Going way up there and looking about, stuff to ponder

This is Part 4 of a series,  Planetary Judgment has moved to Part 5, coming next

Nunitak was planning on having blog up on Saturday and has endless stuff to write but it did not happen. Was it a medical problem or a dental problem? Did Nunitak eat a bad pizza? Was the subject matter wrong for the holiday? Who knows? Maybe it was one of those, maybe all. Maybe sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

So here it is, Sunday. There are ups and downs. One who is experienced knows this, but with lots of experience it is not depressing. One looks for opportunities and one has faith because one has learned that the deepest pit is when you know for sure that things will get better. It all evens out, but still you see an upward trend, the improvements are not always what one expected, and you tended to worry too much during the pits. Did the planet survive World War II, what do you think?

A story will be much better. Let’s suppose you are God. You have brought a central heaven of perfect beings into existence, but they were not created in time and although that central heaven occupies time and space it is eternally perfect. It is satisfying, something you have done. The beings in the central heaven even have free will as you do, but they operate from the perfection which you have endowed, it is your accomplishment, not so much theirs.  But as they do have free will, they too will have accomplishments of their own.

But suppose this was not enough, that you had known all along this would not be enough. What if your Master Plan is that all beings should create their own perfections? Well, you got it started, a central nucleus of perfect, but those energies you sent out from Paradise, from outside of time and space, but at the center of all, are forming vast new galaxies, devoid of life.

So you make the announcement. We are going to start beings like ourselves out there, but they will start as little children, knowing nothing. We will see to it that they have all the means and potentials for creating for themselves their own perfections, individually and collectively. For this purpose we will create them in our image with God-like powers latent. We will provide helpful spiritual ministries, but they will have maximum free will and they will co-create themselves.

These beings will contain the seeds for resurrection, translation or advance to all higher levels. They will gain experience for serving well in all Actualized Realities. [but God reserves infinite potentials, and releases them as He will, overseeing all from Paradise]

They will start as mortals, subject to death like the animals and plants of their spheres, but we will grant them ascension potentials. When they have arrived here, it is true that we will have created them, but it is also true that they will have created themselves. They will evolve to perfection as individuals and collectively.

Nunitak now goes out of simplified story mode. We are back on earth, the foregoing is only a slightest sketch, we know that God’s thoughts are deep, He has Infinite vision and so on.

Nunitak goes back into God mode.

He has brought into existence, outside of time and space, Creator Sons who are endowed, each with unique, only begotten, subsets of His infinite plans and powers. These will go out there into time and space beyond the central heaven, into the seven superuniverses. They will establish the local universes with helpers from the Holy Spirit. The Sons and Spirits will create the higher beings to manage each new creation. Each Creator Son has his own perfect plans, already approved. The Mother Spirit of each universe will create the ministering angels. The higher beings there will create all life forms in accordance with the plans of the Creator Son and He will oversee all.

But I have appointed my Ancients of Days to be judges and administrators over all. These will insure fairness and justice for all. They will safeguard the endless future of each world, and they will safeguard the eternal destiny of all my children in all universes who are advancing towards perfection.  Additionally, they will administer the seven superuniverses.

The perfect beings will minister to the perfecting beings and then the perfect beings and the perfected beings will have new projects, working together, in the following age.

But first we will all work together, the perfect and the perfecting, until all worlds and universes are perfect. Farther out I am organizing an even greater number of worlds, and I have a project there for the following age. But I have reserved these plans to those higher in rank than my Ancients of Days for now, but all plans are revealed at appropriate times and as necessary, to whomever must participate.

All pertaining to the coming age will be gathered up and safeguarded while we are perfecting the seven trillion worlds of the first phase.

Nunitak comes back to here and now.

Yes, this is an imperfect view for your consideration. It is only an attempt at God’s mind and thoughts.

But now we see that some monitoring and control and judgment is necessary, functions vested in the Ancients of Days. Who will safeguard the worthy? Who will sort out the bad and the unprofitable?

Who will guarantee world without end, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven?

You also see how wills sort out. God has a will, but is not a dictator. Instead God is allowing Maximum Free Will for the new, lowest beings. They EVOLVE to perfection in accordance with their own free will. The good and worthy ones are to be protected. There are ample ministries from Holy Spirit and angels, even from visiting Sons of God.

Each world will be unique, evolving in its own way, and there will be endlessly diverse, yet perfect worlds. Just as the worlds of the eternal, central heaven are all uniique but perfect.

All is headed towards Absolute Perfection. But perhaps there are many stages of lesser perfection which come first. Maximum finite perfection for mortals. Perhaps some forms of Transcendental Perfection for Perfect Beings and Perfected Beings working together.

When we look about our own planet, leaving out the cosmos, we see the same trends — stumbling towards perfection, albeit a bit less fitfully as time rolls on.

If necessary, the Ancients of Days can intervene to safeguard all that is true, good and beautiful.

So I will put up that piece on Planetary Judgment next.

Now you can decide whether Nunitak ate a bad pizza for sure, or whether there is anything worth thinking about here.

Do not worry, I am feeling better, and all will continue as planned.

Just do not ask me to explain how one functions in Paradise, I am not even close to that yet. For starters, Paradise is outside of time and space. That means it will be a severe strain to scientists answering this question. But Nunitak is SURE that everyone who is the best of worth keeping WILL get there and see God.  However, a fragment of the I AM is with each person at all times, in fact that is WHY we are potentially eternal.  Only those who keep working on it find more answers.

And many who do not go that far yet will have glorious eternal life at lesser levels, even that far beyond what we can imagine here and now.  Some will not make it to any glory, even a lesser one.

Note for the inevitable critics: this may not be perfect, but it is better than nothing, go write your own piece. I am only writing enough to be helpful, everyone can think for themselves, I am not a Dictator either. We should share views, that brings a more 360 degree comprehension.

Symmetry and Patterns are important too.  Math seems to be involved with and underlying everything.  Has anyone ever composed a fractal music composition?   Nunitak only sees in part like you do, I am only a bit older.  Everyone has to do their part, okay?

By the way, I will bring some math into it later on, not overly complex.

A place to find more

Another place to find more

So, Planetary Judgments will come up next and just perhaps the foregoing will help better in understanding it.

When you look at all time, garbage is recycled perfectly and leaves no clutter.  In fact we would not be able to recycle our own garbage here had not the mechanisms been provided.

Would you believe it?  Nothing goes to waste in the Spiritual Economy too.  Only Advancing Perfection exists,  endlessly getting better and brighter.

Everyone can participate, working on perfection!    If you were already perfect then you would not have to work on it, yes?  All necessary powers have been granted to you.

Come Come Ye Saints ♪ ♫

The Spirit of God like a fire is burning ♪ ♫

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing ♪ ♫

Meditation Music from East ♪ ♫

Gagaku Etenraku  ♪ ♫

Another version with wonderful video !

Abide with Me ♪ ♫


3 comments on “Going way up there and looking about, stuff to ponder”

  1. A few of the swifter will see earlier than others that although we start out lowest, God is in fact sharing more of His Powers with us than with even the Perfect beings who are now helping us, excepting those beings endowed with subsets of His Infinity such as Creator Sons. Notice that the latter go through experiences as their own creatures.

  2. A subset of the infinite is infinite. But God is Absolute and Infinite encompassing All Infinity. Nevertheless, any being of Infinite endowment IS Like God. In fact, IS God as to his endowments. The swift will see that and have no arguments. God remains in charge of ALL, just does not need to counsel everyone, at least not the Infinitely Perfect. Nevertheless, even they are humble before God.


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