Appendix to Judgment blogs entry – a bonus for those who can handle a bit more

Tornado History

Alabama Tornadoes

Aerial photos Tuscaloosa tornado paths

Previous big F5 tornado track

More like this

Nunitak says he can build a 2- or 4-bedroom house equal to F4 tornado* (and mostly surviving after F5) for FAR UNDER the cost most all people pay for a new similar size home built in the customary way.  In answer to those who dispute this, Nunitak says:  You pay the costs of construction, and if 7 out of 10 smart people trained in wind forces agree that Nunitak has done what he says he can do, then you owe me $10,000,000    Bonus:  My house will last immensely longer, be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, no extra charge.  I do each construction as a custom job in accord with conditions there, so there are no plans until I see where it will be done and all surroundings, because my design encompasses peculiarities of local terrain, climate, and weather.  City conditions may be limiting and not feasible in some instances (lot too small for example), but I can do the fantastic best for country and rural folk.

*That means still standing, unmoved, not in pieces, needing little to no repairs even following a DIRECT HIT.   Plus — the house itself will be your tornado shelter.  And it will have nice windows to let the sunshine in.  If you want your car protected to F4 too, that will cost more, but the same guarantee holds: and it will still cost less than conventional house plus garage.  Since Nunitak is elderly, any young architect, builder, or engineer who wishes to know how may contact me at ki_te_moana [at], but ONLY if they intend to sell such homes precisely in line with the much lower construction cost, and pay Nunitak a $100 honorarium per unit.  An agreement will envisage revocation for upping the price to conventional levels.  By the way, construction is fast by comparison…

Note:  It is a coincidence of timing that some disaster occurs when Nunitak is doing some particular blog entry.  You should not assume that Nunitak is making any correlation between this natural disaster and the current blog  entry.   If this had anything to do with judgment, why would good people have suffered?    Nuntiak does not want the ignorant and the superstitious going off on false tangents about his blog.  Further, it is an error to suppose that all natural events are related to God’s will.  If your children are playing with matches after fiddling with the gas stove and the house blows up, that is a natural event too — but did God will it?   Only a fool would say so.


Sunday, May 1st — a Note about Part 5 of Judgment series:  Jesus left a clue which few people amongst Christians understand.  Nunitak has written about it online, but still no one pays attention because Nunitak is ‘just an ordinary person’  which is only like saying what everyone else is to my point of view.  But, anyhow, Jesus’ clue lets you know something about when he will appear here as well as explaining some complex topics which many understand incorrectly.  It is important to know what will happen when Christ returns and that will go up sometime on this date.  Sorry about keeping you waiting, Nunitak is slow and elderly now, but I am catching up, working on it now.  Finally got to it.   Most all the blog entries here are written in far under one day, even including most edits for polishing away typos and small mistakes, and for enhancing clarity (wordsmiths know what I am talking about).  So I am working on Jesus Leaves a Clue now

Things to Ponder before next blog entry on Planetary Judgment (likely to post here on May 1st, Sunday).

Glory to God

Halleluljah Chorus

The Heavens are Telling  ♪ ♫

More to Ponder, you can fill it in  — [with age and experience if not now]

What happens in Paradise
Nations and Linkages, worlds, universes
Remote Linkage vs Visitation — how does that work for you (?), make comparisons, put on your thinking cap
What happens in your Meeting Places
Space Compression
Time Compression vs Time Dilation
The prospects of you knowing about it all one day, if … [you are amongst those who achieve your potential destiny]

Don’t forget God produced the entire cosmos, so God must be The Absolute Supreme Scientist, or maybe it is more accurate to say scientists could not exist without God and the cosmos.

Launch of Global Survivors Network
— a message for everyone, including those in government or private groupings or contemplating individual acts

Helpful References — just for you

Book of Enoch —  also helps for understanding current times

The Unmanifest — in two parts by Nunitak (this link is for Part 1)

Some people are missing the click to The Unmanifest Part 2 — so I have put it here.

— those who manage to link with the I AM fragment which is with them* are close to translation, the highest honor possible here

Another addition for the Justice blog, a couple entries back there:

Gang rape of woman for what her brother did

Another Nunitak blog that will cheer you up — just in case you need it, see the Squirrelly Types house, Candy Mountain, &c

— do not forget the Tornado shelter at ground level and sleeping there when necessary

* consider that a fragment of the I AM has some significant eternal potentials and there is more you can learn about higher relationships of these Divine gifts, with the very highest as well as the I AM, and likely explains how you could function in Paradise.


Nunitak is prompted to add some Speculations

I will italicize the surer of these, but I must confess there is little solid evidence at MY hand as to the true facts regarding the remainder.  However, I have studied countless sources for DECADES and some may know that I am a careful person who runs many checks, not the typically lazy type, and I believe in quality as well as not leading others astray.  You might say that I am filling in MY OWN (not your) BLANKS, but the filling in is very little in my case, because I have a huge amount of facts, far, far more, perhaps 10,000 times more than what I am surmising here.

Lucifer decided that he could do things better than following higher guidance.  I do know, reliably, that he wanted to RUSH development of evolving humans, and of mortals on at least 36 other rebelling spheres, all likely more advanced than earth.  He felt that he, Lucifer,  had a BETTER plan.  It is likely that he was forceful and tried to consolidate his regime early on.  As you have heard, he did obtain many helpers.  This is the part of which I am more certain.

Speculations — the following are my own conjectures, my own filling in of the blanks

I think that rather than allowing each of the rebellious planets to have its own regime, focusing  on the evolution of that world, Lucifer, as I said, wanted to RUSH things in accord with his own plans.

Therefore, Nunitak thinks it likely that Lucifer may have combined planetary regimes, at least to some extent.  It seems clear that extraterrestrial visitors came here, and also that these beings were sponsored by Lucifer.   Satan visited the rebellious worlds, and probably others, to get the ball rolling, or to try to get more loyal spheres to join in Lucifer’s plans.

Nunitak thinks it quite possible that Mars and the Moon may have been used as bases for disloyal visitors from other spheres, and very possibly later on, by LOYAL visitors from other non-rebellious spheres, who helped in mending the disturbances caused here by Lucifer’s schemes.

It is quite possible to my view that earthlings in possession of premature knowledge may have had great wars or traveled to the Moon and to Mars.   Perhaps these events even had some hand in determining the current condition of Mars (but that would be a greater stretch to say the least).

I am rather very sure that combining planetary regimes is a big no-no.

However, we are destined to have links with other worlds in due time and in accord with higher guidance.   We may have Melchizedek here as our better guide and leader sometime soon, but when Nunitak says soon, his soon has an outside range much higher than yours, but not further than 1000 years.   That is because 1000 years or less is SOON to me.

I would also like to make it clear that any End of the Age judgment here could happen as late as 2035 in my estimation, or it could happen tomorrow, or anywhere in between these extremes.  You might call that ‘experienced ESP, based on knowledge.’   However, I am also quick to say that I do not KNOW this, and yes, the bible does say that no one knows when Christ will return and similar.   So, I am only sharing my own estimates here, and you can weigh them with your own.

Our planet is slowly and mercifully being straightened out with due consideration for saving everyone possible and for safeguarding their eternal destinies, I am SURE of that.

I do also think that there may have been some Great Catastrophe here, perhaps a result of wars with fantastic weapons, long,  long ago from your perspective.   I think it possible there may have been visitors, the helpful and friendly type, from other more advanced spheres who provided some kind of AID and RELIEF, or perhaps Planetary Stabilization,  for the surviving earthlings.

This is all very far out to many, but does seem possible to a person like myself who has devoted much time to very ancient history.  But some of you may detect that it does fit in with some known facts still found about the world.

Please remember this is all speculation, what might be called a Hypothesis in science.   Over time, we can see how the evidence for it sorts out.

Lucifer’s plans came to grief because they are unworkable.  You may be sure that God’s own plans through the appropriate authorities ARE workable.

I felt that I should add this, yes, I actually felt prompted, but that could be some fault of my own, even though I am doing the best that I can for you.

I am telling you what pops up in my own mind.  But sometimes that has had a higher source, sometimes a person speaks prophecy almost unconsciously, but this is certainly not in that category.

I do what I think mainly, but I have learned lately to do a little bit as I feel sometimes.  Perhaps some of you who are not so left-brained know more about that.

The other parts of this Series are NOT speculations — they are the BEST that I have to offer.

Postscript:  Lucifer would have needed some competent extra-terrestrials for managing and instructing  the primitive earthlings, yes?


One comment on “Appendix to Judgment blogs entry – a bonus for those who can handle a bit more”

  1. Nunitak is VERY SURE that THE SEVEN THUNDERS speak ALL LANGUAGES. Perhaps that is a declaration of The Last Chance to repent…

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