Low tech, Christchurch earthquake, DIY fuel, Libya

The Iron Pagoda, a Chinese Song dynasty building nearly 1000 years old, survives earthquakes,
storms and floods.  It is not made of iron, only looks that way, the name may reflect durability.
photo source ……. Iron Pagoda detailsand photo

Which of the Maghreb Free Republics is putting together a Constitution or will they merely turn over committees, groups and leaders?  Where are the lawyers familiar with civil rights, fair governance, and peaceful recall of unwanted executives?  How will elections be organized?  Who is reviewing the laws?

Libyan AF bombs Ras Lanuf video

Gaddafi sees “no major problem” in relaxed, exclusive interview with France 24 — video

The future of Betelgeuse — could come to our attentions in a few years, months or days

High Tech — shouldn’t this be called ‘low tech’?

New device converts geothermal directly to electricity — with great efficiency

— how soon will there be subterranean geothermal arrays?
More and Here

The Christchurch Earthquake — February 22, 2011 Mag 6.3 bull’s eye on center

Christchurch Earthquake Map

Earthquake photos

Yemen, Libya and Quake victims rescue videoGaddafi speaks to faithful remnant, latest video

— very interesting* videos, where is Amir-al-bahr Larrazabal when you need him?

Gaddafi family ABC plans Sao Paulo ABC plans — world of contrasts, death and destruction vs construction and life more abundantly

*”and great winters there shall be”; that is, very long and cold…(not only an occasional snow in Somalia)

More earthquake videos

New Zealand quake turns student paradise into nightmare

More Quake News – Before and after

Compendium NZ Quake

— Many still trapped, hundreds feared dead, triage set up, phone communications impaired and restricted

Gasoline to hit $5 per gallon this year alternative

The Obsolete USA Economy — as envisioned in 1972, those who can read, take a look !!!

Make Fuel at Home With Portable DIY Refinery

Comments on the preceding

The Scooter Pod — video [Nunitak thinks these might sell in Libya or could be made there]

— some people may have access to the right stuff

Five cylinder radial steam engine — click here for video


Butane engine

How Engines Work — includes the in-line, V-6 or 8, flat 4, and radial

9 cylinder Sternmotor

Killer Icicle Management 101 — photos

Record wet summer in parts of Tasmania
— will Tasmanians be rugging up or bailing out this winter?


2 comments on “Low tech, Christchurch earthquake, DIY fuel, Libya”

  1. 9,999 out of 10,000 are so feebleminded and superficial and lazy. Virtually no one digs in and is thorough. Therefore there are no eyes for great wisdom, and you cannot see, even when it is handed to you.

  2. The politicians have to get out of the way and let the people work on the problems, understanding that WORK takes TIME.

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