Terremoto Magnifico 9.0 + Gordo Tsunami Japan: 80 mi E of Sendai Honshu

Scroll down for the LATEST on Fukushima…

USGS Current Image — Asia   Earthquake Images by USGS; no abatement of aftershocks as of Saturday, March 12th evening EST.  Biggest aftershocks settling to just over mag 5 as of 20 March.

Japan latest big seismic event — keeping track of latest shocks; title revised in light of further findings and calculations

April 7 — same area rattled by strongest aftershock yet, mag 7.1 — depth 49 km

Japan Earthquake Geophysics

At 2:22 PM there was a long lasting earthquake, at 2:44 PM the Tsunami had reached far inland — 22 minutes of moving devastation in just the first wave

On Scene Photos — the aftermath

China Daily offers Live Japan Earthquake updates — covering all matters related, photos

Survivors Recount Events

Japanese journalist’s tale of survival — eyewitness account NHK video

Endless blocks of rubble CNN video

Japanese man survives Tsunami in car — video

Heroes of Fukushima Nuclear Plant battle for control
— video

Quake causes Japan to move 2.4 meters

Terremoto en Japón — Aol video

CNN Japan Quake videos


Double your donation to SAVE THE CHILDREN for Japan Earthquake Relief <– your mid-March 2011 donation will be matched

— visit the website or call 1-800-926-7000 during business hours (9 to 5 EST) to have Brookstone.com match your donation


Red Cross Contact Help and Donations
1-800-RED CROSS or 1-800-733-2767

Spanish Speaking or Deaf <– click here to donate

More ways to help with $10 by texting on cell phone — pick your favorite NGO, Salvation Army, Medical  or whatever



Greatest Japan Quake in Modern History

Fukushima 1 nuclear plant explodes — video only,  details other than 20 km clearance zone — three explosions, fitful stabilization efforts underway in adverse circumstances

Prudent minimal precautions are to avoid downwind area up to 200 km, if not needed,  and to wear dust mask within 25km of plant or closer than 500 km downwind.  Anyone within these areas should take 150 micrograms of Iodine supplement daily.  Water and environment should be monitored to enable early detection of any dangerous levels of radioactive contamination.  Hazard levels should be posted where appropriate.  Update:  Fukushima evacuations underway 03/15/11

Sunday Morning nuclear details — the Fukushima situation

Low, missing coolant and degradation of fuel consequences explained

Fukushima 3 details

March 17th:  Japan now successfully bringing fire and cooling resources to bear on Fukushima

March 24th:  Power restored to all 6 Fukushima power plants — Effects of sea water salts on fuel rods

March 27thFukushima Daichi Upadate — fitful stablilization proceeds with medium high radiological contamination in situ

ABC News video of Sendai disaster — with sound

FT com — includes video

Tsunami wreaks havoc — video as ocean sweeps onto Honshu

Photos of devastation from China Daily

Tsunami video

Miyagi Prefecture wiped out

RT video of beached & flipped ships, refinery fire

Multiple aftershocks more details

USGS Asia Earthquake Map shows location, current quakes — click on boxes for details

Refinery fires and Nuclear Emergency — photos and links


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