Why Big Changes do not occur instantly here; Heavenly Judgment

Photo is from Michigan Judicial dot gov  website.  Nunitak prefers seeing Lady Justice with a pure heart which does not stray, too.

April 21st: Nunitak has decided that I must finish the topic of Judgment with Planetary Judgments and that will be at least part of the next blog entry along with whatever comes up as a result of my help request (see the first entry of this series).  The thrust of that part of the new blog entry will  convey that God does not judge nor punish you for what someone else, high or low, has done.  You are judged solely on your own merits or demerits, the consequences of your own intentions.

Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah for piano beginners — be exactly accurate FIRST, and as slow as necessary for that.  Hint:  Speed will come later, without mistakes, and this will be true for all subjects — wherever your talents lie, which is in a different area for each person, with some blends and combos as well as outstanding singularities .  And then comes perfection.  Practice makes perfect.  Patience and Persistence are sister virtues.

Heavenly Judgment  — the Overseers [ this is Part 3 of a series of blog entries, priceless info for free, your $ 1 million would not be enough and silver or gold will not help, y’all hear ]

The Ancients of Days are Trinity origin beings who are of record as the first beings in the time and space universes.  Three of them preside at the headquarters of each of the seven superuniverses.  Nunitak is explaining here according to my understanding, but will give urls where you may find more authoritative sources.

The Ancients of Days are more than Supremely perfect, acquainted with all of God’s plans for the present universe age including aspects not disclosed to others, and likely more.  They are as God to each superuniverse, much as a Creator Son is to a local universe, or God the Father is to the eternal heaven or Paradise.

They oversee the Judicial system and all serious matters fall within their jurisdiction.  That would certainly include Gabriel vs Lucifer, the case involving the Lucifer rebellion.  At their level a day is as a 1000 years.  So only 202 days since Lucifer rebelled, and the duration pending judgment seems long to us, but is sufficiently speedy to them.

We sometimes have big cases in our judicial systems here and these can last for years before there is resolution. So you can imagine a case involving planets and many beings.  The Book of Revelation  Chapter 5 seems to picture one of these Supreme Judges  delivering a verdict  to Christ, you can check that out yourselves.  Again, they are mentioned in the Book of Daniel.

Like most of you, I only know a little about this.  But what I do know is WHY there is no rush to judgment in such affairs.  However, I will give only the reasons that are clear to me, a senior earthling.  There are MANY similar reasons from the perspective of heavenly beings, in fact thousands.

Most Christians understand that although we can experience physical death here, there is a resurrection and continuing metamorphosis into higher forms, progressively more glorious.  Spiritual life cannot be extinguished — the second death — without the approval of the Ancients of Days.

The Planetary Rebellion

— this was about 200,000 BC when Lucifer’s Chief Assistant Satan convinced the former Prince of our world to join in the Lucifer Rebellion

Here are my reasons why there is no arbitrary, instant justice even amongst spheres where there is no rebellion.  Our own future is safeguarded in the same way.  We do not have to follow Lucifer and Satan into oblivion.  We are all granted TIME in which to organize ourselves both individually and collectively.

God is merciful and allows for maximum free will to express itself in a multitude of perfecting directions.  This creates a diverse, yet perfecting reality.  This is a fundamental of the cosmos.

God is not a Dictator.  Evolving beings participate in the evolution of the Total Reality.  this is the Divine Plan for Cosmic Development.

For this purpose God has created us in His Image, we share creational powers, and it appears certain that these powers increase on higher levels — certainly our knowledge does, we in fact see more powers as time rolls on for the peoples of our own native sphere.

If ascending beings are to evolve to perfection there must be some justice time lag which allows them an opportunity to see the occasional  errors of their ways.  There are inevitable errors where beings begin their evolution from total ignorance towards perfection.

A kind Parent always offers time and opportunity for repentance and for erring ones to see the results of wrong choice.

That is merciful and loving, but it  is also compassionate, and absolutely necessary in the case of immature beings who are intended to progress from a beginning of total ignorance to maximum finite perfection.

For these reasons instant summary justice could often be cruel.

Generally everyone must mature in their ways, and that does in fact sort out their continuing qualifications for successive higher levels.

Only when mercy is exhausted does the ultimate penalty of justice prevail for miscreants — but that concerns heavenly justice primarily.

No one may have their spiritual life extinguished without the sanction of the Ancients of Days, and they are the Supreme Judges for the time and space universes.

Judgment of all large matters is coordinated by the Ancients of Days.

Even on this sphere we see that judging a very large matter takes time.

But there are rules for small matters as well, judgment should not be arbitrary.

Judgment is always a group activity, it is NOT THE PREROGATIVE OF ONE PERSON.   Many beings and all relevant evidence are involved in any judgment overseen by the Ancients of Days too. 10,000 times 10,000 stand before them, as you may have heard or read.

“Mercy is never exhausted for those who are making progress.”  [I am quoting a heavenly rule here]

Do not expect perfection here, expect increasing and relative perfection where intentions are devoted to solving problems, bettering conditions, progress.

Stability and gradual change must be core features of advancing perfection for ascendant mortals on all spheres.  This includes both initial and progressive spheres.

As far as judicial proceedings go, careful consideration requires time for hearing the complete matter, the evidence, the witnesses.

Proverbs, Chapter 24 (reference url below)

v23 Here are some more Wise Lessons:
A judge must be fair.
v24 A judge might say to a guilty man, ‘You are innocent.’
But the people will curse that judge. The nations will hate him.
v25 However, the judge who punishes the guilty man does well.
God will be very kind to that judge.

The magnitude of any punishment should be tempered by merciful consideration of the offender’s chances for making further progress on earth balanced with the need for corrective action which safeguards the public, the judge is one person who is often in this role of being “a good and wise  judge who is his brothers’ keeper.”

One does see occasionally punishments which are too severe or too light and these arise from doctrinaire or immature judges.  The position of judge calls for EXPERIENCE along with Good Judgment.  Some nations make use of sentencing guidelines to lessen errors.  But we still need judges who can weigh matters carefully.

In this piece I have hoped to clarify for you who the Ancients of Days are, three at head of each superuniverse, 21 in all.  They are equal in rank with the Eternals of Days in the eternal, central heaven.  The latter may visit them, but the Ancients of Days may not leave (possibly that will change when a superuniverse is perfected, but I really do not know, and it involves something else which I cannot explain here, but which you the diligent could search out).

Even an ordinary person like myself can often know more than is possible to explain in one place and certainly more than can be fully shared with beginners.  Chances are you who are reading this will know MUCH MORE too when you are Senior here on this sphere.  If you have a faster clockspeed than I do  it will be easy for you to outdo me in your own future here.

Any Divine Judgment which is coming here will have been sanctioned and approved by the Ancients of Days.

Glory of the Lord ♪ ♫

Halleluljah Chorus  ♪ ♫

Even mortals who have advanced quite a few levels higher are as little children to God.

All higher beings are carefully considerate of your status and knowledge, just as you who are parents here should be for your own children.  Do not expect them to understand too much prematurely.

Problems of the Lucifer Rebellion

Humble best might be appropriate in latter days, with no overweening titles.

Probably best to let God judge I think, wherever possible.

Focus more on improving one’s self.

That’s just what I think, everyone should stand for himself, not for another.  Respect for free will.

But we do need our own justice systems here.  Perhaps I have been able to offer some clues as to better justice, perhaps not.

I have given you the best which I have to offer, but I am not a lawyer,  though I do think there are many lawyers who lack heavenly insight and progressive pilgrim status.

Yes, I can tell you for SURE, there are legal experts at all levels in the heavens, whatever we have here is very likely to reflect imperfectly what is in heaven.

However, the justice on higher levels is flawless, you will undoubtedly be happy to know that.

I have always been more interested in what is RIGHT than what is LEGAL, but I do try to obey the laws here.

Ancients of Days

This has been only a sketch, only YOU can attack this diligently for your own better light.

Some further pointers

In Proverbs 18 vs 13 you will find that “It is unwise to judge a matter without hearing the evidence.”

Proverbs 24 verse 11 Says to save a person whose life is in danger — like Lifeboat Society

“If someone is going to die, then rescue him!
Save him from death!”

Here is a very carefully done website on judging

— there are many very good points in there

Where do THEY get their evidence?   There are countless angels watching everything,  acts which some humans think go unseen will be revealed to the JUDGE.

There are countless heavenly records, you would be astounded.  They are even certified, in multiple formats, and conveyed to higher levels. The angels are ultra reliable witnesses.

But you cannot hide the record which you carry with you too.  Even that is accessible.  Finally, there is perfect lie detection.

But there is opportunity for change and repentance, an erring person need not assume doom is inevitable.

Judicial proceedings here may terminate physical life, but no earthly tribunal has authority to extinguish spiritual life.

We know that some innocent are executed,  God will deliver them into the shining light they deserve.

There are many first who shall be last, and many last who shall be first.

God’s justice is flawless.  You can count on that, and you can rejoice in it.

Rejoice ♪ ♫

Handel’s Messiah lyrics


We will continue next week, Nunitak has no idea where, resting for now.


2 comments on “Why Big Changes do not occur instantly here; Heavenly Judgment”

  1. “And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

    “And i saw a strong angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

    “And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

    “And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.”

    Revelation Chapter 5

  2. If there are some who feel they are doomed in the light of the coming judgment by the Ancients of Days, they do have some opportunity to repent and change their life directions. I would think time is short, so best to get on with that. All the best changes are made in the Present Moment. Do it now. Ask for God’s help with your change.

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