Frank’s Bigfoot Dream

By: nunitak

Mar 19 2011

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Nunitak recounts a strange dream which someone from an unincorporated place in the SE USA named Boogie Rump told me.  This man who wishes to remain anonymous told me about this dream which he had ten years ago after listening to a radio program about Bigfoot.

In his dream he was sailing through the air in some cold mountainous area and noticed some hunters in bright colored clothing and those warm knitted hats called toques.  They were scrambling very fast to the top of a snowy ridge and when they arrived at the top they started using binoculars and scanning the other side in all directions, very carefully for a very long time.  Then one of them slapped the other on the back and started pointing towards one of the low mountains on the other side.

From the air he followed that direction and saw a Bigfoot picking his way rapidly through the huge valley covered only in patches with snow and having occasional steamy vents, puddles and a stream down the middle.  It became clear that these armed hunters were after that Bigfoot, but  too far away to take a shot.   Then he noticed two small moving figures working their way across the vast expanse of ponds, puddles and steamy vents.  These  turned out to be Newfoundland dogs as he sailed through the air for a closer look.

He kept heading towards the Bigfoot to obtain a closer look too at this rarely seen creature.  Dusk was falling and though the Bigfoot was passing through a final sunny area, the NE shadows of the mountains to the rear were growing longer rapidly.  The Bigfoot clambered over a further ridge, one without much snow and mostly green with low vegetation.

He quickly closed the distance and saw the Bigfoot turn right on the other side of the ridge, towards the flank of the distant mountain.  The Bigfoot entered a narrow gorge and then in the decreasing light he saw the Bigfoot enter a cave.  He watched the cave for a few minutes and then turned back to check on the dogs and hunters.  The dogs were about two thirds of the way across the valley, but the hunters, although in the valley, had a long distance to go.

While he was looking  south he heard a rumbling sound and turned to see a snow avalanche obliterating the entrance to the cave along with most of the little ascending gorge.  How fortuitous for the Bigfoot!  He was pondering this for a very long time, but decided not to wait for the arrival of the dogs and hunters, rather to explore this strange area in the fast fading light as the peaks glowed red in the north.

He decided to work his way around this particular mountain, but discovered it was a line of six bigger and bigger mountains heading north.   He left the scene by flying over the dimly glowing peaks towards the eastern flanks.   As he did so , from high in the air he watched the blackness of night fall over the whole scene.   He moved over the next north to south spur of mountains and that was when he noticed the cabin with lights in four windows, very unusual for such a remote and desolate place.

He moved down and closer and started looking for wires and telephone poles thinking he must be near some town.  But there were no other signs of habitation, no poles, no wires, no sound of a generator, no wind power, no solar panels, no sign of any power source.  No chimney either.

The cabin was built on a small rocky plateau and seemed to conform to the descending edge in a spur of the valley and appeared to have at least two, possibly three levels.

This is where my friend’s dream becomes really weird.  He went into the cabin, and unlike the dogs and hunters, the elderly man there noticed him immediately, invited him to have a seat and they talked.

We shall call my friend Frank, not his real name.  Frank talked with the old man who turned out to be a retired college professor who seemed to know quite a bit about geology.  But Frank was more curious about where he got his electric power.  The old professor said “it all comes from a two cylinder cold air engine.”

He did not show it, but he explained to Frank that there was a hot spring close by at the valley floor which fed towards the stream in the middle of the valley, seen before.  The professor claimed he had tapped into that hot spring to take very hot water to his engine.  The water flowed into the cylinders through valves controlled by a slow but heavy flywheel with teeth which also turned a generator shaft.

Warm Rock House.  In the middle of no where with a retired professor occupying.

But how does it run?   That is where the cold air comes in said the professor.  The flywheel also powers an air injector with ball valves and springs.  When the cold air, only a little air is necessary, said the professor, hits the hot water in the incompletely expanded cylinder, it picks up heat from the water and expands, causing the flywheel to turn.  The best efficiency is attained in the coldest and darkest part of the winter.  It is only needed to stock some spare parts and to run some solutions through to keep down mineral deposits about once a month.  The apparatus is disassembled and checked more thoroughly once a year in late summer, and there is a spare of the same design on standby.  No solar panels necessary!

Frank then noticed the photographs on one wall and these included the old professor standing amongst what appeared to be a family of Bigfoot, amongst native Americans, amongst Eskimos, and amongst numerous like groups from many places about the world.

“That’s all I can show you,” said the professor, “now you have to return to your own home.”

He clapped his hands once loudly and Frank instantly found himself back in his own bed at home.

Frank was very comfortable and pleased with his dream.  He looked at the clock and saw that it was 5:33 AM.   He remembered all the features of this dream clearly, it was so unusual because Frank had dreams seldom, and usually did not remember them well.

Even ten years later, Frank was able to tell me all about this dream.  Maybe Frank lives in Tennessee, maybe Arkansas, maybe Alabama or Mississippi.  Nunitak promised not to divulge the location of Boogie Rump, but you might guess it is mountain country for the area.  If Frank is a hillbilly, he is one with a very unusual dream.

Boogie Rump Hollow is even more difficult to find.  No Bigfoots spotted yet, but quite a few buzzing bees, raccoons who can pick out the ripe watermelon and similar.  Sometimes Frank wonders if the Bigfoot he saw has lights too, but he is fairly sure it has heat.  There was something about plastic engine parts I forgot to put in there and air injectors at the bottom, from pressurized tank with automatic refill pump.  Another interesting raccoon story from Russia — video.


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