Journey to Heavenly Perfection, and Finding the Something Different way out of Babylon

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Looking for The Way Out of Babylon   [ this is Part 1 of a series of blog entries ]

The evil ones and their leader, the former Prince of this World, see our planet as a black sphere, a model of which they keep outside their temples and lodges.  They are the pawns and tools of a secret and ancient conspiracy which goes far back into time, not a mere 6000 years ago as those who are ignorant of both science and religion would have you believe.

It has become necessary for someone who understands to explain what is going on and what will happen.  The problem calls for someone who is a  close follower of truth from God,  attentive to the words of our Creator Son, Christ. We need someone understanding both science and religion, but one who is led more by the Holy Spirit (as Christ wished) and has the “precepts of men” in subordination to those greater guides.  Christ and the Infinite Spirit are our Chief Appointed Ministers, coming from above, and from before any church, church leader or minister.

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

Therefore, Nunitak will offer correct views for your perusal here.  However, whenever I show an incorrect view,  I will show why it is wrong using  the revelations of  the words of Christ, the Holy Spirit and the King James Bible, or all three.  Two witnesses are better than one, and three are even better.

Do not be afraid, for I am conveying, once again,  tidings of great joy, to comfort all peoples in the time of tribulation and testing.  Christ is the Prince of our world, he came here to reclaim that title from the hands of those who strayed.  He is our Creator and our Redeemer, he has never forgotten us, he watches over us, and he is returning soon, even within this generation if Nunitak perceives correctly.

I am seeking the counsel and guidance of The Infinite Holy Spirit above and beyond writing in mere academic fashion, but I have for many years learned to do both.  I am not writing for the atheists, nor offering any apology whatsoever to them.  Likewise, I am not writing for the ignorant and the unlearned who do not seek, who have never read scriptures thoroughly, who have not studied history, who have not studied science.  I am writing solely for those who can and who will learn, a task that requires work, care, diligence and effort.  Thus, I am not writing for the so-called fundamentalists of any religion, including Christianity.  But I am writing for all who can learn, no matter what religion, nationality, or social antecedents.

Like God, I am no respecter of persons.  By this I mean to offer equal opportunity for each to progress, as God does.

This will enable me to be lucid and concise, not mustering up endless trivialities nor multiplying words unnecessarily to reveal any point.  We all have our own God given intellects and the ability to seek further details on any topic.  I am offering only the best of what I know — not what I believe, only what I know, for mere belief could be right or wrong.  Therefore, at all times I will be writing from knowledge of a certainty (the Holy Spirit is the best source for that, and is in fact our Chief Mind Minister as well as Supreme Director of all angelic ministries).

As persons, we are imperfect, often in conflict and disagreement.  We do not often achieve harmony, though perfecting harmony must be our goal.  We all have free will and the human right to exercise it under God.  So, I am only sharing my views with you.  Only you will decide, only you can decide, if what I offer is true. good, beautiful and useful.

But perfection is attainable for us.  We can become perfect like our Father in heaven.  God the Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are infinitely perfect.  They oversee All Actualized Realities as One.  The Trinity is One and functions as One in absolute, infinite and perfect harmony.  Moreover, the three absolute persons of the Trinity can function as distinct persons.  The Mind Ministry of the Holy Spirit is just one example of the latter.

Being led by the precepts of men is not completely wrong at all times.  We know that we see in part, and we know how to gather an expert group for a more 360 degree view.  Our wisdom is growing in all areas.   New and better concepts appear in math and science.  This is true for religion and governance too.  We often correct erroneous views in history and geology.  We do better to consider ourselves as growing and changing, coming continually into a better and more perfect light.   That would reduce conflict,  encourage further exploration, and preclude dead ends and frozen creeds which have no hope of advancing our eternal destinies.

At a certain age and before departing we should share what we have learned.   Knowledge is good for a particular time and place, but true wisdom serves well eternally.   If you do not share with those less experienced you are a waste.   A worthy person who shares will receive more from higher up.  That’s a fact, and more evidence of  fair and just heavenly management.

My one caveat would be to share what you know, not what you believe.  That is what I intend to do here.

This is the end of the Introduction.

I will proceed to my first point right here.  And I will continue in accord with priorities.

Videos about My First Topic —  Babylon and Coming Out from Babylon

Babylon videos followed by a VERY thought provoking video on Coming Out from Babylon.   If we all worked on coming out from our Babylon-state-of-mind,  and that might even include some of the leaders, would we not have more bliss?   If enough people came out, would Babylon leaders even be possible?   They might have no powers and no votes?  Yes?

If we came out from Babylon would it not be into LOVE and HARMONY?   Would it not be harmony with both God and Nature, and with all Divine and Natural Laws?

I will now put up the videos on The Existing Babylon.

First Babylon sample video and full  video link (if you wish)

Next video

Next video

Next video

Next video

Final Babylon sample

COMING OUT OF BABYLON does not involve a religious trip to a One Religion World (that would be staying in Babylon):

Watch this VERY THOUGHT PROVOKING MOVIE — it is an attempt at diagnosis, not an attempt at conversion, it is something for everyone to consider no matter who. Most everyone knows something is going on and something is coming. I do not agree with all points in this video, but it is a very good job at making a diagnosis.

THE WAY OUT OF BABYLON <– click for movie; this is my name for this movie, you are welcome to pick another title if you will (it is very thought provoking)

— this is The Best Video of All,  you all should be sure to watch this, there will be nothing as good for you on TV tonight, okay?

It goes without saying the videos do not cover all, but they make a good starting point for next weeks blog entry.

“We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed:

forsake her, and let us go everyone into his own country:

for her judgment reaches unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.”

Jeremiah 51, verse 9

Cannot we all find our own country?  And would that not be better than One World, One Money, One Dictator?

Is there not strength in diversity?

Is not healthy free will our chief gift from God?  And can we free ourselves from our own self-created Babylon?

If no one kills, contributes, or does their bidding, would not the Brotherhood of Satan totally collapse?

Even existing members could throw their hats into the fire and repent!

There will be another blog each week on Our Ending Age, leaving Babylon, Nunitak’s shared lights, perfections of concept, revelations. I will indicate when I have finished. But since ALL is never finished, at that point only, not earlier, you may email questions to answer in the blog if you wish. That may include ANY questions, no matter how difficult. So I will answer questions, God willing, after my blog entries are done, from July onwards.

2 comments on “Journey to Heavenly Perfection, and Finding the Something Different way out of Babylon”

  1. If you neglect to be wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove, you could bring harm to the innocent.

  2. Do not make the mistake of thinking the plotters are all gathered up in one place and do not think that you can do nothing while they gather the entire world into their trap.

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