Jesus leaves a very big, but little known clue (finished !)

Til we meet, til we meet ♪ ♫ God be with you til we meet again

Click, click, click, Nunitak finally got something done  (edits finished May 2d, all is now correct here, sorry was not completely well on Sunday).

This is Part 5 of the Judgment series, having to do with Planetary Judgment, more specifically here on earth.  

Matthew Gospel, chapter 16, verse 28:

Jesus leaves a clue…

“Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.”

See also Revelation chapter 11, especially verse 19, Mark chapter 9 vs 1, Luke chapter 9 vs 27, Daniel 12 vs 2 (*)

Nunitak would highly recommend seeing, reading and understanding all of those.

But even better is asking the questions which arise.  Why are people destined for a fate other than heaven, who were standing about when Jesus spoke, who were alive then, but are now buried in the ground, not going to see death until Christ comes in his might and glory?

Some who err will say, “Well, he was likely speaking of evil spirits who may have been about, or of the former Prince of the world…”

But the former Prince of our world  is not equal to some, only one.   And I am pretty sure evil spirits there did not have bodies requiring them to stand on the ground like men.

In fact, just before the quoted verse, Jesus was answering questions from certain men who came tempting him  (the Pharisees and Sadducees).

So, it is CLEAR this quote has to do with some humans literally standing where Jesus was speaking, or in Israel.  One could generalize that Jesus was referring to the whole earth even, but the Chief Point which cannot be missed is that he was talking about men standing, living at that time (or possibly women, since he did say “some” not using a qualifier as to gender).

So those “some” are now lying in the ground.

Lying in the ground is one and the same as “the first death.”  Many of us will do that, but all of us who are worthy have hope for resurrection, so that we can and may  continue our pilgrimage to Paradise from our appropriate spot in the heavens.

This brings us to RESURRECTION.

Wait one…  Someone out there may be asking about the possibility there are ‘immortal’ men who live without dying, who may have been standing there.  Well, Nunitak has never met any and we do know from other scriptures that there will be a Resurrection when Christ returns — the dead in Christ shall rise FIRST.  You can check that out, I am not even putting in the references.

But we do  know also there is a ‘second death.’   That is when spiritual life is extinguished.   Ultimately that person is gone forever.

Resurrections for worthy people occur on the third day after death.

The few who receive honors from God are translated, never passing through death.  Enoch was the first man to obtain this honor.  In future ages most people will depart in like manner.

But in our current and past ages most people must wait until the end of the age, and that is when there is a mass resurrection of the sleeping survivors.

Some of the dead can experience ‘second death’ and that is a consequence of their being judged unworthy of eternal life AND having exhausted all opportunities for mercy.  They have by their lives destroyed all further chances of progress.

All mortal spheres, even the better ones, have judgments and resurrections.  It appears that archangels have much to do with these too.

There is one more possibility — judging the living.   What I mean by that is some type of judgment which affects those who have not died.  If you think about that, it would only be necessary on the more wayward spheres and as a means of safeguarding the future of the good and progressive mortals of that sphere.  However, I do not know that some judgment of individual living beings could not occur even on a mostly advanced sphere where most all inhabitants are progressing wonderfully.

But it seems clear to me that ours is far from a perfect world.   Even dummies can see that.  Every thinking person ponders this during their life here.  With experience we see too that some people are just NOT going to change, they dedicate themselves to evils and to living at the expense of all others.   Not all of these serve  time in prison…

So there can be a judgment of the living and there can be a Day of Judgment and there can be a Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.   Let’s see what the Prophet Malachi says:

In the last chapter of the Old Testament:  “For behold, the day cometh that shall burn as an oven, and all the arrogant, yea, and all who do wickedly, shall be stubble, and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.”


Nunitak has a Special Request for you.   Read the Book of Enoch and read Isaiah chapter 24 — these are two witnesses!  Compare their testimony, both are Prophets.  There is a LINK to the Book of Enoch in the previous blog entry, the one that says Appendix and References (tag).  Remember that Enoch is likely the most notable being to have lived here just as we do, after Jesus himself.  Adam and Eve and Melchizedek were special categories, not born here, not started here.  Enoch was born here, just like us.

Enoch is very, very important!    You will MISS VERY MUCH if you are one of those hard heads who do not read the Book of Enoch because it is not found in the bible.  The bible not only mentions Enoch in both Old and New Testaments, it mentions other books which are not found therein…. [real scholars could name four or five easily]

You will understand FAR more if you do that carefully.

Busy, more advanced planets could have judgments as often as every 1,000 years, not likely involving the living, more involving those who have passed on.

But again, most people would leave the highly advanced planets by translation and they would have had much longer lives than we do currently.  That will happen here too some day.

How often do judgments and associated mass resurrections occur?   They are few, are far between during the early stages involving very primitive worlds, the ones just starting out with a new crop of mortal ascenders — potential mortal ascenders. You ascend to higher and higher places until you arrive in Paradise…but you have lots of work to do on each of the tarrying spheres.

But when a world is more advanced, as ours now is, and when it is heavily populated, resurrections and judgments could occur more often.   As far as I know there was  a mass  resurrection of ‘sleeping survivors’ here when Jesus departed.  BUT, the ‘some who shall not see death’  had not passed on yet, see?   Those men who were standing there, spying or working for evil, or whatever.  They did not pass on until well after Jesus departed and until AFTER that last resurrection, see?   So they are now awaiting their fate, their bodies lie in the ground.

{I am leaving out how the angels are involved in all of this because it would get far too complex for beginners, just do not assume I am telling everything — I am teaching, one piece at a time, starting with the generalities and the more important items that concern PEOPLE like us.   We pay more attention to our own business, the angels are concerned with theirs, eh?}

About 25 years ago, after much study, Nunitak decided the best estimate of next judgment and resurrection would be NLT (not later than) 2035.   If you watched that video about coming out of Babylon, the first one, you see another feature — how close we are to the time of the Mark of the Beast.   If you did not see that, go take a look…

It is the first video in Part 1 of this series, should be five blog entries back,  the blog entry with a dark background, and a Coming out of Babylon tag.

So, Nunitak thinks a Judgment is coming very soon, in this generation.  Experience helps assess that along with knowledge.  I know it is confusing when you are young, I was there once too.

Then in about 1,000 years there will be a Great White Throne Judgment, as it is called by many bible scholars.    That is another topic for a later time. Likely involves the final verdict on those involved in the Lucifer Rebellion who remain unrepentant, the fallen angels, and whoever still wants to worship and follow Satan and Lucifer.

We are all selecting our destinies here — resurrection or ashes and the second death.

The Ancients of Days are responsible for determining  the judgment of the unworthy.  The book with seven seals in Revelation, chapter 5 is delivered to Christ.

Christ is responsible for saving the elect and from the Book of Enoch and Book of Joel it appears he has something to do with implementing the Judgment that is delivered to him in Revelation chapter 5.

When Christ appears it will be a huge surprise to a great many, “like a thief appearing in the night.”

But he will come in the power of his might, with a huge assembly of angels.

I like to think of garden being weeded, as I am a gardener.  If you read the gospels you find the wheat and the tares.  The good fish and the bad fish.

But I have another surprise for you.   There will be no escape for the wicked.   You can find that not only in the Book of Enoch and in Isaiah, but also in the Book of Joel.

So, please read Joel, chapter 2, verses 1–11 about the Coming of the Lord and his angels.   This is the Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord.

He is carrying out the Judgment of the Ancients of Days on this sphere.

Notice in the Book of Enoch it says the elect will be safeguarded while the others are brought to repentance or ashes as the case may be.

Notice in many scriptures the Moon shall appear as blood and the Sun as clothed in black sackcloth.

It is a coincidence that the Ancients of Days are sorting out the Lucifer Rebellion, making the final determinations, while they are concerned with our own Planetary Judgment.

Other spheres are having Judgments and those do not at all involve Lucifer who had only to do with the few worlds in our vicinity.

As to why Christ came here, maybe it was because our sphere was so new and young, a  very unfortunate stage of development when our sphere became involved in the Lucifer Rebellion.

Again, as a gardener, I think of some evil personage invading a garden, selecting a very tender sprout, one just starting, and stepping on it.

But now Christ has the responsibility for our world, and the bestowal world of a Creator Son becomes his own project.   He has some wonderfully planned rehabilitation and changes for the better in store for us, you can count on it.

There is lots more for the diligent to find, all that Nunitak writes is but a tiny sketch.  The big difference comes when you work on this yourself!

That is what Nunitak did, and I will NEVER regret it.   Nothing equals seeing and understanding, no matter the subject!

So, most of all, I hope you keep working on it.

And keep on the right side of the straight and narrow.  By the way, I do not know of any limit to what you can find out, nor of any limit to the progress you can make here in anything.

It all depends on how much you work on it, how diligent you are.   If you pay attention to the Two Great Commandments you should get to your next sphere in good shape.

Matthew, chapter 22, vs 37–40  — not just knowing them, but doing them every day

And ask for help when you need it, they are always ready to help a helper.

And do not doubt this world has a glorious destiny, it will resemble our best idea of heaven one day and go further than that to the unimaginable perfection category.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,  in earth as in heaven.

There have been many pointers for you. If you follow pointers you will never run out of guidance and you can find it all yourself, even if no one else about can help, or if you are too advanced for them to help.

But you should share freely too, and most can do that better than Nunitak who had some handicaps. If you share, there will always be more for you. Not sharing is a dead end.

Nothing equals working on it yourself.

Nunitak gives interesting pointers, that is all, but they will save you MUCH time and searching, even years worth.

This was not my best writing day.  But there is some good stuff there anyhow.

It is better now, I corrected the few errors on Monday, May 2d !

Nunitak finished this series two months ahead of expectations.  I will answer questions in upcoming blog entries.

Send any question you may have to   — serious students only, do not fear to send a very difficult question


3 comments on “Jesus leaves a very big, but little known clue (finished !)”

  1. Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

    Matthew 15:13

  2. Nunitak advises you to read from the Coming out of Babylon blog to this one SOON. Get it done before October, applying your heaviest careful study mode. That involves only six blog entries, ending with this one. Do not miss any clicks with your mouse. And do not say no one ever did anything for you.

  3. As for Joel Chapter 2, perhaps the Lord is taking care of those who CANNOT be saved here. Notice that the BEAST from the Pit in Revelation is NOT allowed to kill, but only to torment. That is what it says in the Bible. i remind you, once again, only the Ancients of Days can sanction the Second Death. Perhaps this is the fate of those who would not repent, even at the bitter end. This calls for CARE to see two different ‘armies’ in Revelation 9, one for Abaddon, one for Christ, bearer of the Judgment of the Ancients of Days. See if this is not so, see for yourself.. Verse 12 starts the second part, AND it appears that even at this point, REPENTANCE is possible.

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