Egypt Situation and Extreme Climate Explained (briefly)

EGYPT BULLETINS for February (Nunitak moving on to other topics in next blog, but wishes the best for Egypt, God willing.)
موقع شباب 6 ابريل    This is where Egyptian freedoms started.

February 11th — FLASH BULLETIN:  World celebrates with Egypt as Democracy is born at Liberation Square; Mubarak relinquishes Presidency and retires to Sharm el-Sheikh.  Military promises to support stable transition.

Feb 6th — Banks reopen.  Talks begin.  Nunitak believes the NDP will carefully engineer a short excursion into ‘democracy’ by carefully cultivating the worst possible out of the reform elements and helping to engineer the evolution of such a catastrophe that the leopard which does not change spots will have to be reinstalled by a military takeover.  All of the best people in Egypt will be left out of this process UNLESS the Egyptian people somehow do not allow the whole effort to be steered this way. The method:  The best of what could be done will never be allowed.  What does get through will be sunk.  Too many are working for every other goal except for unblocking the ways to political and economic betterment for the Egyptian people.  Without a complete overhaul of police so that they are operating solely under law and with respect for human rights the long trail of impediments will continue.  Police and records transfer to military will be a sign.  Formation of new military units or vast personnel changes to existing units will be a sign (during transition).  If democratization does not succeed the next dictator will rule by decree and martial law. All political offices will be filled with appointees. Great food problems in the offing.  This problem must be addressed effectively by whomever.  Dictators really do not care.  Changes to current military leadership will be a most ominous sign.

Nunitak Commentary — Instead of Egypt economy being pulled down purposely, a Mubarak resignation and interim government would allow recovery of tourism sector, internet businesses, phone services, ATM and bank services — all making further economic recovery feasible.  Aid channels could open for those affected by recent events.  The Military must see to the Security of the Interim Government and some reliable policing functions to safeguard against those who seek further to undermine and deter democratic progress with violence or personal retribution agendas.  The angels warn that “no great changes should be made suddenly” but 20+ years of delay is not auspicious either.  So it is a time for cool heads and concrete steps.  Not a job for others than the Egyptians.

Feb 4 — Egyptian Army retains honor by enhancing security at Liberty Square, more rallying people than heretofore, Liberty Square may not be of sufficient size, packed with peaceful gathering.

{Nunitak rejects comments of Iranian despot who maintains brutal dictatorship with hatchet men on motorcycles and without democracy nor respect for human rights, punishing and killing the innocent. Democracy for Iran is coming too.}

Feb 3 — Egyptian government speaks blandishments while assiduously carrying out nefarious tactics across nation. Journalists, lawyers and others disappearing and known to have been detained into unknown locations from various locales.  Conditions in Egypt

February 2d — Bloodshed as Mubarak hired supporters attack peaceful gathering with camels and horses at Liberty Square.  Reliable reports that journalists and foreign correspondents are also targeted for buffeting by ostensible Mubarak supporters.   Several hundred casualties and Ambulances going about. Following updates are from February 1st:

• Egyptian police demanding ransom from departing foreigners

• Mubarak keeping banks, ATMs, internet closed.  Aid channels restricted.  Army says it will maintain security but not fire on peacefully rallying Egyptians.

• No leader yet accepted by all for transition government, but compromise seems feasible.

• Foot dragging may stem from new Vice President and military intelligence.  Mubarak voices recognition of 10% of reality by stating he “will not run for reelection in the fall.”  No Mubarak resignation yet (as of February 1st).

• Siege of wills appears to continue with defiant Mubarak hoping to wear out the people by bringing economy to complete standstill.


The Astute in other nations who are familiar with the local drivers of their climate will easily extract the necessary information applicable to their own regions.

Nunitak is NOT speculating here.  I am writing about what I know for absolute sure.  I am NOT interested in debating with anyone.  If you disagree, I do not care if you have Meteorology PhD cum laude and Nobel Prize.  Not very humble?   I will give you my opinion of humility:

Nunitak fully expects in the course of time to achieve Maximum Finite Perfection and very likely the 9th Transcendental level* following that.  Why? Because I am humble to learn, even a little bit at a time, and most of all, I have perfect faith in God’s plan of perfection.   For me, it is humility to learn and think and to continually improve which enables speaking with authority on some subjects.   *difficult to see further than that at this juncture, it is many, many years into the future  (maybe I will stop there or maybe not)


Your HOUSE and HOME are in DANGER. If YOU do not learn you could be doomed by virtue of ignorance.  We ALL now need to know about the WEATHER and the CLIMATE and to USE the information in City, State and Home as well as National or World Planning.

The first thing you need to know is that HEAT and COLD  will become extreme owing to GLOBAL WARMING which the ignorant still doubt.  They do not understand, so I will explain it simply so that any sixth grader can understand.

Absolute Fact 1 — A New Ice Age cannot start unless the polar ice caps melt. [And guess what? They are melting]

How can something melt, which requires heat, and then there is an Ice Age?   Well, you who follow the news should already KNOW that the North Polar Ice has been melting progressively faster AND also the seas have been HEATING.   Hot ocean water is needed for melting polar ice.  Even in Antarctica where the bulk of ice is on land, there are extensive ice shelves and glacial ice extrusions into coastal waters.

The ICE has been melting.  The SEAS have been warming.  The atmospheric carbon dioxide has been increasing.  Up more than 25% in my lifetime and NOW CLIMBING FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE, even increasing in rate of climb.

As the OCEANS heat there is more evaporation and more and more water is carried high up into the air, especially around the equator, and by strong winds blowing across the sea surfaces everywhere.

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN — all of that water in the atmosphere is coming down during the warmer months as RAIN and during the cold months as SNOW, SLEET and FREEZING RAIN.

Cold dry air falls down toward the Poles.  If there is no arctic ice owing to hotter oceans that air picks up water vapor as it streams south.  Or north in the Southern hemisphere.

LAND COOLS FAST at night and during winter, much faster than oceans and lakes.  Therefore the SNOW will increase as YOU ARE NOW SEEING in both the USA and UK, as moisture laden air moves over cold land masses.   The worst extremes between Summer and Winter are likely to be in Russia.  Some of that already seen recently.


Did you know the Great Lakes are remnants of huge lobes of ICE?   Did you know that during the Ice Age Britain was swathed in ice except for certain southern shore areas fit only for Eskimos?

But Antarctica has not yet melted you say?  We are very lucky to have that buffer.  Thank God the greater part of the ice there is on land. And we would be in DIRE STRAITS already without the Oceans buffering the heat.  Without the oceans, the whole world would be like the recent fires in Russia and plant life would be dying or dead everywhere.

The Southern hemisphere has less land and more ocean area.  Hotter oceans make cold less likely there and Australia has been getting HOT and even had FIRES during their summer season (our winter).  El Niño generally means FIRES there and in Indonesia from DRYNESS.  La Niña means flooding as we see in Queensland, moving up to the worst EVER for recent history.  There have been massive mudslides in Indonesia, Philippines, California.  There have been droughts.  Queensland CANNOT remain the same.  Huge adaptation is necessary.

More Housing Helps for various conditions

Flood Proof Housing

I want you to get the picture.  Heat makes drought.  More water in atmosphere, rising to stratospheric levels over Pacific means MORE FLOODING — the Pineapple Express and like scenarios in other places.

THE HEAT could START AN ICE AGE — SNOW already IS BECOMING  HEAVIER in the USA and especially in the Eastern USA.  Freezing Rain can and WILL BECOME more likely.  Recent satellite photos showed 48 states and all of the U.K.  as completely white, covered with snow.  Do you want to find out if we can have half an Ice Age, Northern hemisphere only?  Did you know the ICE was THOUSANDS of feet deep?   Where will the Brits, Scots and Canadians find their new homes?  In Mexico?

SNOW reflects heat during winter and sure enough it is VERY COLD right now.  Strange ICE PROBLEMS are coming soon.

If your FLAT ROOF house or business is not CRUSHED in the SNOW, Nunitak guarantees it will drown in the FLOOD.  It is COMING FAST, this year or the next and FOR MANY in the USA alone.

Here is where I am bringing all of this HOME TO YOU just because someone built a nice home somewhere does NOT mean it is WORTH ANYTHING unless a person like me was INVOLVED in the DESIGN and/or site selection.   A costly house will OFTEN be WORTHLESS over the near future.  Many buildings with flat roof will be CRUSHED by SNOW.

The home with basement and major appliances therein will be a TOTAL WRITE-OFF in the flood.   In California there is the RISK of FIRE, EARTHQUAKE, MUDSLIDE.   In the NW USA there is the risk of flood, snow and ice.

The contours of the land and protective vegetation have much to do with it.  Likewise the location in the USA.

The RIVERS will RUN HIGHER AND HIGHER — How close is your home?   Have you made provisions to jack it up?   Have you moved the furnace and water heater to UPSTAIRS?   Have you made the entire first story waterproof?   Does your sewer line have a cut-off to prevent waters from backing up into the house?  Have you built a circumferential water barrier?   Do you even know which way the water will flow?  Expect some of THIS during 2011.

Australia Flood videoclick here

Does NYC even KNOW what to expect if there is an Extremely Long Freezing Rain?   What about ICE falling from skyscrapers?   What about 10, 12, 14, 16 feet of snow and more?

You think that is not coming.  Wait and see….  Do you KNOW how severe the flooding was in Queensland? Remember that Nunitak warned you BEFORE the so-called Weather Experts.

Of what use will those little front loaders with small wheels be?   Where is NYC planning and spending their money?  Will the Railroads have snow removal gear sufficient to keep freight rolling?  When will we have a HIGH RAILROAD bridge over the Mississippi and in the correct location?  Will EVERYTHING come to a standstill?

Nunitak is telling you now.  You will not be able to stand before the onslaught of nature.  I am telling you what I know and have given enough of the science here for those who can THINK to confirm it.  But I must now tell you that I know this scenario from Revelation as well.

It is surely coming.  And so long as there are idiots who are continually blocking new and renewable energy, denying global warming, and fostering pouring more and more carbon dioxide into the air it will not change but only get worse and worse.

Meanwhile the powerful block education for those more worthy than they are.  The sunshine ALONE could power the Whole World if only we had better ways of storing the energy.  Many thousands of bright people have been prevented and blocked from working on better batteries.  Special Interests block change.

Nunitak is elderly and usually adds more to each blog, more so nowadays.  So you might miss some useful edits if you do not return in a week or month.  I have had a troublesome seven weeks since December 1st, but I am holding up so far under my own burdens.  I must let this rest for today, Saturday January 22d.   But I will  add more to make it clear, hopefully.

I am NOT trying to get the Scare Award here, only telling you the Truth.

ABSTRACT:   Why you need to have a home away from the River, a jacked up house and/or a pointy roof, better insulation, more certainty about your safety from mudslide, collapsed levee.  A water source during severe drought (atmospheric water).  A home that is tornado and hurricane resistant.  And watch out for falling ice in Big Eastern Cities….  It is a WORLD PROBLEM — Pakistan, China, Africa, Russia and at Your Home.  Fire, Cyclone, Freezing Rain, Deep Snow, Drought, Great Flooding, Weather Extremes, everything churning around, airplanes crashing, tornadoes more frequent, all caused by Global Warming.  The Cruise Ships are also NOT LEARNING and many have come very close to tragedy.  Big Waves are in the offing, and many devastations.  NYC will NOT be able to keep streets clear w/o parking facilities and top must bear 27 feet wet snow or have some way of removing it.  Remember that Nunitak told you of the falling ice dangers ahead of time.  ALL OF THIS CALLS FOR PLANNING NOW, even planning for homeowners.


4 comments on “Egypt Situation and Extreme Climate Explained (briefly)”

  1. The USA will be hotter during summer and cooler during winter. Exceedingly deep snow will fall along a wide ‘U’ with NE slanting right arm. There will be episodes of freezing rain, ferocious hail, and very hot summer weather along with drought. There could be heavy Missouri flooding and Mississippi basin south from St. Louis this year.

  2. Matthew Chapter 7 King James Bible, vs 24–27

    24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: 25 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. 26 And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: 27 And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.

  3. Nunitak warned you about flat roofs after heavy wet snow, so if you visit gas station with two flimsy columns holding up big square canopy you will know that you are placing life and vehicle at great risk. I would suggest avoiding those stations after heavy snow and also during high winds. Need for better design is urgent into the future. Close calls already, luckily no one killed as far as I know.

  4. The judgment was set and the days of wrath for the last remaining errant one were numbered so that he might gather his followers into the pit.

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