a very good day for watching a spectacular steam train video!  Go to Full Screen!

Nunitak’s favorite locomotive — bear attentions!

Oregon Vapor Zug:  Holiday Chug-Chug-Chug Along

Retired 1939 Soviet Steam Engine — notice similarity of Chinese Steam Engine seen working on You Tube

China Narrow Gage RR

Puff puff puff — big load

Very steamy China locomotive pulls long, heavy load

Nunitak has decided to make WordPress his primary blogging site.  Did you know there is much hidden knowledge which powerful interests are working hard to deny to you?  If and only if you are diligent and click on everything here and in previous blogs here, you will start on a path which slowly reveals this knowledge.  I have years of experience that confirms they do not want you to know these things.  Some blogging sites actually delete or purposely mess up such information or secretly make it less accessible or inaccessible….  WordPress does not do this.


Nunitak is making pumpkin pies from fresh whole pumpkins today.  About one day behind schedule is typical for me nowadays.  These will have a graham cracker crust and far less sugar.  Later I will become alligatorous or bearish as the case may be, but certainly not ravenous.  My turkey is already done and filed away in the freezer.  Why do bears like Chinese food better?  But on rare occasions the turkey may reappear in turkey-veggie pies along with some cranberry sauce. Hmmmm.  Would you believe I might have ravioli later today too.  It’s one of those days where I just do not feel like doing turkey.  But I love stuffing on lots of other days of the year.  Nunitak has alll kinds of stuffings.  I  have it with salmon or in salmon cakes sometimes.  But today there is a big yearning for something tomato-ish.  So that ravioli is quickly sorting out from the mirage.  Mince pie is becoming attractive again too.  I think I will do that for Christmas Day.  Pumpkin may be old by then.  I think it will be lemon and parsley linguine with clam sauce on Christmas.  The big heavy items just do not appeal so much to older bears.

It’s a good season for gingerbread men too.  Mine are shaped like bears with nice round ears and raisin buttons.  These are served with tea, ginger ale, or hot cider.

Abide with me
♪ ♫

Bless this house
♪ ♫

We Gather Together ♪ ♫

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ♪ ♫    Explanation for China  中國   神的能量是與您。

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow
♪ ♫

Warm Welcome Home

The Kingdom of God

Quote of the Day

“My yoke is easy, my burden is light.”

It may only involve a little effort each day.  See how the results multiply when you join this group.

Sometimes helpful opportunities arise, so sometimes it could be lots of off days and then a day or two with greater focus.

The whole idea is to make things better for all.  This starts with dinner, so here’s some help:

Turkey HelpStuffing Help Can you make gravy and open a whole cranberries sauce can?  Nunitak can!    Any stuffing outside of the turkey will be overcooked.  If you need an extender, make more stuffing and bake for less time in separate pan with foil cover — less baking time!    You need enough of each item to go around, eh?   Don’t be short on gravy and cranberry sauce.

Vegetarian Options —  Nunitak’s table is crystal clear, there is a green line separating the reliably veggie dishes and those seats are reserved for those who prefer veggie choices, but all is explained as well.  Lentils, broccoli, corn, veggie gravy are other options — all very tasty!  Veggie means no butter or milk or eggs, but some people may use gravy north of the green line.  It is dietary choice sometimes, not strict vegetarianism.  If you explain things, the explanation MUST be for ABSOLUTE sure because some people have terrible allergies to certain ingredients.  No ‘maybe’ is allowed.  So — leave out the milk! —  and there is an acceptable turkey substitute called Tofurky.  Do an internet search on it to find a store near you.  No milk means no butter, no cheese, no goat’s or other milk, and no non-dairy creamer.  It means NOTHING from milk, including lactose. Only the cook can do that.   If you do not make your own stuff from scratch, but use packaged and pre-processed, blended items, you will have a real problem unless you are quite careful about reading ingredients:  whey is from milk, no good!  No ‘maybe’ is allowed.  Only the cook can do that.  Some olive oil, a Tbsp of cornstarch and water, well blended, will substitute well for milk in recipes (applesauce, plain or raspberry,  may help sometimes).  You can leave butter and milk out of one of the pies.  Apple pie is a good choice for that.  Use brown sugar instead of regular.  Make sure you do not have a ‘helpful’ kitchen helper who likes butter and ‘helps out’ the milk-free pie.  The vegetarian gravy should be in a distinctive gravy container.  No mixing gravy ladles — keep your eye on that and tell them.  Any group of more than ten is guaranteed to have some of these preferences, and more so with the elderly.  Raspberry applesauce goes WELL with mashed potatoes — this is called Heaven and Earth.  Okay in that veggie Shepherd’s Pie recipe too.

Stuffing baked separately profits even better from tight fitting lid.  Done but not too moist nor overly dry.  Some home made rice stuffing is good for vegetarian side.

Anything Nunitak can do you can do better ♪ ♫


Please forgive Nunitak who cannot contact so many friends owing to frailties of age but wishes one and all a very Happy Thanksgiving indeed !

Rainbow Help for the Curious

Panflute Lore



2 comments on “Thanksgiving Helps”

  1. Note for the young who are alone or far away from friends. If you pay attention to everything here you will never really be alone. Okay? So pay attention. Maybe you can share with someone where you are. Life is what you make it.

  2. If you make the ears on your gingerbread bears too large, they will look like Mickey Mouse instead of bears. Words to the wise.

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